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Nitroglycerin is a members-only quest item. It is used in Digsite Quest to make Chemical compound along with ammonium nitrate, ground charcoal and arcenia root to blow up bricks blocking the path below digsite. It is obtained by using a vial on the barrel with a skull mark on it near the panning point, and is brought to archeology expert to learn that it's nitroglycerin. If the barrel is not already opened a trowel can be used on the barrel to open it. After finishing the dialogue following filling the vial, the barrel will become resealed, so it is recommended that you skip the dialogue by using more vials on it, assuming you're filling more than one vial. When you're done with the barrel, step or teleport away without going through the dialogue so you won't have to worry about reopening the barrel on your next visit.

Before the archaeology expert identifies it, nitroglycerin is known as unidentified liquid. Identification of the liquid increases the damage to 35.

File:nitro_dialogue.PNG File:NitroglycerinExamine.PNG

Beware! Players who drop the vial will take 25 damage if the vial is unidentified, or 35 damage if the vial is identified! You can get rid of the item safely by alching it, asking the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village to rid your bank of useless quests items, or by dropping them in a free-to-play world. Players can no longer place it on a table. Many players using the Dharok set use this effect to lower their hitpoints, in order to activate the effect and hit higher. When a player drops this, a message will say Ow! The liquid exploded! and the player will receive 25 or 35 damage. However this item can no longer kill you after the update from 21 April 2009.

Mass production

Players may produce nitroglycerin for self-injury. To do this as fast as possible, players should do the following steps:

  1. Withdraw 28 vials at a bank. Equip a Digsite Pendant and a Ring of Duelling.
  2. Teleport with the Digsite Pendant to the Digsite.
  3. Run south to the barrel(s) containing nitroglycerin. If the barrel is shut, speak to an Examiner for a trowel.
  4. Use the vials on the opened barrel. Do NOT click the "click here to continue" in the chatbox or the barrel will be closed.
  5. Run south to the Exam Centre and find the Archaeological expert. Use all unidentified liquids on him (going through the conversation is required).
  6. Teleport to Al Kharid with an Amulet of glory, Ring of duelling or teleport to sorceress garden via Broomstick or alternatively, run.
  7. Deposit the nitroglycerin into bank and repeat from step one.

Note: Step five may be omitted to save time. However, the damage dealt is reduced to 25, instead of 35.


  • Nitroglycerin can no longer be used to kill people due to an unannounced update.
  • "Nitroglycerin" uses the U.S. spelling of the word, despite Jagex being a British company. "Nitroglycerine" is the British spelling.
  • On Earth, nitroglycerin is a colourless liquid, but on Gielinor it is orange. Interestingly, on Earth at least, nitroglycerin is sometimes mixed with dinitrotolulene to make it more stable, and dinitrotolulene is yellow-orange in colour. Gielinor's nitroglycerin seems to be similarly stabler as actually only dropping it causes it to spontaneously explode, so it seems likely it too is mixed with dinitrotolulene.
  • Players who came to regret spending 230,000 coins for the Barrelchest anchor used to sometimes activate nitroglycerin to recover the cost of the anchor. The anchor cannot be traded and can only be high alchemied for much less than 230,000. However, if the player dies with the anchor, and the anchor is not one of the items the player keeps on death, 230,000 coins appear at the player's Gravestone instead of the anchor. Some players thus used nitroglycerin to kill themselves and then retrieve the coins. Due to updates on 21 April 2009, players can no longer do this, as foods that hurts you will never kill you.
  • Once the liquid is identified as nitroglycerin, you can no longer empty it.
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