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Nicole was the sister of Gabrielle Howard, who came to visit in October, 2003, shortly after the death of Gabrielle's husband, Kevin. Nicole was married to a man named John, and had three children. (TOS short story: "Make-Believe")

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Fallout 1 and 2 characters project
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race: Human
affiliation: Followers of the Apocalypse
role: Leader
location: Boneyard Library
appearances: Fallout
quests: Destroy the Mutant leader
dialogue file: NICOLE.MSG
actor: Pamela Segall

Nicole is the leader of the Followers of the Apocalypse around 2161.



Nicole is a very peaceful and humble soul who believes that violence never solves anything. Her parents were killed by marauders near the Great Glow leading her to start the Followers of the Apocalypse. She believes in bringing peace back to the land, but is at the same time distrustful of the Children of the Cathedral, especially after she heard of their malpractices via Talius.

She has a spy, Laura, inside the Cathedral of the Children who is probably the most knowledgeable person to speak to about the organization outside of the organization itself. Also one of the most coherent ones, she'd hold long anti-Children spiels.

Interactions with the player character

The player can talk with Nicole for the password to give to Laura, which is known as Red Rider. Nicole can give various information about her life too.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Leather Jacket None Bottle Caps Bottle Caps


Nicole appears only in the first Fallout.


Los Angeles Boneyard

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This article contains information of a non-canon subject and isn't a part of the established backstory.
Biographical information
Spartan Tag SPARTAN-458
Homeworld New Legaspi, Katagalugan, Mars
Birth date December 19, 2531
Death date MIA
Physical description
Gender Female
Height 6' 8", 7' 2" in armor
Hair color Black
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation UNSC Navy
Rank Petty Officer Second Class
Specialty Close Quarters Combat
"And that's how you hit like a girl."

Petty Officer Second Class Nicole-458 is a United Nations Space Command Spartan-II supersoldier. She was introduced as an unlockable character for the Fighting style game Dead or Alive 4.



Spartan 458 in a duel
Bungie has stated in its December 13, 2005 Weekly Update that "Nicole was born in the year 2531 in the city of New Legaspi on Mars. At six years of age she was abducted by agents of the Office of Naval Intelligence and conscripted into the Spartan-II Program." She is from a later group of Spartan-II soldiers than those led by John-117, who were born in 2511. Nicole has Type O blood, is of Filipino descent and likes Halo-halo. She enjoys watching Anime and participating in Competition Shooting. She prefers close quarters combat.

In 2552, "SPARTAN-458's unit was preparing for a classified mission on Nassau Station when the ONI stealth ship Apocalypso tumbled into real-space – being carried along in the wake of a freak slipspace anomaly. The anomaly intersected Nassau Station; creating a semi-stable "bubble" in the space/time continuum on its way back to the 21st Century. For the time being Nicole-458 is trapped in the 21st century; guarding Nassau Station's secrets with anything but lethal force (she realizes killing someone in the past could have dire consequences in the future) and waiting for the "bubble" to collapse and hopefully return her to the year 2552. It is unknown how Nicole somehow received Mark VI MJOLNIR armor along the way."[1]

Character Design

Nicole's movement controls were originally modeled on the character Bayman's set. Designer Tomonobu Itagaki realized a simplistic and effortless palette-swap would be boring to both fans of Dead or Alive and Halo. The Bayman moves were then treated as a starting point until the designers reinvented the Spartan as a unique and exceptional character with every move in her arsenal paying homage to a Halo move[2]. In keeping with the idea of English being the language of the UNSC, Nicole is the only character on DOA4 that speaks English, although she occasionally speaks Japanese. When a taunt is used Nicole smacks her fist into her open palm and activates active camo.

Unique Attacks

SPARTAN-458 has numerous unique moves in Dead or Alive 4, all of these Halo references.

  • Slipspace Straight Combo: YYY or YYY
  • Pillar of Autumn: YY→YYY or YY→YYY
  • Grunt Punt Combo: YY→YYB or YY→YYB
  • Covenant Crusher: YYBB or YYBB
  • Dead on Arrival: YB
  • MAC Lunge: ┘Y
  • Pelican Straight: Y
  • Tank Treads: ↑YY
  • SPARTAN Straight Combo: →YYY
  • Ghost Destroyer Combo: →YBY
  • Orbital Aggression: →YBB
  • Augmented Assault: ←YY
  • Warthog Tackle: ←→Y
  • Brute Basher: →Y
  • Assault Fist: ←Y


  • "Hostile located." (Said before starting a fight)
  • "Your luck just ran out." (Said before starting a fight)
  • "And that's how you hit like a girl." (Upon winning a round)
  • "Hostile down." (Upon winning a round)
  • "You were strong, just not as strong as me." (Upon winning a round)
  • "Contact neutralized." (Upon winning a round, without losing health)
  • "You have no business up here." (Upon Encountering In Survival)
  • "Forget what you saw here." (In Japanese upon winning two rounds without losing health)
  • "Enough is enough." (Said before starting a fight)
  • "I'll take you on." (In Japanese, said before starting a fight)
  • "I'll put you out of your misery." (In Japanese, said before starting a fight)
  • "The bad day you're having just got worse." (Said before starting a fight)
  • "You ain't gonna make it." (Said before starting a fight)
  • "Leave now; there's nothing here but a shortcut to hell." (Said in timetrial cutscene)


