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The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Nursery is the last hope of the wasteland, where seeds and other genetic information, preserved from the world before The Great War, have been stored. This hidden valley is a lush, verdant place. Harold has found his way here, but thanks to the tree in his head, has been marked as an "interesting specimen" and has been prevented from leaving by the Nursery's security bots.



The Nursery is a miracle of pre-war engineering. It is a self-contained balanced ecological system set within a deep canyon. The valley floor of the canyon is rife with the flora and fauna of times past. At the head of the valley is a lake of crystal blue water that feeds a river. The river flows from one end of the valley to the other, disappearing into the canyon wall. Bordering the lake are several buildings that house the maintenance equipment that keeps the Nursery functioning.

The Nursery is located southwest of Denver, Colorado, near the Black Canyon National Park. The rim of the canyon is approximately a mile above sea level and the canyon itself is approximately a half mile deep. This area was chosen as the home for the Nursery because of its isolated location, its protected status as a national park, and it was deemed least likely to be effected by a war (or most capable of recovering from such effects).


In the early days before the bomb, scientists around the country were pondering how to save mankind from the ravages of war. Eventually their musings gave birth to a company named Vault-Tec, and the vaults. Over the next decade some of the most ambitious underground construction took place throughout the United States as hundreds of vaults were built. Into these shelters, the people and the hopes, of a nation could retreat in times of war.

The Environmental Protection Agency viewed the vaults as only half the solution. Their concern was not only the salvation of mankind, but nature as well. With this in mind, they proposed yet another type of vault, but on a much grander scale. This vault would be used by Mother Nature herself, where she would patiently await the re-emergence of man. When the survivors of the war came forth to reclaim the earth, the Garden of Eden would await them. Thus the Nursery was conceived.

The construction of the Nursery posed quite a problem, however. It was agreed that it could not be built underground like the vaults. Nature needed the sun, the wind, and the rain to flourish. And yet, if exposed and open, how could it possibly survive? The only conceivable answer was that it must be located in an isolated area, free from both the influence of humanity and the ravages of war. A search for such a location began.

Computers were fed massive amounts of data detailing the effects of war, where the bombs were likely to strike, and how the devastation would spread. Information about air currents, weather patterns, and the conditions that the Nursery would need to survive were then added to the equation. Finally, topographical maps of the nation input, and the machines were asked to choose.

It took years, but a choice was made. A single canyon was found to house the Nursery, deep in the mountains, shielded from the influence of both man and war. Soon afterward the most ambitious project conceived by the minds of men was devised: a self contained, self sustaining ecological system, with the capacity to reproduce itself. Of course, the expense of such an enterprise could not be footed by the government alone. The project was put up for bid in the private sector.

Derek Greenway was a scientist working under the employ of Poseidon Energy. When it became apparent that Poseidon was more interested in the development of weapons of destruction, and less in the saving of mankind, Derek resigned and started his own company. Greenway Hydroponics, with its turnip headed stick man logo Mr. Green, was the result.

Over the years Derek's company prospered due to their state of the art innovations in farming technology. When the Nursery project was put up for bid it was only natural that Greenway Hydroponics won and construction began.

Appearances in games

The Nursery did not appear nor was mentioned in any of the published games, but was one of the main locations in the cancelled Fallout 3 project by Black Isle codenamed Van Buren. It is not certain if it will appear in any future Fallout game.


Van Buren (Black Isle's cancelled Fallout 3)

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The Staff
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First seen
Constructed by
Controlled by
Medical facility
Abandoned, Occasionally used by the Others
Discovered by
Claire, Kate & Rousseau (Day 59)

The Temple


The Staff was a DHARMA Initiative station which was used as a medical facility. After the Purge, the Others appear to have used the station infrequently for the treatment of pregnant women.

Per its location on the blast door map, the Staff appears to be located somewhere on the western portion of the Island. From the survivor's camp, it takes about a half a day or so to get there and back. No orientation film for the Staff has been found, and unlike the Swan and the Arrow stations, there is no "quarantine" warning on the station's doors.



The vial at the Staff marked with the station logo and CR 4-81516-23 42.

