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"Jedi Knights, welcome. I am Novar, advisor to Queen Amanoa, ruler of Iziz."
―Novar introducing himself to the Jedi — (audio)Listen (file info)

Novar was a politician from Onderon during the time preceding the Old Sith Wars.




Early life

Novar born in one of the wealthiest families of Iziz. He spent most of his time hanging around the upper Onderonian society. Before his twelfth season he already gained acceptance in King Ommin's court. Novar spent the next dozen years to study the art of diplomacy at Ov Taraba, an expensive university in Iziz. After that Novar was appointed as the assistant to King Ommin's aide, Tolo Kad. However, he received the position due more to his father's connections than to his abilities and accomplishments.

With the new post, Novar learned much from his superior about every detail of political machinations. At that time Novar became a master of the ways of Onderonian ministers, from espionage to secret meetings and disinformation. Novar found that he could mold himself into any role, thus able to easily fool others into believing what he spoke. If the lies were exposed, Novar was equally talented to swiftly shift the blame to those who "discovered" his falsehoods. Novar found it very easy to arrest and detain his traitors for as long as he wished, just as easy as exiling them into the wild of Onderon.

Rise in political career

Over the years Novar took over more and more of Kad's responsibilities. Novar finished every project without any delay or error, and Kad found himself very dependent on Novar - perhaps too dependent. At the same time, Kad kept Novar's ability a secret and took all the credit for the accomplishments.

Kad's career came to an end when Novar deliberately made a state dinner, which was "personally" planned and arranged by Kad, into a complete mess. Enraged, the already crippled King Ommin destroyed Kad in a wave of dark side energy. Novar was then appointed as Minister of State and aide to the King, and Novar had now a new obsession: to study and master the dark side of the Force.

Sith career

For the next decade, Novar manipulated Ommin until the King agreed to take Novar as an apprentice. Lucky for Novar, he was a Force-sensitive, and after two years of study, King Ommin was too ill to teach, and Novar continued his learning under Queen Amanoa. In time, Novar eventually became a minor dark side wizard.

Under the command of Amanoa, Novar selected others to join their Sith cult. Novar was tasked to instruct the new recruits in the basic principles and philosophies of the dark side. Those who proved themselves worthy to advance would receive further training from King Adas's Sith holocron, which was discovered by Amanoa less than a decade before. Queen Amanoa trusted Novar to the extent that she gave the holocron to Novar after she studied all its content.

The Battle of Onderon

Novar at the side of Queen Amanoa during the Jedi negotiation.

When Amanoa summoned help from the Jedi, Novar attempted to stop the "alien" Jedi Tott Doneeta from entering the Iziz palace, but belayed that order as the Queen sent an underling to urge the Jedi in. Later during the negotiation, Novar personally report to the Queen that the Beast Lords had breached Iziz's defense.

As the Battle of Onderon unfolded with Modon Kira and the Jedi engaged the Iziz forces, Novar fled the palace and sought refuge in King Ommin's hidden stronghold. Serving the King once again, and await the chance to counterstrike the Jedi and the light.

The Freedon Nadd Uprising

Novar received the Sith magic book from King Ommin.

During the Naddists's counteroffensive against the Jedi in the crisis known as the Freedon Nadd Uprising, Novar served closely at Ommin's side. When Ommin gave Satal Keto a Sith amulet in exchange for making a copy for the Sith magic book the Ketos stole, Novar personally saw to the copying and translation. Shortly thereafter, Novar met his end during the Second Battle of Onderon before he could finish the bidding of his king.

Behind the scenes

There is an unexplained change of appearance between Novar's first and last appearances; in the first, he is clean shaved, while in the second, he wears a years old long beard.


  • Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic (First appearance)
  • Tales of the Jedi: The Freedon Nadd Uprising
  • Tales of the Jedi (audio)


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