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Ninjanaut is an unusual game of Juggernaut. The Juggernaut has active camo, extra speed, and a Motion Sensor. However, the other players don't, so they must work together to corner him down and take him out. Once one player gets a kill, he/she is the new Ninjanaut, and the ex-Ninjanaut and the other players try to kill the new Ninjanaut. Every new round means a new ninjanaut. The point of the game is to kill the current ninjanaut to pass to the next round. This gameplay was not featured in Halo: CE.


This is for Ninjanaut.

  • Active Camo
  • Faster Speed
  • Lower Gravity


  • Weaker
  • Alone
  • Cannot drive vehicles

Tactical Strategy

  • When playing Ninjanaut, it is best to have a weak automatic gun, such as the SMG, so when you think he's around. You can shoot and temporarily turn off his infinite active camo. Once he is visible, take a one hit kill gun, like a Spartan Laser or Rocket Launcher, and shoot as fast as you can.
  • The Ninjanaut is fast and invisible. This is really bad news for the other players, but when dealing with a ninjanaut, always remember they only use energy swords, which gives them a disadvantage. When a ninjanaut comes close, shoot it and keep it away from you.
  • If you are the ninjanaut, take three things into account;
1. You are much faster than other units, so this gives you a better chance of running away if you are engaged by the enemy, but be careful not to back yourself into a corner.
2. Know that you are invisible this is useful to engage the enemy especially when you have high speed as well so it is difficult to catch you, but know that the enemy pays more attention to their motion tracker and if spotted they will either run or fire in your general direction, (to remove your camo).
3. You are physically weaker than the average player. so when engaging in close quarters. try to attack the weakest point or shoot down the shield first then hit them.


  • An interesting thing is that if you are the ninjanaut and stick a plasma grenade at a player but died when you stuck him, the player you stuck will not die.
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