DHARMA Initiative

Staff doctor applying vaccines ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

The Staff was built at some point prior 1973. Clearly a medical station of some form, it is not entirely clear what its original purpose was within the DHARMA Initiative. It should be noted that the Staff was located well away from other DHARMA facilities - and clearly it was not used for day-to-day medical issues of DHARMA personnel as the Barracks had its own infirmary. DHARMA personnel from the Staff were seen performing vaccinations upon Ben's arrival on the Island in 1973. Claire later observed a number of similar vaccine vials stamped with the station logo when she was abducted by the Others. Additionally medical kits stenciled with the Staff logo have been found at other stations across the Island. ("Maternity Leave")  ("Enter 77")  ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

After young Ben was shot, Roger Linus was sent from the Barracks infirmary out to the Staff for additional medical supplies. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

The Staff is clearly marked on the blast door map along with several annotations. One describes that the station was abandoned in 1985 after "the AH/MDG incident" or possibly because of a failure of the Cerberus system. Another nearby notation reads: "But could be #6" -- although it is unclear if this note refers to the Staff. ("Lockdown").

The Others

The Others were aware of and used the Staff for a significant period of time after the Purge -- specifically for continuing research as to why pregnant women were dying on the Island. Juliet was one of their researchers and clearly had visited the Staff numerous occasions. The Others appear to have also been using the station as a staging area where they would don their disguises - designed to hide their sophisticated lifestyle from the survivors. ("Maternity Leave")  ("D.O.C.")

After her abduction, Claire was taken by Ethan to the Staff where she was kept drugged, given injections, and underwent at least one surgical procedure: the insertion of an unknown implant which could be controlled remotely. Ostensibly abducted as a research control, it appeared from Claire's perspective that the Others were working towards taking her unborn child from her at the facility. After her escape, the Others moved most of the medical equipment into a hidden vault and abandoned the facility, possibly fearing she might return with the other survivors. ("Maternity Leave")

The Survivors

The Staff was later revisited by Claire, along with Kate and Rousseau, as they searched for answers about Claire's abduction, the vaccine, and Rousseau's missing child, Alex. ("Maternity Leave")

At a later point, Juliet took Sun to the station to give her an ultrasound and revealed the existence of the hidden vault. ("D.O.C.")

Another party consisting of Jin, Sun, Daniel Faraday and Charlotte Lewis visited the station later, seeking surgical instruments and other supplies to help Jack. ("Something Nice Back Home")

The Station

The Staff complex is located underground and appears to consist of a number of rooms branching off from a central corridor.

The doors to the Staff

Main entrance

Two large doors set at an angle into a hillside akin to a cellar door form the main entrance to the station. The doors prominently display the the Staff logo. When revisited by Claire, the Others had concealed the entrance with a plastic tarp which was further covered with leaves and braches. Beyond the doors, a short flight of stairs leads down to a ramp descending to the central corridor. Adjacent to the stairs is a small locker which contained working flashlights. ("Maternity Leave")

The Staff also appears to be equiped with some form of loudspeaker system capable of broadcasting an alarm which can be heard quite some distance away from the station. ("Maternity Leave")

The Escape Hatch seen in the corridor
The Staff corridor during Claire's first visit


A total of at least seven doors were visible in the Staff's corridor: a pair of double door at the far end leading to an operating theater / examination room, two doors leading into the nursery, a door leading to the locker room, and a pair of doors facing each other leading to unknown rooms, and another smaller doorway stenciled "Escape Hatch". The corridor's ceiling apparently sustained some severe damage at some time after the station's abandonment by the DHARMA Initiative.

Kate used what appeared to be a circuit breaker to restore power when searching the Staff with Claire. ("Maternity Leave")

Operating Theater being prepared for Claire
Claire and Ethan in the operating theater

Operating theater

One of the major rooms in the Staff was used as an operating theater. Before Flight 815 crashed, the Others, including Juliet, Ethan and Goodwin, performed surgery in this room on a pregnant woman named Sabine. It was further implied a number of other similar surgeries had taken place here. ("One of Us")

During her captivity, Claire was given prenatal care in this same room by Ethan. She was also injected with an unknown substance labeled CR 481516-23 42 purportedly as a vaccination for her and the baby. Later, the Others appeared to be preparing the room for surgery - what Claire believed was the induced childbirth of Aaron. ("Maternity Leave")

Among the equipment visible in the room was an Acoustic Imaging 5200 ultrasound scanner, which was first marketed in 1992. There was also a freezer storage-type unit containing a large quantity of vials containing the CR 481516-23 42 solution. When the station was abandoned, this equipment was moved into the secret vault by the Others. ("Maternity Leave")

The nursery
Oceanic mobile


Another room in the Staff was used as a nursery, where Claire was kept during her captivity. It was decorated and stocked and was apparently where Aaron would live for an indefinite amount of time. This room also had its contents stored in the secret vault after the Others abandoned the station, although traces of the wall decorations were still visible. ("Maternity Leave")

