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The Null were a star-faring species that may have been the ones that attacked the makers of the Clades. (NSA: Peacemaker)

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Null the Living Darkness

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Null in the Fist of Guthix minigame.

Null is a name some people would see from time to time in RuneScape Classic. It was a rare occurrence, usually when moving between areas like going up and down stairs. One strange part about the sighting was that the "n" at the beginning of the name was lower case, where names in RuneScape were always capitalized automatically, before Display names were released. This usually occurred when players with dial-up (or similar low speed) internet logged in and tried to type something.

In fact, "null" was just the default setting for all names. Basically, it meant that the information on the player hadn't loaded yet and, since it didn't yet know the name, the computer just assigned the value "null". This occurrence was almost completely removed in the "Game engine upgraded!" update on 16 May 2006.

In RuneScape Classic it was possible to log in as null, in which case you remained a null until you did something which made your character load. Not moving between loadable areas, but equipping items, etc.


Null items

The object, which is really a Golden statuette, appears as a "null".

An item also, can be called "null". It means the same at the top of the page, the information of the object didn't load. Strangely the "null" object's name never changed. The examine text of a null would be simply "It's a null."

Previously, if one typed in 'null' on the quick chat system, oddly this item could be said. This was removed in a hidden update.

When fletching, if you hurry and hover over an option, it sometimes says "null".

If you search bank item "null" you get a message stating a number of search results equal to the number of empty spaces in your bank, possibly meaning that there could be an item "null" that represents empty bank space.

Sometimes when playing soul wars, null might appear when you fail to use a bandage on someone.

By using an item that disappears upon use, such as using Cider on locals for the Seer's Achievement Diary, and by quickly right clicking and selecting 'use item' before the item disappears, once the item disappears, the top left part of the screen shows 'null->' and if you hold your mouse over an item, it shows 'null->item' as if 'Null' is an item being used.

Also on some Runescape "private servers" there are items called "null" with the examining text "A body of a dwarf savaged by goblins" and when you drop it looks like a giant dwarf head stuck in the ground.

Make null

Sometimes, when making items, "null" is displayed for a split second in the "How many would you like to make?" interface. This tends to happen more often while smelting. Also, null can be made by dropping an object, then right clicking the object again before it is removed from your inventory, click "Use" and right click on another object. The image of the item is replaced by "null".

Null scenery

In Legacy of Seergaze, players repair a furnace. For a time after the quest was released, players could stand on the story above, and see the furnace through a hole in the floor. They could right-click on the top of the furnace (which registered as non-interactive scenery), and the menu would include the option "Examine null". This was reported to Jagex, and may now be fixed.


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This article is about the planet. For more uses of Null, see Null (disambiguation).

Mid Rim


Null Zone

Grid coordinates


Primary terrain
  • Forests
  • Cliffs
Points of interest

Spade Forest

Native species


"A world of forests and mountains, almost wholly owned by Count Dooku, one of the first planets to join the Separatists and currently a battle zone."

Null was the only inhabited planet in the Null Zone. It was the location of a castle retreat of Count Dooku during the Clone Wars and was one of the first worlds to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Battle of Null was fought in 21 BBY. The planet attracted hunters of its native game animals and was home to imported whisper birds from Yavin 4.

Behind the scenes

The word "Null" is the German word for "zero".

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Whisper birds on Null during the Clone Wars.

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