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The following is a glossary of various characters known to reside in Gotham City and the surrounding Gotham County area. Some entries will redirect to a character's primary article page.

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Anna Ramirez
In an alternate continuity, Anna Ramirez was a Gotham City detective working for the Major Crimes Unit. She was one of the few detectives who openly advocated the presence of the Batman and did not regard him as a wanton vigilante. Anna was partnered with the embittered Crispus Allen, who, unlike she, felt that the Batman was untrustworthy. After transferring captured felon Jacob Freeley to the state prison, Ramirez and Allen found themselves caught in the middle of a gang war between Sal Maroni's organization and the Russian mob. During the firefight, Maroni grabbed Ramirez and used her as a hostage. The Batman arrived and disarmed Maroni. [1]
Avram Bramowitz
Avram Bramowitz was a psychology professor at Gotham University. Student Jonathan Crane worked as his teaching assistant for several months, but highly coveted Bramowitz' position. After developing a fear toxin, Crane exposed Bramowitz to it, leading to his mentor's death. Crane was then free to assume the professor's position at the school. [2]


Banion was a pharmaceutical administrator in Gotham City. He was nearly a victim of the Scarecrow, but the Batman took Banion's place at his home in order to lure the Scarecrow into a trap. [3]
Bo Griggs
Bo Griggs was a student at Gotham University many years ago. He was one of several bullies who antagonized fellow student Jonathan Crane. Crane got revenge against Bo and his girlfriend Sherry Squires when he exposed them to his fear toxin, causing Bo to lose control of his vehicle. The accident killed Sherry and left Bo paralyzed. Years later, Jonathan Crane, now the Scarecrow, finished Griggs off, by breaking into his apartment and infecting him with a deadly dose of fear toxin. [4]
Brute Nelson 
Brute Nelson was a gangster on Earth-Two in 1940s. A rival of the Joker, he attempted to murder him, but the Joker turned the tables on him and murdered Nelson instead.


Carver Malone
Carver Malone was the brother of the original Matches Malone. They ran a succesful arson business together until they accidentally killed a homeless person. Distraught, Carver killed himself, leading Matches to fake his own death, and prompting the Batman to assume Matches' identity.[5]
Catherine Todd
Catherine Todd was the stepmother of Jason Todd, the second Robin. Along with her husband, Willis, she was murdered by Two-Face.
Chalmers was the chief of the Gotham City Police Department on Earth-Two.
Clarence was the persona chauffer of Doctor Thomas Elliot, the super-villain known as Hush. Unaware of his employer's true motivations, Clarence attended Tommy's funeral, when it was believed that Tommy had been killed by the Joker. [6]
Craw is the Scarecrow's pet crow. He has had him since the earliest days of his criminal career and is Jonathan Crane's only friend.


Dala was a former heroin junkie who eventually joined a vampire cult known as the Brotherhood. She faithfully served under a man named Nikolai, also known as the Mad Monk.
Daryl Simmons
Daryl Simmons was a lab assistant to Doctor Kirk Langstrom. During one of Langstrom's darker periods, Simmons made a move on his fiance Francine Lee. [7]
David Felcher
David Felcher was a laboratory assistant to Doctor Kirk Langstrom and Doctor Daryl Simmons. [8]
Doctor Aesop
Doctor Aesop was a criminal who orchestrated crimes based upon the morality plays found in Aesop's Fables. He had one encounter with Batman and Catwoman and was later killed by Hush. [9]
Doctor Fields
Doctor Fields was one of the board members at Gotham University. Along with Doctor Vandermeer, he refused to grant additional funding to Doctor Kirk Langstrom to continue his genetic animal research. [10]


Edgar Martin 
Edgar Martin was a criminal rival of the Joker on Earth-Two, and one of his many victims.
Edward Lamont IV
Edward Lamont IV was the heir to the Lamont Chemical fortune. Killer Croc kidnapped him as part of an extortion scheme in the hopes of healing his mutated form. [11]