  1. Building a Spartan
  2. Interview with Tomonobu Itagaki - November, 2005.




Class-I René-005Jai-006Li-008Kirk-018Daisy-023Joshua-029Vinh-030Samuel-034Isaac-039Douglas-042William-043Anton-044Keiichi-047Kurt-051Jorge-052Linda-058Malcolm-059Maria-062Soren-066Solomon-069Cassandra-075Arthur-079Fhajad-084Kelly-087Jerome-092Grace-093Frederic-104Adriana-111John-117Joseph-122Alice-130Cal-141Ralph-303JamesMikeRandallSheilaUnnamed (Halo Wars)Unnamed (Reach)Black-OneBlack-TwoBlack-ThreeBlack-Four
Class-II Yasmine Zaman
Non-canon SPARTAN-1337Nicole-458

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Wrestler's Name Nicole
Height 5 ft 8
Weight 145lbs
Entrance Music Bring me to life by Evanesence (With HSM) Single: "Farther Away" By Evanesence
Hometown Birmingham, UK
Wrestling Style Speedy, Daredevil, High Flying and Ground Based
Profile Nicole's career choices have always been long and varied. At school, she was majorly into sports, and at one time, considered being a pro women's football player. As she got to her teens, she began to dance, and became very good at it, but wasn't sure if to pursue it. She also liked fashion and art, and decided that if she wanted a long, and well paid career, she would need to go to art school.
Fast forwarding a few years, Nicole was at a loose end. At the age of 21, she had nothing to do. She had failed art college, and there were no more dancing opportunitys now. She found an advert for TWO superstars, and thats how her wrestling journey began.
Nicole began at TWO superstars, as an inexperianced valet. A partner to Chris2k, Nicole found it hard to keep up with the efeds pace, and even disapeered for a lenghy period of time, only to find TWO superstars finished when she had come back. TWO superstars was the breeding ground of such stars as Crippler, Chris2k and Craig Van Dam.
Nicole had a long time of not doing anything then. She had enjoyed being a valet, but the sports fan in her decided she needed to be a bigger part, and she needed to wrestle. She had wrestled in bits at TWO superstars, but none of it was particularly good. Inspired by the likes of Rey Mysterio Jr and Eddie Guerrero, Nicole was trained as a highflyer, with limited ground based wrestling.
Nicole found the perfect oppotunity to get back into wrestling, when the advert for ERE tough enough came up. Nicole had heard of the ERE, an experianced fed brimming with the stars she knew from TWO. Nicole got through to the final rounds, along with Goldy, and they both fell at the last hurdle to Sondra Dee.
Nicole was still invited to the ERE. Joining as a member of TWO, Nicole didn't get much of a central role as she felt a bit overwhelmed by the whole experiance. She broke away from TWO, which then dissolved a few weeks later.
Nicole struck up a partnership with HSM, who was at the time, in a tag team with Peter K, "CAPITAL CONNECTION". They soon split up as Nicole joined.
Nicole and HSM stuck together, and HSM developed from the mysterious man into the cocky but funny babyface today, soon after winning the intercontinental championship. Nicole lives the life of luxury with the champ, with her knowledge of fashion getting her the best outfits at the time.With HSM now the number one contender for the intercontinental championship, and Nicole involved in the million dollar belt tournament, life couldn't be sweeter for the pair.
Entrance(s) As the chorus of "Bring me to life" begins to play, Nicole cartwheels onto the stage, and stands in a pose for a few seconds. She walks to the ring, scowling at the fans on the way. Nicole climbs into the ring, and poses on a turnbuckle, before dropping down, and waiting in the corner.
Signature Move(s) Handspring elbow
Tornado DDT
Flying Cross Body
Swinging Neckbreaker
Back Chop
Snapmare Dropkick
Sunset Flip
Jumping Armbreaker
Headlock Takedown
Spinning wheel kickCapoeira Kick
Finishing Move(s) Diamonds-MoonsaultPlatinum-Split leg Moonsault
Titles Held TWO Superstars womens champion
Trivia Nicole's favourite designers at the moment are Prada, Versace, Gucci and Moschino
Affiliation The Establishment
Alignment Heel

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From Lostpedia

Portrayed by
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
Mentioned in
Episode count
Centric episode(s)

Also known as
Date of birth
Date of death
United States
In Australia...
On the plane...
On the island...
Family members
Boone's girlfriend

S1 - S2 - S3 - MP - S4 - S5 - S6


Nicole was the girl talking to Boone after they had played tennis in the episode "Hearts and Minds". Her only speaking line is "lucky shot". She does, however, seem to give a distant look when she realises Boone is on the phone to Shannon, suggesting she's aware of their complicated past.

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Star Wars Fanon

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Biographical information






Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • Rise of the empire Era,
  • Rebbelion Era
Known masters

Darth Odysseas

Known apprentices


"The light side makes you blind.Only in darkness you can see clear"
—Nicole's motto after becoming Darth Odysseas apprentice

Nicole was Human female born on Corellia. When she was young, she wanted to follow her father and become and Jedi Master

Early life

Nicole was born on the planet Corellia. Her father, which his name is unknown, was a jedi knight. His job was to protect the planet from any outer threat along with other Jedi knights and Jedi Masters. As a result, Nicole followed his steps to be like him, a protector of Corellia.

Fight with Darth Odysseas

When Nicole saw for first time Darth Odysseas, she was with a small group with jedi padawans. Darth Odysseas had lost the signs of the sith traitor. When Darth Odysseas firstly saw Nicole he felt a strong force wave from her. He was sure that nicole had the chance to become a powerful sith lord and his apprentice. The padawans tried to approach Darth Odysseas but he killed all of them using the force except Nicole. Nicole ran away but Darth Odysseas didn't chase her. He returned to his ship.

The next day he returned to the place that he firstly saw Nicole. She was there with her father and other three jedis, explaining what happened. He told to nicole to investigate the matter with the other jedis and to inform him if they find anything suspicious. Darth Odysseas wait until Nicole's father left the place and attacked to the jedis.

Nicole as a padawan with her father.

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