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North Holland Hustlers
Niko facing some Hustlers.
Leader: [[Dwayne Forge Playboy X]]
Type: Street gang
Vehicles: Black modded Patriots and Landstalkers
Weapons: Knife, Baseball Bat, Pistol and Uzi
Fronts: Typical fronts for drug organizations: Clubs, real estate, small businesses
Members: Jayvon Simson
Marlon Bridges

The North Holland Hustlers are a large African-American gang operating in northern Algonquin, with ties to the South Bohan Drug Crew that specialise in dealing crack cocaine. The gang are also said to have ties to the Pavano Family through Joe Corrola who likely supplies them with heroin. Members of the gang dress in flashy clothing such as brighly colored sweaters with elaborate designs and big puffy jackets with furry hoods and Hinterland boots. They can usually be seen hanging in groups around the projects in North Holland and Northwood as well as walking the streets around these areas.

The gang was originally led by Dwayne Forge until his incarceration; Playboy X, a flashy gangster with a less professional attitude toward the "business", took over in his absence.

During GTA IV

Upon his release from prison, Dwayne is displeased with how the gang is being run under his one-time protege, and asks Niko Bellic to aid his retaking of power. Playboy, displeased with Dwayne's questioning of his methods, asks that Niko kill Dwayne. The player must choose to kill either Playboy X or Dwayne Forge. If the player chooses to spare Dwayne's life and kill Playboy, they will be given Playboy's penthouse (and a bonus set of clothes), and have the opportunity to befriend Dwayne; Dwayne will offer to send two members of the Hustlers to aid Niko if they become firm enough friends. Taking Playboy's money and killing Dwayne will end Niko's association with the Hustlers, as Playboy feels unexpected remorse at having ordered the death of his old friend and mentor. Over the course of the story Niko is also ordered to kill two other members of the gang, Marlon Bridges and Jayvon Simson, in the missions Photo Shoot and Ruff Rider respectively.

Playboy X and the North Holland Hustlers

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