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Nikki Whitechapel was a Starfleet officer from the 24th century. The daughter of a Federation Ambassador she joined Starfleet in 2364 as a security officer. She saw service on two of the quadrants most famous assignments, USS Enterprise-D and Deep Space 9. In 2373, she was assigned as the Security chief, chief tactical officer, and the second officer of the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A). (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Early years

Nikki Whitechapel was born in 2341 in the city of London, Earth. She was born into a prominent family; her father was a prominent Federation diplomat and as a result she got to travel all around the Federation and to some of its neighbours.

It was during one of these trips that she was attacked and mugged on a starbase. From that point on she promised herself she would never be unable to defend herself. She started studying martial arts and other self defence courses. This coupled with the life of a diplomat's family got her interested in security.

Starfleet Academy

In 2359, she was accepted into Starfleet Academy into the security division. Four years later she graduated and entered the fleet as a security officer.

Starfleet service

Once Whitechapel graduated she was stationed on Starbase 48. In 2364, after a year at the starbase she was transferred to one of the most prestigious postings - the USS Enterprise-D. She received a great deal of experience as a security officer on the Enterprise. In 2369, now a Lieutenant she was transferred to Deep Space 9 from the Enterprise-D following the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole and the attack on the station by three Galor-class warships. ("Moral Actions")

While on DS9 Whitechapel acted as a security officer, customs officer and shuttle/runabout pilot as the station set about its new function as the gatekeeper to the Gamma Quadrant. Her time on DS9 lasted only a few months before she was transferred to the USS Aries.

While on the Aries Whitechapel served as the Security chief. It is here that she got her first experience at the tactical station. The tactical officer of the USS Aries taught her the basics and let her man the station every now and again. The tactical officer was training Whitechapel as a handpicked replacement as the officer was due to be promoted to First Officer. In late-2372, she was official made tactical officer of the USS Aries. Unfortunately this only lasted a few months. Whitechapel was seriously injured during the fighting in the Archanis sector after the Klingons broke the ceasefire during the Second Federation-Klingon War. She was placed on medical leave and returned to Earth.

Whitechapel spent most of her time in her family home in London. She had only just gotten over her injuries when she was ordered to the USS Swiftfire-A to serve as the ships Tactical Officer/Head of Security. ("Vengeance")

Service on the Swiftfire-A

Whitechapel has worked hard to keep the Swiftfire secure and with the help of the Starfleet Marines stationed onboard she has done an exemplary job. Though at first the two groups were at loggerheads because of inter-service rivalry. In a war game organised by the captain Whitechapel led the forces defending the ship from the Marine "boarders". Though in the end the Marines won she gained new respect for them and in turn they also gain respect for the security personnel. ("Deployment")

Whitechapel joined Captain Masters and Wing Commander Maxine Benton on the holodeck in an air combat simulation. Whitechapel was interested in the piloting of smaller craft and was part of Masters' team. During the simulation she was shot down. ("The Front")

She was also responsible for saving the life of Chief engineer Pavlo Celcho after an accident that severed Celcho's right arm. She recovered his body that was floating free in space and then quickly acted to stem the flow of blood from the wound before taking him back to the Swiftfire-A for proper medical help. She was shaken by the bloody experience and was ordered off duty by Captain Jonathan Masters to recover from the ordeal. ("Regression")

During the retreat at the end of the Battle of Guyra Captain Masters directed his anger at the apparent death of his father on her. This was due to the fact she had operated the ship's tractor beam in the attempt to pull the USS Ambassador out of its rapidly decaying orbit. In his rage he tried to have her forcibly removed from the bridge. The verbal attack on Whitechapel was so violent that it reduced her to tears. She felt responsible for the failure to save the Ambassador however evidence soon surfaced that the Ambassador had interfered with the rescue attempt to stop the Swiftfire from becoming an easy target for a nearby Cardassian dreadnought. ("Over the Horizon")

Whitechapel showed questionable judgement after crashing on the planet, Larkin III and discovering a hidden Federation colony. The colonists had not wished to leave their homes after the war had started and were now isolated inside Dominion space. She felt that the colonists were living on borrowed time and after failing to convince them to evacuate she attempted to kidnap several children and take them to safety. In the end she was convinced it was not the right course of action and decided to also keep the colonist secret and with the help of Lieutenant Terri Letac who was also with her. Both destroyed any evidence of the survival of the colony. However, an audio recording survived that revealed the truth and made its ways into the hands of Captain Masters. He decided to also keep the colonist secret, though neither Whitechapel or Letac were aware of this. ("Moral Actions")

Following the captain's unusual behaviour and absence from the bridge due to the death of Melissa McKenzie, she gave Commander Susan Core the security code to Captain Masters' quarters. The only condition was that Core did not reveal whom she got the codes from. ("Unfinished Business")

When the Federation News Service reporter Jasmine Carter was introduced to Whitechapel she revealed that she had previous interviewed her father. Carter called him an interesting man. ("Task Force 59")

While on leave from the Swiftfire in mid-2374, she spent her time in England with family. She also went to dinner with Susan Core at Sisko's Creole Kitchen. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

When the Swiftfire was trapped behind enemy lines she flew a Venture-class scoutship as the Swiftfire tried to make it back to Federation space from the Tong Beak Nebula. The ship was heavily damaged and unable to outrun pursuit so in the absence of the fighter wing the shuttles were used as escorting attack craft. She volunteered to lead the group. ("Change in Command")

Following an engagement with the Vendoth and discovering a Maquis hidden base in the Badlands Whitechapel was beamed to the surface of the planet to inspect the base. She remained in the base after the Vendoth entered orbit of the planet and would later use its defences to attack the orbiting Vendoth battle cruiser, Pri'tak. ("The True")

In early 2375, her father came onboard the Swiftfire to head a diplomatic mission to make first contact with Echla. She escorted him when he went to a meeting with Eli Qual on the Echlan space station to "open" diplomatic channels. She felt particularly stressed when the relationship between her father and Captain Masters turned soar. After Masters disengaged the Swiftfire from dealing with Echla she visited her father and shared a drink with him to make sure he was alright. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Whitechapel was still serving on the Swiftfire-A in 2376. ("United We Stand")


By far her closest friend on the Swiftfire is Terri Letac. Their close working relationship due to their duties station been next to each other has fostered a bond between the two officers. This friendship was shown when Letac agreed to hide the evidence of the colony Nathan's Gap survival and Whitechapel's questionable actions. ("Moral Actions")

Whitechapel has also become good friends with Pavlo Celcho. This is due to her saving his life early in the Swiftfire's deployment. The two are comfortable enough with each other that they can have light hearted jibes at each other. ("Into the Fire")

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