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No Rest for the Wicked is the first episode of the second season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.

The USS Swiftfire-A returns to Earth for repairs giving the crew a much needed break from the front. Captain Jonathan Masters soon finds himself dwelling on past events but a chance encounter will move his thoughts from the past to the future.


Memorable quotes

"You know the other week we had a pair of Starfleet officers appear in the street. I saw them while I was gardening and they walked along our fence and I thought that was it. Our last child has died. But they continued two houses down and do you what I felt? Relief. My neighbour had possibly just lost a loved one and all I could think about was how relieved I was that they weren't visiting us. I don't like feeling that way. I don't like your mother always on edge, waiting for the day they come to tell us that you've been killed."
Bruce Wessling tells his daughter of his anguish with her being in Starfleet.
"I am spending my time at the Gobi desert monastery. Seeking to better understand myself."
"If you do not know who you are at your age, I doubt you ever will."
— A light hearted reply from T'Vel to Karak.
"You know what you need? A love slave."
"A love slave! That's a good one, Susan. That would fix my problems right up."
"It couldn't hurt, unless that's what you want."
Susan Core suggest a cure for Jonathan Masters' problems.
"We are fighting a war with more firepower then all the other wars humanities has fought before combined. A war with a wider scope then any other. A war if we lose would not only mean the end of us but everyone else in our region of space. It is amazing, if you think about it."
Admiral Titus Reak'va on the Dominion War.

Background information


37th Tactical Wing; Bailey, Autumn; USS Bonestell; Buddy; Core, Austin; Core, Emily; Core, Hilary; Daley, Rachel "Nat"; Dyson (symbiont); Dyson, Luke; Dyson, Paul; Dyson, Quar; Fiji; Gobi desert; Isurava; Jeong, Kyu-Seon; Lindström, Britta; Lindström, Emma; Lindström, Mats; Lindström, Tomas; Masters, Charlene; Masters, Claire; Masters, Dalton; Masters, John; Nairn, Joleni; Nairn, Paul; Outback Pub; Reak'va, Titus; Solomon Islands; Starfleet Marine Corps Academy; Starfleet War Memorial; Stevens, Rachel; Suva; Sweden; T'Vel; Task Force 59; theatre; Tiki, Aashi; Tiki, Christina; Tiki, Pranav; Tiki, Samantha; Toronto; Vega IX; Viti Levu; Weavyn; Wessling, Bruce; Wessling, Gary; Wessling, Julie; Whitechapel, Jane; Xym (symbiont); Xym, Seltar; Yeung

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