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In the level the Armory in Halo 2, the player can find many hidden messages.


  • On almost every control panel in the armory, there is at least one screen with the message:
  • On the Control Panel in the corner of the room, behind the armor plates, there are two lines of ten blinking lamps. Over and between them is some really small text. On the top of the first line, the message says "FUSION GRID STATUS", and on top of the second line it says "BLINKING LIGHT SIMULATOR".
  • On the floor in the shield tester, there is a warning stating: "Warning! Unauthorized personnel must stand clear".
  • If you look at the different boxes you can find some interesting items, like Marine Boots, the mobile turret that Sgt. Johnson carries at the start of the "Cairo Station" (before the "Home Field Advantage" part), and even some meals.
  • "Rev. Pain" is the player name for one of Halo's creators from Bungie studios.
  • The "Wu" may refer to Louis Wu, the alias of the admin of or also the protagonist in the science fiction story "Ringworld" by Larry Niven, which shares many of Halo's themes.
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