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Great; of perfect balance and harmonious expression. The so-called "noble" grapes are those that produce the world's finest wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Riesling (some would also include Syrah, Nebbiolo and Sangiovese).

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about status of an aristocrat. You may be looking for a lost ship.

"Noble" was a term often used as a category for those individuals that served as the dignitaries of the Galaxy.

Nobles were typically members of the upper parts of galactic society. Sometimes, they were born into the upper classes and were from families of noble or similar status on their home planets. Others worked their way up the social ladder via their political, diplomatic, military, commercial, artistic, media, and sometimes even criminal careers.

Nobles would often use intelligence or charisma rather than brute force and direct confrontation. They were typically well-versed in the arts of rhetoric and negotiation and were highly socially skilled. Some nobles were truly honest and honorable people, while others were sly and treacherous.

Nobles were, due to their status as dignities and their social skills, typically influential people who were well-suited for leadership.

Examples of nobles

Behind the scenes

Noble is a heroic class in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.


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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

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Specifics: Savage, toy
This article is about the Transformer from Beast Machines. For the owner of Fun Publications, see Brian Savage.
This article is about Savage/Noble as he existed after Megatron's spark was removed (primarily). For the character as he was before then, see Megatron (BW).
Savage/Noble is a Maximal/Vehicon from the Beast Machines portion of the Generation One continuity family. He is also known as Beast Changer.
A Predacon Werewolf in Iacon.

The strange organic monster known as Savage/Noble is the only known purely-organic Transformer. He was created as an unintended, unforseen side effect of Megatron seeking to rid himself of the organic portions of his beast form. Once Megatron's animating spark left the beast it retained life and became a distinct living creature in its own right. Stripped of Megatron's mind however the thing that remained was basically all animal and acted as such. His humanoid form resembles a werewolf (referred to as Noble), and his alt-mode is a dragon-creature (known as Savage). The animalistic Savage/Noble formed a close bond with Nightscream akin to that between a boy and his dog.



Beast Machines cartoon

Voice actor: David Kaye (English), Yūichi Nagashima (Japanese)

When Savage/Noble first appeared, the creature was basically Megatron in disguise, his spark having been unexpectedly trapped in the organics he had sought to purge. It is unclear whether his seemingly random violent rages were genuine or if they were a deliberate ruse. Once he seemed to gain more self-control and began speaking, Noble claimed to be a survivor of the transformation lock virus in need of help, and so he was quickly accepted into the Maximal fold and befriended by Nightscream. Savage Noble After the Maximals led him to Megatron's Citadel, Megs made his move, and downloaded his spark into a Giant Warship. The discarded Savage/Noble entity was left a pure beast with an instinctual mind and no spark. Prometheus Unbound Noble continued to follow Nightscream, helping where he could but also at times jeopardizing the team. The first time Megatron consumed all the sparks on Cybertron, the creature attacked him; now more disgusted than ever, Megatron used his newfound power to kill Noble. This sacrifice led to the enraged Nightscream defeating Megatron. Sparkwar Part 3: The Siege The ill-fated creature was later mourned by the Maximals and praised for his sacrifice. Spark of Darkness


Beast Machines

  • Beast Changer (2001)

The Beast Changer toy was originally released in the West in 2001 as part of the Beast Machines toyline. Hasbro was unable to attain the rights to the name "Savage/Noble," and so it was given the generic Beast Changer label. In 2005, the mold was later recolored to appear somewhat more show-accurate and released in Japan under the name "Noble Savage" as part of the Beast Wars Returns toyline, exclusive to Toys R' Us.


  • While "Savage" is clearly Megatron's Dragon half, it is unclear where the DNA for the wolf form "Noble" originated. Some fans have speculated a connection to Silverbolt's wolf fuzor form but nothing in the show particularly supports this.
  • Given the Beast era's focus on a Transformer's life force and personality being bound up in its spark, it is questionable whether Savage/Noble, after losing its spark, was technically still a Transformer.
  • Perhaps due to a lack of communication, the "Beast Changer" toy's on-package bio posits a micro-continuity where post-Megatron Savage/Noble is a sentient being with an intelligence Tech Spec of 8.7. He hates Megatron, is quoted as saying: "Science has yet to match the force of Nature - allow me to demonstrate!" and considers himself a "self-proclaimed" outcast.
  • Although Savage/Noble's "Beast Changer" toy was not a part of it, a sub-line of other beast-to-beast Transformers was later released with the title Beast Wars Mutants.
  • Mainframe would later borrow the "Noble" character model as a werewolf for the beginning of "Casper's Haunted Christmas."

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  •'s entry on Beast Changer

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From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

Noble is a status used by many non-Democratic governments. Usually Nobility is a hereditary honour, passing on through the oldest child (however some governments vary this). The following Governments have a Noble system, see the appropriate aticle for the workings of the system in that government:

Imperial Nobility
Zhodani Consulate
Zhodani Nobility
Aslan Hierate
Aslan Nobility

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