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The general term "newbie" means someone new to the game. The connotations of this differ depending on the context and the circumstance:

  • New and inexperienced:
    A player that's new will say "I'm a newbie" to imply he/she is new at the game or the area they are in. A veteran might say: "Ok, any newbies here?" to mean, any players who have never before done the task the party is about to do.
  • Ignorant, unaware or clueless:
    A player who carelessly aggros a group when the party was not ready or walks into a set of traps and kills himself would cause messages of "Are you a noob?!!!" from other party members.
  • Obnoxious, uncooperative or does not listen:
    Many new players try to cover up their ignorance (because of the little tolerance shown to ignorance as seen above) by pretending to know what they are doing and taking brash actions while refusing to heed advice/warnings from veterans. When such players bring about harm to the party they will often stir such responses as "You're a ----ing noob!!"

There are many variants, far too many to list here. Some people use "leetspeak", for (n00b) or add suffixes to the end, (nooblet, noob sauce, noobinator etc) these variants aren't as well used, but you will see them being used.

Also see Wikipedia's newbie article.

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The term "newbie" or "newb" is used to refer to people who are new or inexperienced at an activity. The closely-related term "noob (also spelled "n00b" or "nub") is an insulting term used as a synonym for "idiot" or "troll".

When spoken rather than typed, it is hard to differentiate which word is being used. In speech, a "you" sound ("nyoob") can be used in the word "newb", and a simple "oo" sound can be applied to "noob".


It is unknown exactly where and when the general term originated, but it was created long before the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. The phrase "new guy" likely led to a modification of the word "new", resulting in the synonym "newbie"; at some point after that, the two vowels at the end were removed, resulting in the monosyllabic "newb".

"Noob" is likely a corruption of "newb", in the style of "lulz", "noes", and "pr0n". Like "lulz", the meaning of "noob" has been altered with a negative connotation. ("Lulz" specifically refers to "LOLs" at someone's expense, whereas "noob" often refers to someone who acts "newbish" deliberately.)

"Nub" and "narb" can be considered further corruptions of "noob".


There are many different variations on the word. Some include:

newbie, newb
New guy. "Ugh, we have a newb on our team."
noob, n00b
General insult against another player. "Noob" is particularly used to insult a player's intelligence or integrity. "Noob, stop teamkilling!"
General insult against another player. "Get out of my way, nub."
Sarcastic variant of "noob", usually used amongst friends. "Don't make me teamkill you, you narb."


Though they are pronounced identically, the words "newb" and "noob" have very different meanings.

The term "newb", as said above, is a term used generally to describe a new person or a person who lacks skill in a multiplayer game. An example: "Hey guys, I'm kind of a newb to this game mode, so I am sorry if I die a lot.

The term "noob", on the other hand, rarely is used to mean a person who is new. The term "noob" is most commonly used as a derogatory term against a fellow player to show anger or annoyance. The term can refer to someone who deliberately upsets other players, inhibits the progress of their team, engages in unfair tactics, or deliberately demonstrates a lack of skill. An example: "The red team has a freakin' noob that camps with a Shotgun."

Traditional "noob tactics" in multiplayer include camping, janitor-like behavior, screenwatching, Noob Combos, overusage of power weapons like the Rocket Launcher and Energy Sword, and spawn killing. It can be argued that some tactics traditionally considered to be "noob tactics" require an appreciable amount of skill to use. A quote from Red vs Blue very effectively presents another viewpoint regarding such tactics: "it's a legitimate strategy".

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This article is about the slang term. For the organisation found within the Wizards' Guild, see New Order Occult Bookists.

Noob or Newb is a term used amongst RuneScape players and much of the gaming communities in general. According to Jagex's Player Dictionary, both "noob" and "newb" refer to a new player[1]. It is sometimes used by players in an inoffensive way to refer to a new player, especially one with a low combat level, though "newb" may be the preferred spelling in this case.

However, in practice it is more commonly used as a mild pejorative in RuneScape. It is probably one of the most commonly-used and recognised terms in the game. It is popular perhaps because players cannot be reported for using it in this way[2] unless it is done to such a degree that it constitutes spamming, which would have to be sufficient "to render the chat window useless"[3]. This can result in temporary mutes or other punishments.

In May 2009, various news sources reported that "noob" was a candidate to be the one millionth word in the English language, which was expected on 10 June[4]. At that time, unofficial definitions of the word included "a derogatory name for someone new to a particular task or community"[5]. However, "noob" ultimately entered the language officially as the 999,998th word, with the millionth being Web 2.0 on 10 June[6][7].

