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Northwest Seneca Station

connects to: Meresti Service Tunnel
world map exits: Northwest Seneca Station (CW)
other exits: none
cell name: NorthwestSenecaMetro01
ref id: 000173EC

The Northwest Seneca Station is a part of the old metro system. The entrance is just north of Arefu on the opposite bank of the river. This collapsed metro station has a sewer tunnel that leads to Meresti Service Tunnel and eventually Meresti Metro Station, where The Family has their hideout.

The only accessible sections of the station are the restrooms area and Murphy's Lab. The restroom area is inhabited by several Mole Rats and a bench near a radioactive area where a skeletal corpse lies beside a bottle of Vodka and a dose of Psycho. Additionally each restroom contains a First Aid Box and one of the sinks in mens restroom is filled with Frag Grenades. There is also a hidden Plasma Grenade in between a Knife and Large Scorched Book in the 2nd stall to the right in the mens bathroom as well. The Nuka-Cola vending machine in the washroom area may contain a Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Murphy's lab appears to be a converted maintenance room or office and is inhabited by two Ghouls. Murphy himself and Barrett who Murphy describes as his "backup and assistant in case things get rough".


Murphy's Laboratory

Murphy and Barret in their lab

Talking to Murphy will reveal that he is producing Ultrajet as "the regular Jet isn't working on ghouls much". He is always short of one of the ingredients - Sugar Bombs - which can be sold to him after the talk (15 caps each, or 30 after a successful Speech check). This minor quest is described here. Provided with Sugar Bombs, Murphy sells Ultrajet to the PC.

When asked about The Family, Murphy says "They live somewhere east of here. If you're feeling foolish, I think there's an underground way through their place deeper into the metro station here." This passage is the manhole leading to the Meresti Metro Station surrounded by radioactive barrels in one of the rooms in the back-right corner of Murphy's Lab.

Loot wise, if you're good at stealing, there is a Sawed-Off Shotgun and shotgun shells on the desk beside the round table. On a metal shelf is a locked (Very Easy) First Aid Box holding some medical supplies. In the room with the bed there is a mine box holding frag mines and beside it some Rad-X. Everything mentioned, except for the mines, is owned and needs to be stolen.

In the mens bathroom in the station, there is a supply of 5 frag grenades in one of the sinks, as well as a plasma grenade hidden under a ruined book above one of the toilets in a stall.


Above ground and slightly to the East of the Seneca Station is a small, run down grocery store. Inside there are a few Radroaches that respawn along with some random food goods. You will also find:

  • Sugar Bombs in the back of the store on the floor and underneath the counter.
  • Cigarette packs on the shelf behind the register.
  • Stealth Boy in the safe (Stealth boy isn't necessarily always there).

If, for some reason, your lockpick skill is too low, there's also an Easy computer terminal you can hack that will unlock the safe.

Enclave Camp

After the The Waters of Life quest, an Enclave camp will appear on the highway overpass just west of the entrance to Northwest Seneca Station. The camp is populated by an Enclave Officer and two Enclave Soldiers, one of whom is equipped with Tesla Power Armor and a Missile Launcher.

Curiously, the soldier with the Missile Launcher is friendly until you approach the camp and alert the two hostile Enclave. If you can manage to stealth kill the two hostiles, the friendly soldier will remain friendly. He can even be talked to, saying "Yeah?" or "Hey There!". Your only response option is "I have to go now.", to which he responds "Bye.", he will still have a Finger for you to collect if you kill him after having taken the Lawbringer perk.


  • Murphy and Barrett are friendly characters. Killing them will result in loss of Karma.
  • Murphy's footlocker is originally empty. Murphy will buy each sugar bomb box for 15 caps but with a successful speech check he will buy it for 30 caps. After giving Murphy some sugar bombs it contains some Ultrajet. Murphy offers more Ultrajet than can be found in his locker. Both ghouls have Murphy's Footlocker Key.
  • Some items and containers in Murphy's lab are owned (red) some are not. It is good to search the place for some free Chems, Ammo and other stuff.
  • If you have a follower with you, he/she will attack the two ghouls after some time. (Needs confirmation, tested with Charon, Fawkes and Dogmeat) (This user on PC version with latest patch experienced the same with SgT. RL-3)
  • Outside of the station, there might be a random marker on your compass that is friendly or enemy. Upon approaching the marker, it disappears only to prove nothing's there. This may also happen around the far end of the bridge where Arefu is. (PS3 confirmed)
  • You may be attacked by Talon Company Mercs or Regulators (Depending on you karma) upon leaving the Store there or Station itself.
  • There is always a dead Wastelander next in the Station. How he/she died may never be known. Possibly a result of trying to kill Murphy.

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This location appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Occasionally, the entrance to Northwest Seneca Station will freeze. If this error does not correct itself, the player may find himself locked out forever.
  • At the Enclave camp, waiting will cause three random Enclave troops to spawn. I did this while waiting for Fawkes to catch up, and suddenly came under fire. If this happens, moving will not cause the glitch to end, but looting the bodies will. This is an extremely useful source of Enclave gear and weapons. I had the Wazer Wifle equipped, unsure if this has an bearing on the bug. Also unsure if this can happen twice, so stock up on ammunition beforehand to maximise profit.

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