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Nuka Grenade
Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 1 + 500 explosion + 2 for 5s effect
crit dmg: 0
crit chance: x 1
skill: Explosives
AP: 24
item HP: 5
weight: 0.5
value: 50
base id: 00004342

A Nuka Grenade is a craftable grenade that does much more damage than a standard Frag Grenade.



See Schematics - Nuka Grenade.


  • When thrown, the grenade produces a high powered explosion bested only by the Mini Nuke and the Bottlecap Mine (with perks). Nuka Grenades erupt into a blue fireball, flames, and radiation lingers for a few seconds afterwards.


  • You can find a Nuka Grenade on the Mechanist's workbench.
  • You can find a Nuka Grenade on a workbench in the Evergreen Mills Foundry.
  • There are three Nuka Grenades in the Citadel Armory with the Broken Steel DLC, however you can only get to the armory if you blow up the citadel in the final quest.
  • A few can be found in the Engine core of Mothership Zeta

For Schematics locations, see Schematics - Nuka Grenade.


  • Nuka Grenades are not affected by either of the Demolition Expert or the Pyromaniac perks.
  • Followers don't seem to take the Nuka Grenade's increase explosive radius into consideration when tossing them. This can lead to some nasty limb damage to both the player and their follower.
  • Obtaining one of the three schematics will require an investment of 30 Nuka-Cola Quantum. Thus, we solve the following equation to find how many Nuka-Cola Quantums are required to make having the third schematic worth the investment:
2X = 3(X - 30) ==> 2X = 3X - 90 ==> X = 90.
Therefore, the player needs 90 Nuka-Cola Quantum to break even in the amount of grenades produced. Any more than 90 will make having the third schematic worth obtaining. Example: 91 Nuka-Cola Quantum.
2(91) = 182 grenades -- using only 2 schematics.
3(91-30) = 183 grenades -- using all 3 schematics.
Obtaining 90+ Nuka-Cola Quantum can be a difficult task without cheating because there are only 92 preset bottles (see the Quantum article) and a 10% chance to obtain a Quantum from a machine. It will require a lot of dedication to make the third schematic profitable. However, If you have the Broken Steel DLC, and the Warmonger perk, then the above is rendered moot, as the player does not need to do the Nuka Cola Challenge to get Nuka Grenade V3.
  • If you have the Quantum Chemist perk provided by the Broken Steel addon, you can turn ten regular Colas into a single Quantum, and since regular Nuka-Colas are much more common and can be found in restocking inventories of some merchants, the perk allows you to create an essentially unlimited supply of these grenades.
  • The Nuka Grenade should be very carefully used at closer ranges. Besides having a risk of dealing massive damage to the player when used incorrectly (just like any other grenade), the radiation levels from a Nuka Grenade explosion can be astoundingly high. It produces a lingering radiation level of 50 rads for 2 seconds that is roughly half the size of the explosion itself.
  • On a less serious note, doing the Shady Sands Shuffle with a Nuka Grenade would produce a very satisfying, not to mention destructive, explosion.
  • In G.E.C.K. Nuka Grenade is called Nuka Cocktail, most likely due to it's heavy resemblance to a Molotov Cocktail.


Nuka Grenades appear only in Fallout 3.


Weapons of Fallout 3

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