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Nick Tilsley
Born 31st December 1980
Birthplace Weatherfield
Residence Nottingham
Father Brian Tilsley
Mother Gail Platt
Sibling(s) Sarah Louise Grimshaw
David Platt (half brother)Tina McIntyre (stepsister)
Spouse(s) Leanne Battersby (1998)
First appearance 5th January 1981
Duration 1981-1996, 1997-1999, 2002, 2003-2004, 2009 to present
Played by Ben Price

Nicholas Paul "Nick" Tilsley (previously Platt) is a resident of Coronation Street. He is the firstborn son of Gail Platt and Brian Tilsley, a businessman, and known to break a few hearts.




Early Years

Gail and Brian

Nick Tilsley was the first-born child and only son of Brian Tilsley and Gail Platt He was born on New Year's Eve 1980, and was known as "Nicky".

Nicky's first few years were spent in a happy home, but over time, Brian and Gail clashed strongly over Gail's desire to work and get out from under her interfering mother-in-law Ivy's thumb, and over Brian's immaturity. By 1986, Gail had had an affair with Tilsley family cousin Ian Latimer, falling pregnant and Brian and Gail split up. The child, Sarah Louise, was Brian's, but Brian refused to believe this. Brian began dating lawyer Liz Turnbull, with Nicky a major issue throughout the relationship -- Gail resented the thought of Liz spending time with him, and Liz finally dumped Brian because she realised Nicky meant more to Brian than she ever could. Gail, meanwhile, was dating plumber Jeff Singleton, and when Brian saw Jeff and his son together, he snapped and kidnapped Nicky. The police set up a nationwide search, leading to a standoff between Gail and Brian at a motorway service station where Brian again departed with his son. Finally, Brian realised Nicky needed his mother, and Brian and Gail reconciled.

Gail and Brian remarried in 1988, but the marriage was one of convenience, as they had become very different people. Finally, in 1989, Gail told Brian she wanted a divorce, leading to a major fight when Gail refused to let Brian take Nicky. Brian stormed out, going to one of the clubs he'd begun frequenting. When he stepped in to help a girl who was being pestered, several men stabbed him to death in the alleyway.

Gail and Martin

After his father's murder, Nicky began to act out, but Martin Platt proved a calming influence. In 1991, Gail and Martin, now married, planned for Martin to adopt Nick and change his last name. This proved to be a huge source of conflict between Gail, Martin, and Ivy -- Ivy changed her will to leave her house to Nicky if he had the last name Tilsley, and she made him an altar-boy at St. Luke's, which she'd made him do in exchange for getting him a place on the football team. When Martin dragged Nicky away from the football pitch, Ivy reported Gail to Social Services as an unfit mother. In spite of these difficulties, the adoption proceeded.

Call Me Nick

Nicky slowly began to regard Brian as the saint his grandmother Ivy Brennan painted him to be, resulting in friction with Martin. Nicky saw Brian as tough and Martin as soft, telling Martin to not try to order him around, as Martin wasn't his biological father. Nicky began to rebel, taking up smoking and demanding to be called 'Nick'. When Ivy died in 1995, her will stipulated that Nick must revert to his original surname Tilsley in order to inherit her house. This he did, and the family became embroiled in a row over the property which was still occupied by Ivy's widower Don. Don eventually bought the house from Nick for £12,000.

In July 1996, Nick chose to stay at home while the rest of the family went on holiday to Prestatyn. He got sick of Audrey fussing over him and ran off. He was missing for weeks and the family feared the worst. When he returned, he claimed he'd been living rough in London and eventually went to work in a cafe. Martin was furious with him, but Gail was mostly relieved. Nick's bold stories caused Jamie Armstrong to want to run away to London; when angrily confronted by Jamie's mother, Nick admitted that he'd only lasted two hours in London and spent the rest of his time in Turqay.

In 1996, Nick went to Canada. He returned in 1997 to study PE at Tech.