Among the furniture in the room was a crib that had a mobile with Oceanic airplanes hanging from it. The plane mobile played the song "Catch a Falling Star", which Claire requested be sung to the baby after his adoption. The crib in the nursery was the same crib seen by Claire in a dream where she searched for her baby. ("Raised by Another") Also in the nursery was a picture of a boat on the wall resembling the boat used in the Others' abduction of Walt. ("Maternity Leave")  ("Exodus, Part 2")

Kate examining the locker room

Locker room

One of the rooms in the Staff contained lockers; at least two rows of double-tiered lockers, and one row of single-tiered lockers, all of which all had the Staff Logo stamped on their exteriors. ("Maternity Leave")

Kate examined one of these lockers and discovered several disguises worn by the Others, including the wool cap Tom wore when he kidnapped Walt. Also among the contents of the locker was a brown leather case containing an old DHARMA pharmaceutical bottle labeled "Theatrical Glue" and a fake beard, also presumably the one worn by Tom. ("Maternity Leave")  ("Exodus, Part 2")

Juliet used a tape recorder hidden in the locker room to communicate with Ben during her time living with the survivors. Also, a secret vault can be accessed from the locker room. ("D.O.C.")

Juliet performs an ultrasound on Sun


Behind one of the walls of the locker room is a secret, vault-like chamber. The chamber has a door approximately one foot thick and secured by a series of solid-metal cylinders, each several inches in diameter. The chamber is accessed by throwing a large switch hidden inside one of the lockers located in front of the door. The vault has electric lighting and a sink providing running water. ("D.O.C.")

When Juliet led Sun into the vault, it contained all of the medical equipment and nursery furniture seen during Claire's time at the Staff. Sun questioned why the chamber was hidden, but Juliet told her not to worry about it. After Sun pressured Juliet, she admitted the room was where the Other's women were brought to die. ("D.O.C.")

Notable Visitors

Picture Name First visit Last visit Reason for Visit
Juliet "One of Us" "D.O.C." Studied the Others' fertility issues, later took Sun to run pregnancy tests.
Ethan "Maternity Leave" "One of Us" Has been involved with at least one surgery relating to unresolved pregnancies and he took Claire here to study her.
Goodwin "One of Us" "One of Us" Has been involved with at least one surgery relating to unresolved pregnancies.
Sabine "One of Us" "One of Us" Was taken here to save her from dying from pregnancy.
Claire "Maternity Leave", in flashbacks "Maternity Leave", second time, real time Was taken to this station by Ethan of his own accord to conduct tests about her pregnancy. Claire then re-discovered this station, along with her memory, a few weeks later.
Tom "Maternity Leave" "Maternity Leave" Visited Ethan whilst he privately held Claire in the Staff.
Alex "Maternity Leave" "Maternity Leave" Helped Claire escape.
Kate "Maternity Leave" "Maternity Leave" Accompanied Claire on her journey to find where she was taken by Ethan, where she found the theatrical glue and fake beard which was vital in planting doubt in whether the Others were really hillbillies.
Danielle "Maternity Leave" "Maternity Leave" Accompanied Claire on her journey to find where she was taken by Ethan, where she was hoping to find evidence that her daughter is alive.
Sun "D.O.C." "Something Nice Back Home" Visited there with Juliet to run pregnancy tests. Came back later with Jin, Charlotte and Daniel to get medical supplies for Jack's operation.
Jin "Something Nice Back Home" "Something Nice Back Home" Went there with Sun, Daniel and Charlotte to get medical supplies for Jack's operation.
Daniel "Something Nice Back Home" "Something Nice Back Home" Went there with Sun, Jin and Charlotte to get medical supplies for Jack's operation.
Charlotte "Something Nice Back Home" "Something Nice Back Home" Went there with Sun, Jin and Daniel to get medical supplies for Jack's operation.
Elliott "Forty-Two" "Forty-Two" (Non-canon) Explored the Staff in "Forty-Two".



  • The station logo incorporates the "Caduceus" - the alchemical symbol in western tradition for medicine.
  • The names of the stations appear to be related to Apollo from Greek mythology. The symbol for this station is the Caduceus staff, which according to Greek Mythology, it originally belonged to Apollo who eventually traded it to Hermes.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: The Staff/Theories
  • What was the original purpose of The Staff?
    • Why is it located well away from other DHARMA facilities on the Island?
    • Being equipped with an advanced (for the time) surgical room, why is the entrance to the staff a flight of stairs, making it unaccessible to wheelchairs and stretchers?
  • Why was an escape hatch incorporated into the design of a medical station?
  • What was the purpose of the secret vault?

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