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"You probably don't know, but everybody in this Garden looks up to you. They like you"
—Nida to Squall.

Nida (ニーダ, Nīda) is a non-player character from Final Fantasy VIII. He is the fourth candidate who passes the SeeD training along with Squall, Zell, and Selphie. Headmaster Cid's whispered words of advice to him are "Do your best, even if you don't stand out.", which is poignant as the player has no idea who this person is.


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Xu and Nida on the bridge of Balamb Garden

Presumably Nida was present as one of the SeeD candidates during the SeeD exam, possibly operating in the squad bunkered in the Dollet streets, however he remained unnamed. He continued going unnamed even during the SeeD award ceremony conducted by Headmaster Cid Kramer where he stood alongside Squall Leonhart, Zell Dincht, and Selphie Tilmitt in receiving his honorary SeeD ranking for passing the exam and completing his Garden training.

It isn't until the Sorceress Edea Kramer makes her bid for power that, when Balamb Garden gained the ability of flight and crashes into Fisherman's Horizon, Nida is voluntarily trained by the FH technicians on how to pilot the unusual vessel and becomes the Garden's chief navigational officer that he receives proper recognition. As pilot of the Balamb Garden Nida stands alongside Xu, Quistis Trepe and Squall Leonhart in overseeing the daily activity of the Garden and the students there-in.


  • This character is possibly a nod to the Star Wars character, Captain Needa.

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