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April 3, 2006

Ask Stacy: Dish on ABC's 'Lost' Star Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway

DEAR STACY: I love the show "Lost." Can you give some background on Josh Holloway? -- Jillian O., Brooklyn, N.Y.
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Kim may be 'Lost,' but he's found a career
Daniel Dae Kim is still startled when fans start screaming at the sight of him. Read More

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April 4, 2006

TV Gal Desperately Wants to Know

Terry O'Quinn

So just how did 'Lost's' Locke become paralyzed?
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La serie “Lost” cae en manos de piratería
Hace unos días, el canal AXN lanzó con bombo y platillo el estreno de la segunda temporada de su serie estrella “Lost”, pero en las calles del centro de la Ciudad de México ya está a la venta lo que anuncian como la segunda temporada completa a sólo 180 pesos.
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April 5, 2006

Katey Sagal Hoping for Recurring Role on ABC's 'Lost'

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal, who turned up again on "Lost" last week as Terry O'Quinn's love interest -- in flashback -- is hoping to return to the hit show. However, she notes, "You never know because they are so hush-hush about what goes on there. We'll see," says the former "Married with Children" star.
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The biggest question mark: Deciphering the 'Lost' map
Last week, in what could be the granddaddy of all clues so far, the producers offered us a diagram of what seem to be the secrets of the island. The sprawling, scrawled map was painted in black-light colors on a drop-down metal door.
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April 6, 2006

TV Series Lost on ABC has New Twists '


Lost is one of the most popular shows on Television right now, and for good reason. The last episode involved John Locke, the prisoner, and Locke’s past. It was one of the best episodes of the series and answered some of the questions involving the prisoner, Henry Gale, sort of.
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Lost in 'Lost'
A baby cries restlessly, burning with fever and covered in a strange rash. A man hurries through the jungle in the middle of the night, heading towards an underground hatch where a prisoner is kept safely locked behind a vaulted door. A woman speaks of a mysterious infection, while images of hypodermic needles and hospital beds jolt another woman's memory.
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April 7, 2006

Producers Stay "Lost" Next Season '

Damon Lindelof

Two months after locking up deals to keep the remaining survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 on the island for another year, Touchstone Television is making sure executive producers and showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse will be along for the ride as well.
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UGO's Lost Highway Episode 2.18 - "Dave" Aired April 5th, 2006
Welcome back to the Lost Highway, UGO's weekly low-down write-up on ABC's version of "Must See TV" - JJ Abrams' Lost. Just us as we recount the drama, the action, the excitement and the total addictiveness of this week's island adventure. Here we go!
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April 10, 2006


Matthew Fox

Actress EVANGELINE LILLY adores working with MATTHEW FOX on the set of hit TV series LOST, because he is like a father to the young cast.
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Keeping Lost Fresh
After fans complained to the network about having to wait weeks for a new episode of Lost, the show's producers are hoping to adopt a new scheduling model to reduce the frequency of repeats.
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April 11, 2006

Evangeline Lilly on the Cover of Elle Magazine

Evangeline Lilly

Poor little Evangeline Lilly. Sure she's a star on a hit television show on ABC. Sure the show films in Hawaii which means for half the year she gets paid to live in a tropical paradise. But really, none of us can imagine how hard it is to be poor little Evangeline. I'm sure she would trade places with anyone of us to get out of that living hell she calls a life.
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Disney to Make 4 ABC Shows Free Online
The Walt Disney Co. said Monday its TV group plans to offer four ABC prime-time shows including "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" online for free beginning in May.
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