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variations: Mirelurk
Mirelurk Hunter
Mirelurk King
Swamplurk Queen
Catfish Mirelurk
location: Nuka-Cola Plant
base id: 37B41

NukaLurks are a rare type of Mirelurk, resembling the Mirelurk Hunter, as they both have the same anterior vestigial limbs. They are oddly colored, having a dark blue exoskeleton stippled with glowing blue features. This coloration is probably due to exposure and/or consumption of the radioactive Strontium isotope used to color Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Consumption of NukaLurk Meat provides a larger health boost than regular Mirelurk Meat and additionally boosts AP (probably due to Nuka-Cola Quantum's isotope), but is slightly more radioactive. Though slightly harder to defeat than regular Mirelurks, their population is very small compared to other members of the species. It appears that the NukaLurks have some sort of class system similar to the regular Mirelurk. Specifically, the taller NukaLurks are more powerful and vicious, similar to the Mirelurk Hunter, whereas the smaller ones appear to be more docile.



NukaLurks only appear in Fallout 3, and can only be found in the Nuka-Cola Plant. A large number of these creatures dwell in the lower production level of the factory, which has been flooded by highly radioactive fluid, perhaps water from holding tanks mixed with Strontium, as the telltale blue glow of Nuka-Cola Quantum is similar.


Like all members in the Mirelurk species, NukaLurks are most vulnerable on the face. Generally, if a decent shot is possible, the player will only have a 30-55% chance of hitting the creature in this area using V.A.T.S., though this number can go as high as 95% if V.A.T.S. is activated with a clear front shot. Stealth mode helps in this regard. Of course, all of this is modified by the player's skill in the chosen weapon. One hit criticals are even possible if the right conditions are present. The Best Time to hit a Nukalurk is when they are slicing upward with their face. This lasts for precious few seconds though but it is at least a 75% chance to hit.

A Combat Shotgun can easily net one-hit kills on all Mirelurks, and NukaLurks are no exception. Wait until they get close enough to strike then using either manual targeting or VATS strike the face portion. More often than not this will either mortally cripple or kill them. As with all mirelurks, crippling their legs (preferably with the Dart Gun) helps a lot, since it prevents them from charging face-down into you.


If you kill NukaLurks in the Nuka-Cola Quantum's pool, sometimes they will sink under the floor and disappear. This also happens to Mirelurk Hunters in Vault 92. (Confirmed 360, PS3, PC)

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