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Final Fantasy III Enemy
Japanese 忍者
Romaji Ninja
NES Name Ninja
DS Name Ninja

The Ninja is an optional boss from Final Fantasy III. He can be found in Forbidden Land Eureka. The party receives a Ribbon after defeating him.

In battle

The Ninja is a fairly easy opponent, though not if under-leveled. He is incredibly agile, and will probably attack first each round, unless the party contains characters in Job classes also emphasizing speed, such as the Thief or Ninja. He attacks twice per round with lethal sword strikes, which may inflict Blind and Poison.

Any party filled with adequate melee characters (e.g. Knight or Black Belt) with at least one supporting Devout should fare easily against this foe, if properly leveled. Alternatively, a Viking in the back row, equipped with Crystal Equipment, can provoke the Ninja each round, while the rest of the party safely attacks him. Geomancers are also useful, due to the high probability of them casting the powerful Shadowflare for heavy damage in Forbidden Land Eureka.

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