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There are many variations to the generally accepted words "noob", "noobie", "newb", and "newbie". These include "narb", "neeblet", "nubface", "nub", "nublet", "nubling" or the less commonly used "froob", "tweep", "choob", and numerous others. Any of these terms may also be written in leet, such as "n00b". 

According to Jagex's Player Dictionary, "froob" is a term for someone who has never left Lumbridge[8], though players themselves hardly ever use it in this way. "Choob" usually means an inexperienced high level player or a high level that acts like a noob.[9].


"Noob" is used by many people simply as an insult regardless of the context, as it is an insult that is not a reportable offence. Even a player of a much lower level may still call another player "noob" for being annoying to them, or for doing something that an experienced player, in their opinion, should know better than to do.

The name "noob" can be effectively ignored because the other player, who may be inexperienced, may just be disgruntled, and is venting their frustration for multiple reasons. Some players who say the word "noob" sometimes log out of RuneScape straight after saying it, to avoid a comeback or any other type of reaction.

Some people argue that players who call others "noobs" are noobs themselves. As there is no clear definition of the term "noob", this may or may not be entirely true.

Whilst many players use "noob" to describe a new (usually low-level) player, this is not the only meaning. The word "noob" is also used to describe someone who begs or sabotages something (sometimes unintentionally), such as destroying barricades in Castle Wars. The reasons behind this are typically a lack of knowledge of the game or the rules of the game, meaning that level does not necessarily come into it, though some people do this on purpose simply to annoy members of the opposing team. It may also be used to describe someone who simply acts stupidly, regardless of his or her experience. It can also refer to a player who has been playing for a while but because of some blunder can not become skilled at the game.

A "newb" usually refers to a new player, and is also a shorter version for "newbie". It is sometimes used as an insult, and therefore loses its meaning for what it truly is. Some players even call themselves newbs (or noobs) because they need assistance.

Friends will sometimes use the word "noob" or "newb" to poke fun at each other, it is not intended to be harmful in that situation.

Usage in player killing

"Noob" is very commonly used to express frustration or annoyance against others whilst player killing, usually in the Duel Arena, Fist of Guthix, Clan Wars, and practically any other player-versus-player (PVP) minigame. Almost anything that you do whilst player-killing will cause someone at some time to refer to you as a "noob". Some things the combatant can do which may incite the word "noob" include:

  • Having a high Defence level: "def nub"
  • Having a high Attack level: Attack noob
  • Having a high Strength level: Strength noob
  • Activating a protection Prayer: "prayer noob" "pray noob"
  • Eating food when they have more than half their maximum Hitpoints: "safer (noob)"
  • Eating any food at all, especially in Clan Wars: "food noob", "eater (noob)" "foodie" or "foob"
  • Using potions in Clan Wars: "potter (noob)", "pot noob"
  • Attacking a weakened player: "pjer (pile jumping or player jumping)) noob"
  • Teaming up on the player: Piler Noobs (group)
  • Tanking when piled/low on Hitpoints: Tanker noob
  • Refusal to fight or running from combat: scared noob or running/runner noob, respectively.
  • Whining: noob
  • Killing a low leveled player:"noob pker"

Remember: Eating food, and using prayers(it's part of your combat level anyway) are always allowed in PvP, even in safe fights. Do not let your opponent order you around.

Note that the first 3 type of "noob" listed are actually pures, whether they are really "nub" depends on your attitude.


If a player is called a "noob" they can choose to do nothing in the first instance. If the name-calling continues, the targeted player can add the name-caller to their Ignore List. This simple step means that the targeted player will no longer see anything that the name-caller says, and is exactly what the Ignore List was designed for. As such, Jagex recommends this conservative approach[10].

Alternatively, a targeted player may deflect the insult by arbitrarily agreeing that they are a noob. The name-caller will often stop after this. At worst, the targeted player may feel the need to leave the area (especially by teleportation, to avoid being followed), or switch worlds.

If the player instead insults back (especially to an excessive degree) then they may themselves be reported for offensive language. It may be argued that the first name-caller has violated Rule 9 (Encouraging Others to Break Rules), but this does not absolve other players of responsibility for their own reactions.

Do not report a player for offensive language if they call another player a noob. Although it is annoying it is not offensive language.

