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The bustling port city of Nikeah.
Nikeah on the WOB map.
The dancer of Nikeah.

Nikeah (ニケア Nikea) is a city in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is a port city located at the north end of the Serpent Trench and the mouth of the Lethe River. As a result, it has a large marketplace and nightlife. Ships sail regularly between Nikeah and South Figaro.


World of Balance

Sabin, Cyan, and Gau are discarded here after leaving the Serpent Trench. Here, they have the option of taking the ferry to South Figaro or going shopping. If they enter the cafe, a dancer will flirt with Cyan, causing him to be disgusted.




Item Price
Tonic 50 Gil
Potion 300 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Echo Screen 120 Gil
Green Cherry 150 Gil
Sleeping Bag 500 Gil
Tent 1,200 Gil
Smoke Bomb 300 Gil
Weapon Price
Mithril Pike 800 Gil
Kotetsu 800 Gil
Mithril Claw 800 Gil
Armor Price
Heavy Shield 400 Gil
Plumed Hat 250 Gil
Magus Hat 600 Gil
Bandana 800 Gil
Iron Helmet 1,000 Gil
Kung-Fu Suit 250 Gil
Silk Robe 600 Gil
Iron Armor 700 Gil
Relic Price
Goggles 500 Gil
Star Pendant 500 Gil
Fairy Ring 1,500 Gil
White Cape 5,000 Gil

World of Ruin

Nikeah in the WoR Map

In the World of Ruin, Sabin and Celes arrive here and find the town overrun by thieves. The leader of the gang, Gerad, looks suspiciously like Edgar. Celes sees this, and starts calling him Edgar. However, Gerad denies this. Celes and Sabin then chase him onto a vessel heading for South Figaro.

In the Advance port, after talking to a man in South Figaro, attempting to take the ferry between the two cities causes a battle with Leviathan.


Item Price
Potion 300 Gil
Tincture 1,500 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Soft 200 Gil
Holy Water 300 Gil
Remedy 200 Gil
Sleeping Bag 500 Gil
Tent 1,200 Gil
Weapon Price
Flame Sabre 7,000 Gil
Blizzard 7,000 Gil
Thunder Blade 7,000 Gil
Rune Edge 7,500 Gil
Enhancer 10,000 Gil
Armor Price
Diamond Shield 3,500 Gil
Bard's Hat 3,000 Gil
Green Beret 3,000 Gil
Diamond Helm 8,000 Gil
Power Sash 5,000 Gil
Gaia Gear 6,000 Gil
Diamond Vest 12,000 Gil
Relic Price
Czarina Ring 3,000 Gil
Beads 4,000 Gil
Amulet 5,000 Gil
White Cape 5,000 Gil
Zephyr Cape 7,000 Gil
Cure Ring 8,000 Gil
Gale Hairpin 8,000 Gil
Hyper Wrist 8,000 Gil

Monster Formations

Outside: Plains (WOB)

Event (WOR)


"Kids Run Through the City" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:Kids run through the City.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Kids Run Through the City" is Nikeah's background theme.



  • The name Nikeah is very similar to Greek Νίκαια Níkaia, pronounced after the Classical period like Níkea, and the basis of the names of the cities of Nicaea (now İznik, Turkey) and Nice, France.

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