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This article is about the Jedi youngling. You may be looking for Nia Reston, native of Cularin.
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Nia was a female human Jedi youngling that lived during the Clone Wars. She survived the execution of Order 66 and was rescued, along with several other Jedi younglings including her friend Bon, by the junk salvager Hurd Coyle and went aboard his ship to be transported to a safer location. While on their way, Coyle picked up a damaged V-19 Torrent starfighter, hoping to salvage some of the ship's parts. Coyle was surprised to learn that it held the still living clone pilot HOB-147.

When the clone woke up and started to destroy Coyle's reprogramed B1 battle droids, Coyle shot HOB with an electro-dart and locked the pilot in a room. When the clone escaped he found the Jedi children hiding in the junk ship's hold. Thinking that 147 was going to kill him and his friends, Bon and the other kids knocked HOB unconscious. After waking up once again, HOB was convinced by Nia to spare her friends' lives. Later, when Coyle's ship was boarded by clone troopers looking for escaped Jedi, 147 lied and said there weren't any Jedi aboard the ship, allowing Nia, Bon and their fellow Jedi to escape.


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