G. Carl Francis
G. Carl Francis was a clerk employed by the Copyright Commissioner of Gotham City. The Joker once tried to force Francis into allowing him to copyright his Joker Fish. When Francis failed to honor the request, the Joker had him killed at precisely midnight that evening. [12]
George Dunstan
George Dunstan was one of several high school athletes who tormented classmate Jonathan Crane. Years later, Jonathan Crane, now the Scarecrow, sought revenge against Dunstan and used his fear toxin to coax Dunstan into leaping from his apartment window. The Batman intervened and saved Dunstan's life. [13]


Harvey Harris
Harvey Harris was a detective from Gotham City (Earth-One continuity). He trained young Bruce Wayne in the art of criminal detection and provided the young boy with his first costumed identity - Robin. [14]
Henry Claridge
Henry Claridge is a generic wealthy resident of Gotham City, distinct for being consistently the first victim of The Joker.[15][16]
The Joker had killed Claridge due to because of the jokers insanity, Claridge had resembled one of the thugs who was with the joker's pre-version before the accident.
Honor Jackson
Honor Jackson was a homeless man living on the streets of Gotham. Some five years into his career as the Batman, Bruce Wayne suffered a severe case of amnesia and befriended Jackson on the streets. Honor Jackson took Bruce along an "odyssey of motivation". That same day, Jackson overdosed on narcotics and died. [17]



James B. Fontana
James B. Fontana was the CEO of a failing Gotham City enterprise. The Scarecrow bribed Fontana into hiring him to scare off his competition to improve his market share. As an example of his ability, the Scarecrow exposed Fontana to his fear toxin. [18]
Jackson Grey
Jackson Grey was one of several high school athletes who tormented classmate Jonathan Crane. Years later, Jonathan Crane, now the Scarecrow, paid him back by kidnapping him and bringing him to a horror fun house for execution. Batman rescued Grey before the Scarecrow had a chance to behead him. [19]
Jay Wylde
Jay Wylde was a citizen of Gotham City in the 1940s. He was but one of many victims of the Joker's murderous crime spree.
Jerome Courtney 
Jerome Courtney is one of four quadruplets that make up the Courtney Brothers. His most notorious sibling is Karl Courtney, aka Captain Stingaree.
Judge Drake
Judge Drake was a citizen of Gotham City on Earth-Two. He was the third murder victim of the Joker.



"Lunkhead" was one of the Arkham Asylum inmates featured in the limited series "Arkham Asylum: Living Hell." Lunkhead was clearly stupid, but exhibited massive strength; he made an enemy of Arnold Wesker (The Ventriloquist) when he smashed Wesker's companion "Scarface." He was sacrificed to the devil by a pack of Demons, along with many others, when the Ventriloquist threw his voice to make it seem as though Lunkhead was volunteering to be thrown into the fiery pit with the rest of the damned.


Marla Elliot
Marla Elliot came from rather pedestrian roots before marrying into the prestigious Elliot family. She married Roger Elliot and gave birth to a son, Thomas. When Tommy Elliot was still a young boy, he orchestrated an automobile accident designed to kill his parents. He only partially succeeded however. Though his father died, Marla Elliot survived and lived on for several more years.
Martha Travers
Martha Travers was a wealthy heiress from Earth-Two. She found herself a victim of the Catwoman who stole her pearl necklace from her aboard a luxury cruise ship.
Marty Vetch
Marty Vetch was a heroin dealer who dominated the Wharfdale district of Gotham City. He became a primary rival to narcotics dealer the Ventriloquist and Scarface [20]
McQuaid was a security guard working at Arkham Asylum. He was placed in charge of guarding Killer Croc. [21]
Michael Courtney
Michael Courtney is one of four quadruplets that make up the Courtney Brothers. His most notorious sibling is Karl Courtney, aka Captain Stingaree.
Miss Crum
Miss Crum is the director of the Gotham Historical Society. She was in charge of overseeing the upkeep of Wayne Manor during the years that Bruce Wayne was living at the Wayne Foundation.
Mortimer Gunt
Mortimer Gunt is a bald elderly mortician who works at the Gotham City Morgue.


