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Fallout 3
requirements: Level 20
Sneak 80
Melee Weapons 80
ranks: 1
benefit: +15% critical chance with Melee or Unarmed attacks. Sneak attack criticals do 25% more damage.
base id: 31DCC

Ninja is a Fallout 3 Perk.

The Ninja perk grants you the power of the fabled shadow warriors. When attacking you gain a +15% critical chance on every strike, only with either Melee or Unarmed. Sneak attack criticals do 25% more damage than normal. This perk is more suitable for players who follow a "ninja" play style, similarly to Grim Reaper's Sprint, which is suitable for players who follow play styles that use V.A.T.S. more often.


  • To attain this perk you are only required to have an 80 Melee Weapons skill, even though the perk affects the critical bonus and sneak damage of both Unarmed and Melee Weapons. Thus, if you have an 80 or above Unarmed and Sneak skill, but only a 79 or below Melee Weapons skill, you would not be able to attain this perk.
  • The extra 25% sneak attack critical damage and 15% critical chance only applies to melee and unarmed attacks. Attacks with ranged weapons are not affected by this perk in any way.
  • The 15% critical chance bonus is not working as of patch 1.5.22 (tested on PC version). Versions 1.1.0 and above of the Unofficial Fallout 3 patch contain a fix for this bug. It does, however, appear to work on the PS3 version. (unconfirmed)
Perks of Fallout 3

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Ninja may refer to:

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Ninja is another word for solo in GvG.

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From Lostpedia

Lostpedia has conducted an interview with The Lost Ninja. To read this interview, please see here.
This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience

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The Lost Ninja original banner
The Heroic Lost Ninja second banner
The Lost Ninja (without Ninja robes) with Michael Emerson

The Heroic Lost Ninja is the Australia network Channel Seven's official blogger for The Lost Experience, Find 815, Lost, and sci-fi show Heroes. He kept readers informed of the latest clues in the Lost Experience and Find 815 alternate reality games and the TV show. He often refers to his U.S. counterpart Speaker. Ninja's real name is Tom Ragg, as revealed in his September 27, 2006 blog.

Activities and events

  • As Bad Twin is apparently unavailable, he organized events where people, upon giving a secret password, receive a free copy of the book.
  • The first of these events was at Customs House in Circular Quay, Sydney and at the Museum in Melbourne. Anyone who went to the information desk between 1–2pm on Friday, June 2, 2006 and asked "What did one snowman say to the other?" got a copy of Bad Twin. Also, anecdotal evidence suggests these copies have further clues in them such as highlighted passages.
  • On June 8 2006, The Lost Ninja gave a clue suggesting people email him for more information about the book. His reply to emails sent suggests he will send some people (first in, best dressed) a copy of the book via snail mail.
  • Called into DJ Dan's live podcast, was the only caller who didn't get "shutdown"
  • Distributed Apollo Candy around Australia, through comic book shops in major cities or mailing them.
  • Interviewed Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, and Dominic Monaghan.
  • Traveled to Hawaii twice.
  • Attended Comic-Con 2007.
  • Translated the hieroglyphs on Ben's secret door.

See also

External links

  • The Heroic Lost Ninja
  • The LOST Ninja's MySpace page
  • Tom Ragg's Facebook page

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Recipes Wiki, the recipe cookbook YOU can contribute to!


  • Dark creme de cacao
  • Midori
  • Frangelico


Layer equal parts in order given into a pony or shot glass.

Contributed by

The Bartending School

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!



Appears in (sets)
Appears in (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters)


The Ninja series are (mostly) Warrior-Type Monsters with the word "Ninja" in their names. A handful of the Ninja cards exist in the TCG and OCG, but some also exist in only the Anime.

A deck based around Ninjas is tricky, due to the fact that Spell, Trap, or Monster effects are just what you expect a real Ninja would use. For example, "Strike Ninja" can be removed from the field by removing from play two DARK Monsters from your Graveyard, only to come back to the field at the end of the turn (for "dodging" a card that might have destroyed it). Armed Ninja, Crimson Ninja, and White Ninja, three counterparts all serve as spell, trap, and monster removal (respectively), while Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke can further this by destroying any face-up defense position monster by attacking it (as well as having the highest ATK of any ninja card). Ninjitsu Art of Decoy makes survival easy for Ninjas, while Ninjitsu Art of Transformation allows you to trade your used ninjas (such as the three aforementioned ones) for a more powerful, if albeit ability inclined, monster. "Fuhma Shuriken", a Spell Card that equips to Ninjas will always deal 700 damage to the opponent when removed from the field.

Overall Ninjas have many abilities that can frustrate your opponents, but not many that are game breaking. Ninjas, however, are great against Exodia Decks, which focus on defensive monsters and spells and traps to stall for the titular card (which Ninjas are adept at destroying). Because of Ninjitsu Art of Transformation, Ninjas fit well into Harpie, beast and insect decks.

"Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja", "Lady Ninja Yae", and "Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke" are characters based on Konami's popular video game series Ganbare Goemon (Mystical Ninja). Incidentally, all the Sasuke Samurai monsters are from this series, as well.

In the anime, Ninjas were used by Jean-Claude Magnum. However, Magnum used only anime-only cards, and his Ninjas operated quite differently from the actual cards. His Ninjas had poor attack power, but many had effects allowing them to swarm the field.


Playing Style

A Ninja Deck is a deck that revolves around the Ninja archetype. To effectively use the archetype, Ninja Decks must use a large variety of monsters. WIND monsters are helpful for the effect of Lady Ninja Yae, while DARK monsters are necessary for the effect of Strike Ninja. As well, high level monsters that can be summoned with Ninjitsu Art of Transformation. Ideally, one should attempt to use monsters that fulfill several of these criteria; for example, Brain Crusher is both DARK and Insect.

Ninja Decks can be made in a variety of ways; although there is very little archetype specific support, they qualify for Warrior support, as well as the aforementioned WIND and DARK monsters. Since this deck combines WIND and DARK monsters, Dark Simorgh is perfect in this deck.

Ninja Decks are rarely seen, as there is very little support currently available for the archetype, and the decks can be difficult to make, as they require one to incorporate a wide variety of cards.

Although Armed Ninja and Crimson Ninja are Ninjas, they will be difficult to use in a Ninja Deck, as their effects are sub par and most of the time their effects are only activated upon their being attacked and destroyed, making them difficult to effectively use with Ninjitsu Art of Transformation. Their 1 star level also limits a duelist's options to support mosters such as Nimble Momonga or Giant Rat. Using the transformation to summon Beatdown monsters such as Chainsaw Insect and Berserk Gorilla is a waste, since the higher level ninja cards can be used to summon better Beatdown monsters such as Big Koala and Behemoth the King of All Animals, or the top two Ultimate Insects and Insect Queen. The transformation can be used to stall for better cards by special summoning high defense monsters such as Soul Tiger or Cocoon of Evolution. Another great card to special summon is Stealth Bird since it has decent defense (1700), and can be fliped face down to prepare for its flip effect damage. Though if one of these ninja cards can survive your opponent's turn while Face-up, you can use Ninjitsu Art of Transformation to special summon Ultimate Insect LV3 during your opponent's End Phase. Then when your Standby Phase starts you will be able to level this monster up into Ultimate Insect LV5 and gain it's special effect. Furthermore, destroying Ninjitsu Art of Transformation will not destroy the higher level monster since it was equiped to the previous level monster. However, it will remain in the spell/trap zone since the previous level monster was not destroyed but rather tributed.

Recommended Cards


  • Any Insects, Winged Beasts, or Beasts equal to or less than Level 7.



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