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For other uses, see Newton (disambiguation).
Species: Human
Gender: male
Hair color: gray
Died: 2387
Affiliation: Federation
Occupation: officer
Previous Assignment: CO, USS Anduril (2360s)
Final Assignment: CO, USS Galen (2380s)
Rank: captain
Insignia: rank insignia.

Newton was a Starfleet officer serving in the 24th century.

By the 2360s, Newton had risen to the rank of captain and was serving as commanding officer of the USS Anduril, succeeding Ann Portikos. (TNG roleplay module: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Core Games Book)

By the late 2380s, Newton was in command of the Olympic-class medical frigate, USS Galen. In 2387, the Galen and two of her sister ships were dispatched to assist in the evacuation of Romulus from the approaching Hobus supernova. However, the ships arrived too late to be of assistance and instead ran into the mining freighter, Narada, commanded by Nero. Newton contacted Nero and offered any medical assistance that they could provide, which was readily accepted. Unfortunately, this was a ruse by Nero to get the Galen to lower her shields so that the Narada could beam aboard explosive devices which destroyed all three ships and kill all aboard, including Newton. (ST comic: "Countdown, Number Three")

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map marker: Newton
leaders: Tobias Peste
Glenda Close
Rodger Gaire
Albert Lamore
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Newton or Junk City was the main camp of the Reaver Movement, a technology-worshipping cult. A big, pre-war Nuka-Cola plant and the tank are located there.

Around 2198, a Reaver delegate came to the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel Bunker Delta, bringing news that a large Calculator's robot force has all but annihilated camp. The Reaver's numbers were devastated by relentless attacks and will soon be destroyed unless The Brotherhood intervene. Normally, the Brotherhood would gladly allow one enemy to destroy another, but the Reavers had something to offer - an EMP device that has a devastating effect on electronics, which makes it an effective weapon against the robots. They agreed to give the Brotherhood both a prototype of this weapon and instruction on its workings in exchange for rescue of their four highest-ranking officials: Albert Lamore, Rodger Gaire, Glenda Close and Tobias Peste. Soon, the squad led by the warrior arrived, destroying all the robots. The four leaders were found and saved, and the EMP weapon retrieved.

All the Reavers rescued by the Brotherhood were placed in internment camps. After some time, some of them were allowed to join the Brotherhood, while other were sent to labour camps.

Mission walkthrough

chapter: 4
location: Newton
given by: General Dekker
main objectives: Rescue four Reaver leaders
optional objectives: Retrieve the prototype EMP weapon
Repair the tank and take it
previous: Cold Water
next: Canyon City
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Appearances in games

Newton appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Fallout Tactics missions

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