Nabih Salari
Nabih Salari was a Shi'te terrorist who joined up with the KGBeast in his first appearance in Gotham City. He died shortly after being thwarted by Robin in an attempt to suicide bomb President Ronald Reagan by hang-glider.[22]
Norman Madison
Norman Madison was the father of Julie Madison who found himself in debt to the Falcone crime family. He was ultimately killed by "Boss" Sal Maroni.
Nurse Margaret
Nurse Margaret was an employee of Doctor Thomas Elliot, aka Hush, and worked at the Sacred Heart Convalescent Home in Gotham City. [23]





Raymond Cowper
Raymond Cowper was the CEO of Alchemcorp. He was murdered by the Scarecrow on behalf of his reluctant client James B. Fontana. [24]
Main article: Rhino
Rhino was a leg-breaker for the Ventriloquist and Scarface, as well as a bouncer at the Ventriloquist Club on Electric Street in Gotham City. What he lacked in overall intellect, he compensated for by his unwavering loyalty to Scarface.
The Riderunners were a group of thieves who dressed completely in black while committing crimes. They encountered Batman during the early years of his career as well as another nocturnal menace, - the Man-Bat.
Robert Courtney
Robert Courtney is one of four quadruplets that make up the Courtney Brothers. His most notorious sibling is Karl Courtney, aka Captain Stingaree.
Roger Elliot
Roger Elliot was the husband of Marla Elliot and the father of Thomas Elliot. When Tommy was a young boy, he orchestrated an automobile accident that took his father's life. Thanks to the aid of his friend Bruce's father, Doctor Thomas Wayne, Roger's widow Marla survived.
Ruhollah Khomeini
Ruhollah Khomeini was the Shah of Iran until 1989. He made a deal with the Joker, making him an Iranian ambassador, thereby granting him diplomatic immunity. [25]


Sheila Haywood
Sheila Haywood was an employee of the Joker and the mother of Jason Todd. The Joker manipulated her into baiting Jason into a trap. Upon learning that the Joker intending on killing Jason, Sheila had a change of heart and sacrificed herself in an effort to save Jason's life. Her efforts failed however, and Jason still "died". [26]
Sherry Squires
Sherry Squires was a classmate of Jonathan Crane and the girlfriend of school bully Bo Griggs. She pretended to be attracted to Crane in order to bait him into a cruel practical joke perpetuated by Griggs. Crane avenged himself upon both of them when he attacked Bo and Sherry in their vehicle, exposing them to his newly developed fear toxin. Griggs lost control of the vehicle, smashing into a tree. Squires was killed instantly. Sherry Squires is significant in that she is the first person to be murdered by the Scarecrow. [27]


Tommy Carma
Tommy Carma was a corrupt Gotham City police officer who went over the edge. Masquerading as the Batman, he attempted to take the law into his own hands, but was soundly defeated by the true Batman. [28]



Vanermeer was one of the board members of Gotham University. He refused Doctor Kirk Langstrom's request for additional funds to explore his animal genetic research project. [29]


Wilde Norton
Wilde Norton was the sole member of his family to survive a vicious massacre wrought by the Joker during the early years of the Clown Prince's career. Obsessed with revenge, Norton eventually tracked the Joker down to Mercey Mansion, but the Joker kept him at bay with a blast of his patented Joker venom. [30]
Willis Todd
Willis Todd was the stepfather of Jason Todd, the second Robin. Along with his wife, Catherine, he was murdered by Two-Face.






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Nurse Margaret assisted the ER nurse when Emily Annabeth Locke gave birth to John Locke. ("Cabin Fever")

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