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"If I did let them stay, first thing you know, they'd want to be friends."
―Noa Briqualon

Noa Briqualon was a mid-level scout who was stranded early in his career after crashing his ship on the forest moon of Endor, where he learned to adapt to his primitive surroundings. Briqualon was an explorer, who traveled with his friend, Salek Weet.




Early life

As a young man, Noa spent years as a mid-level scout.[1] Around 26 BBY, Noa and friend and fellow scout Salek set out on their first mission: to chart the Moddell Sector.[2] However, their ship's crystal oscillator shorted while moving through the Monsua Nebula—cutting off power to their starship. The malfunction, combined with the complex gravity patterns of the nearby forest moon of Endor, forced the two men to make an emergency crash landing on the moon.

After the crash, Noa and Salek hid the ship, and worked on repairs. They discovered that the crystal oscillator was shattered in the crash. Noa and Salek agreed that Salek would go search for replacement parts,[1] while Noa stayed behind with the ship. However, during his journey Salek was captured by the Sanyassan Marauders and killed. Though he denied it to himself, Noa realized that his friend wasn't coming back, so he eventually made his home in what remained of a hollow tree trunk.[3] Salek's father Jimke funded a four-year rescue search for his son, but the search was eventually called off after Jimke filed for bankruptcy.[2]

The Battle for Endor

Noa, with his walking stick, on Endor.

Noa eventually met the Teek known simply as "Teek." Teek was a mischievous creature, and the old spacer let him stay at his home, and even carved Teek his own bed out of the tree trunk walls of the house. It was Teek who led the Human Cindel Towani and the Ewok Wicket W. Warrick to Noa's house.

The old man at first was angry that the kids should be brought into his house, but soon grew to like them, as beneath his gruff exterior he truly was a kindly man. He helped save Cindel and the Ewoks from the Marauders. From his actions came a huge battle in which Noa fought the evil marauder King Terak. With the help of Wicket and Cindel, Noa defeated Terak in a sword battle (Terak wielded a sword, Noa his walking staff). Following the battle, Noa and Cindel repaired the starship, bid farewell to the Ewoks, and left Endor.

Later years

After flying the spacelanes with Cindel for some years, Noa eventually retired in the Mid Rim of the galaxy.[4] After his retirement, his companion Cindel became a journalist on Coruscant, as well as an influential player in the New Republic.[5]

Behind the scenes

Noa Briqualon was created by George Lucas for the 1985 television film Ewoks: The Battle for Endor. In the film, he was portrayed by actor Wilford Brimley. Noa is one of only a few individuals to wear spectacles in the Star Wars galaxy.


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