References in the game

NOOB engraved in the God Wars Dungeon

JaGeX seems to have realised that noob is such a commonly used word, and they use it themselves sometimes. For example, in the God Wars Dungeon, the word "noob" is carved into the floor beneath a frozen body. "NOOB" is also an acronym for the New Order Occult Bookists. It is also used in QuickChat (although the spelling is newb), when a player presses the shortcut keys GPD4—usually when told to by another player, will return "I'm a newb" as the chat message.

Several times, a non-player character will use the word as a joke. Indeed, "noob" is such a common word that it is seen everywhere.


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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about the term. You may be looking for the Legacy comic.
"Noob! Noob!"
―A stormtrooper to Anson Trask
Anson Trask is called a noob by the other stormtroopers of Joker Squad on Yinchorr.

In the Galactic Empire stormtrooper corps' 407th Division, an unseasoned recruit was pejoratively labeled a noob, presumably a slang abbreviation of newbie or newcomer. Whether the term was used in the wider stormtrooper corps or even the galaxy at large is unknown.

When Anson Trask was promoted to Joker Squad in 137 ABY, he acquired the moniker, which ironically saved him from the retribution of Darth Maleval when Trask annoyed the Sith Lord. He would outgrow the title in the eyes of his peers after he later shot and killed Maleval.

The word may have been derived from the term newbie, a Gungan slang term with a similar meaning that enjoyed galactic notoriety.

Behind the scenes

In Internet culture, newb, noob, and n00b are generally derogatory slang terms for a newbie (an inexperienced newcomer) who is rude, ignorant or incompetent in an online game, forum, or other means of interaction. "Newbie" is not necessarily an insulting word, but "n00b" generally is. See Newbie article on Wikipedia for further discussion of the terms' finer shades of meaning.

According to the above Wikipedia article, a "newbie" was a term to describe new arrivals in the Vietnam theater of war, decades before its popular use on 1980s bulletin boards and subsequent Internet message boards and chat rooms.

Also from the article, the term "non-useful body", or N.U.B. was coined in the submariner world. A brand new sailor reporting aboard a submarine had to earn his "dolphins" (submarine-qualification: learning everything about a submarine in order to quickly and decisively assist in damage control). Until the sailor became so qualified, he could not do his assigned function aboard the submarine. During this time, he was declared a non-useful-body, and was generally harassed until he completed it. The term has since migrated to the surface fleet and is used to negatively refer to new sailors, who are not as experienced and useful as their shipmates.


  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 15: Days of Fear, Part 3 (As "newbie")
  • Death Star (As "newbie")
  • Vector Prime (As "newbie")
  • Star Wars Legacy 4: Noob (First appearance)
  • Star Wars Legacy 14: Claws of the Dragon, Part 1

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A noob is a derogetory term derived from the word Newbie (a newcomer to a particular field). The term noob is used on the Internet, where it might refer to ignorant users of a game, a newsgroup, an operating system or the Internet itself. An example of a noob is Ruby Argon from Honera. (Note: Newb is different from noob. Newb refers to new player while noob is described above)


As explained above, noob is mainly used to insult players that don't behave as experienced players do. Frequently the terms "noob" and "newb"/"newbie" are used interchangably, but many Tibia players insist that they are fundamentally different (see below, and the article Newbie for comparison and contrast).

The use of the term noob is sometimes but not always related to being new to Tibia(see "newb" below), the label is often put on those who act foolishly or otherwise exhibit behavior that is childish and/or irritating to other players (even if they are experienced players themselves)

The use of the word noob is common near town Depots and the center of Rookgaard, where the noobs hang most of the time. They often ask other players (usually high level players) for items. They move people that stay outside Depots (outside Protection Zones), spam the default channel, and from time to time attack players.

Noob can also be written as nub or nab and as n00b in leetspeak. Also "upside down" - qoou, qeu and qnu.

If you want to refer to a new player/beginner, please use the term newbie or the shorthand newb which refers in a good way to new players.

People who stand in the doorway of a depot are sometimes considered noobs.

Also people who kill dogs are also considered noobs. (Except in Thais where it seems to be popular.)

Many people often mimic the behaviors of noobs in order to irritate higher levels and/or those who take the game a little to seriously (see "losers")
Sometimes it is necessary for one to act in a noobish manner in order to expose the utter foolishness of the usually higher level character, coequally referred to as "[a]loser" or "person who plays to much Tibia"

When noobish behavior is used to counteract the behaviors or attitudes of the aforementioned "losers" it is deemed a worthy action.

Ironically, the word "noob" is used most by the people who in fact are noobs.


Character named Noob existed and was banished permanently because of invalid payment.

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