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Norris Cole
Occupation Newsagent
Born 5th March 1940
Residence 3 Coronation Street
Mother Eunice Cole
Sibling(s) Ramsay Clegg (half brother)
Spouse(s) Myrtle Cole
Angela Hawthorne (1995)
First appearance 11th March 1994
Duration 1994-1997, 1999 to present
Played by Malcolm Hebden

Norris Benjamin Cole is played by Malcolm Hebden. He first appeared in 1994 but left in 1997, only to return in 1999. He continues in the series to the present day. He has lived for several years as a lodger of Emily Bishop at 3 Coronation Street.


Norris came into the series after rescuing Derek Wilton when his car broke down. He was at that time a travelling salesman. He saw Derek as a friend (he mistakenly called him Dirk quite often), and imposed himself on Derek and his wife Mavis at every opportunity. Eventually, he stole Derek's position as a senior salesman and married Derek's ex-wife, Angela Hawthorne. They were soon divorced, however, and Norris ended up a door-to-door salesman. He returned to the Street for Derek's funeral when he died of a heart attack after a road rage incident, which was how he arrived in Rita Sullivan's shop, "The Kabin", where he now works. He and Rita form the traditional shop comedy double-act. He has a big ego and an inaccurate view of his own potential. He has attempted to find work elsewhere (and even went as far as claiming he was 46 years old on application forms) but was unsuccessful.

Norris is portrayed with a camp persona. He has got into many scrapes due to his nosiness and his constant gossiping. It was due to this reputation that no one believed his suspicions about Richard Hillman being a sinister character in 2002, which ultimately proved to be true.

On 2nd September 2007, Norris proposed to Rita, with Rita declining Norris's proposal. On 25th November 2007, Norris proposed to Doreen Fenwick before he found out that both George Trench and Ivor Priestley had also proposed to her. She told them all that she will think about their proposals whilst Rita described them all as mad at each other.

In May 2008, a gang of teenage boys robbed The Kabin, and during which, Norris was shoved to the ground. The experience left him shaken and angry.

In July 2008, Tony Gordon approached Norris and Rita, and tried to persuade them to sell The Kabin to him. Rita eventually appeared enthusiastic about the idea, and finally decided that she was going to take Tony's offer, while Norris seemed angry, Tony later bought Norris, Rita, and Emily a drink in the Rovers, in an attempt to manipulate Norris to seem more reluctant of the situation.

Norris found an envelope belonging to Emily on 22nd August 2008, reading "to be opened after my death". Later on, Emily showed Norris what it was - plans for her funeral. A few days later, Norris discovered that there was something else inside and uncovered some photos of Rita in earlier life. Eventually, when Emily and Rita discovered this, Emily claimed that the photos must have slipped into there while she had a clear out several years back, and that she had planned to return them to Rita, but had never found them, despite looking for them.

In October 2008, Rita employed Tina McIntyre to work at The Kabin, due to Norris having back problems. However, he took an instant disliking to the situation. Later that month, Emily discovered ladies underwear in a bin bag which Norris had. Instantly suspicious, she and Rita confronted Norris about it and asked him if he was a transvestite. He explained that he had won the underwear in a competition and that he had an addiction to competitions.

On 26th November 2008, Norris' love interest Mary Taylor arrived on the Street. They started a friendship and started entering competitions. When Mary won a camper van, she wanted her and Norris to travel around the world together in it. Around this time, Rita was dating Eileen's father Colin Grimshaw, who Norris didnt approve of. To get back at Rita, he agreed to leave Weatherfield to travel around the world with Mary. Deep down however, he didnt really want to.

When Colin was exposed to be sleeping with Eileen's friend, Paula Carp, when she was only 14, Rita broke up with him, which gave Norris an excuse to stay. He decided not to travel so he could be with Rita. He finally told Mary, who was alright with it but told Norris they should still keep in touch. She left the Street in the camper van, and Norris started questioning whether or not he should have gone.

On the same day, his half brother Ramsay Clegg arrived in the Street. They hadn't seen each other in about 50 years. Norris accused Ramsay of killing their mother. Apparently, she was shocked to see Ramsay when he returned, and died a year later, but he kept accusing Ramsay of murdering her. Ramsay is now retired and will be living in Australia, but wanted to make up with Norris before he left. Norris still hates his brother.

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