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No Escape?
Cam Jones.
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
For: Tommy Vercetti
Location: The Malibu Club
Target: Buisting Cam Jones out of jail.
Reward: $1000

No Escape? is the first mission in the asset missions for The Malibu Club.





Tommy needs a safecracker for a bank job he's planning, there, Ken Rosenberg suggest a guy named Cam Jones, however, Cam is behind bars in the VCPD central in Ocean Beach, and thanks to Tommy, he's now gonna be a free man.

The Mission

Get a fast car (a Cheetah would be the best) and drive to the VCPD central in Ocean Beach. Now park your car on on the outside road and then enter the central. There are to halls here, one which leads to the holding cells and the offices and another one that leads to the locker room. Go into the locker room and step on the purple marker, now you'll get fitted in with a Cop Outfit.

Now that you can get around with no trouble, go through the second hallway and go up to the offices, now look for the key card in one of the offices, once you have it, go down to the holding cells, step in the purple marker and you'll let Cam Jones out of his cell.

Now be careful, equip an assault rifle, since you now have a four star wanted level. Go up the stairs and shoot any cop that comes after you, when you step out of the VCPD central, equip a sub machine gun and shoot nearby cops, then run to your car and get in, wait for Cam to get in and drive like hell! Drive to the nearby Pay 'N' Spray, avoiding cop cars, SWAT cars and police blockades and lose your wanted level.

Now that no one is after you, take Cam to his shop in Little Havana (which will become the HQ/drop off point for the robbery in mission The Job), when you drop off Cam in his shop, he will agree to be your safecracker and the mission will be over.


(The Malibu Club, Tommy Vercetti and Ken Rosenberg).

Ken: Tommy! Hey, Tommy, look at this, this is great! I've us got this minibar installed.

Tommy: We've got a whole bar downstairs, Ken.

Ken: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Well, I got the chalkboard you asked for.

Tommy: Ah, that's the benefit of a law school education: The ability to follow instructions. Now, I need a safeman.

Ken: Oh, alright, well, let me, safe, safe, safe - I got it! This guy will blow you away! Cam Jones...Ahh, nah, that schmuck. He's on the inside.

Tommy: Where inside?

Ken: In a police headquarters cell awaiting transfer.

Tommy: I think he's about to get paroled...

(Ocean Beach VCPD HQ, Tommy and Cam Jones).

Tommy: Cam Jones?

Cam: Yeah, that's me.

Tommy: I'm busting you out.

Cam: Whatever you say. Lose the heat and get me back to my place!

(Cam's Can Openers, Tommy and Cam).

Tommy: I'm gonna be doing a bank job, and you're my safe cracker.

Cam: Beats losing my ass in a cell!

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