Relationship with Leanne

Nick lost his virginity to Leanne Battersby. Their fling was kept secret, as Nick knew Gail did not approve of Leanne or her family. They chose to elope to Scotland and broke the news to his horrified mother. They eventually rented a room from Ashley Peacock and tried life as a married couple.

While Nick was at college, his class had a visit from Darren Whately. Nick soon realised Darren had killed his father, Brian. He wanted to make Darren pay, and when he learned Darren was facing parole soon, he began to write under Leanne's name, asking to meet Darren. Darren agreed, and when he was released, went to see Leanne, assuming she wanted him. Leanne was frightened by him and furious with Nick for putting her in danger. Darren attempted to rape her. When Nick told Darren who he was, Darren threatened to kill Nick the same way he'd killed Brian, but then got Nick to realise he was still too young to understand what was going on. Nick told the cops what Darren had done, resulting in another five years in prison.

Leanne's money was not enough for the couple to live on, so Nick became a model for teacher Miranda Peters. Leanne eventually began to suspect him of adultery and confronted him as he posed for Miranda. She left him, even refusing to attend his eighteenth birthday party.

Nick was shocked when Leanne told him of her pregnancy. Miranda told him Leanne should have an abortion, and Nick demanded her to do so. Leanne somewhat reluctantly agreed, and was then upset to learn he had told everyone she'd lost the baby. Nick decided to move to Canada, going on his own when Leanne told him she didn't love him.

2002–2004 returns

Nick arrived for his mother's wedding to Richard Hillman in July 2002. He began a relationship with Maria Sutherland, and she left with him for Canada, but she returned soon after, unhappy with the experience.

Nick returned in September 2003, and became friends with his younger sister Sarah's boyfriend Todd Grimshaw. Todd and Sarah were having problems, and one night, while Nick was asleep, a tipsy Todd kissed him on the lips. Nick was in no way receptive to Todd's advances, and was disgusted when Sarah forgave Todd.

Nick found work at Mike Baldwin's factory, Underworld. When Janice Battersby made fun of him, he planted alcohol in her bag and had her fired, but was forced to reinstate her when cleaner Harry Flagg said he had seen what Nick had done. When Janice accidentally started a fire at the factory, Nick saved her, and was hailed for his efforts.

Nick reconciled with Maria, and she moved into his family home at No. 8, although Gail did not care for her. Nick's ex-wife Leanne had recently returned to Weatherfield. She was angry with Maria for sleeping with her sister Toyah's boyfriend, John Lynley. Nick and Maria planned to return to Canada, but Leanne convinced Nick to come by her flat and later sent Maria a photo of the two of them together. Maria dumped Nick and he returned to Canada alone.

2009 return

When Audrey couldn't convince Gail to call off her wedding to Joe McIntyre, she decided to summon Nick back to talk some sense into her. Nick met Tina McIntyre in a bar and introduced himself, but she didn't know he had any relations to David or Gail. He told her that he was back to stop his mum marrying a loser. Tina later left the bar, because she was already in a relationship with Jason Grimshaw, whom she'd argued with earlier on. Later he Learnt that his half-brother David was once involved with Tina. The two had  a brief flirt and the result was David flying off the handle, he threatened to kill Nick like his dad before him, and Nick went mental and smashed David into the wall, and told him to behave or else.

Background Information

  • Warren Jackson played the role of Nick from infancy to the age of 15. Jackson then had to leave the role to concentrate on his GCSEs. He expected to return after he completed his studies, but new producer Brian Park recast the role with Adam Rickitt. Rickitt left the show in 1999 to concentrate on his music career, but made periodic returns until Nick was written out in 2004.
  • In July 2009, plans were announced to recast the role. [1] In October, Footballers' Wives hunk Ben Price was announced as the new Nick. [2]
  • Todd kissing an unconscious Nick has been called the first gay kiss on Coronation Street [3],

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