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  • 30 October 2008

MyMusiki recently merged into this wiki. This means we have lots of new pages to work on and some new contributors! Please make the new users welcome. If you see any problems you can report them at the forum


  • 15th October 2008

As always there are article stub's to be worked on. See the stub's category to find some, and see if you can help!


  • 6th September 2008

Hi, just thought I would post an update to everyone out there. We are currently working on everything on our reorganisation page (our to-do list) and bulking up some Stub articles. Please help out with any of these, otherwise continue to write away about your favourite music!

Style Change

  • 17th June 2008

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New Wikis

  • 28th April 2008

3 new music wikis created last week; NewsBoys, Morrissey and Malice Mizer. Please pay a visit and help the founders of these wikis out. As usual a full list of all wikis created recently can be found here

Are You Experienced...?

  • 28th April 2008

Are You Experienced... ...Enough to edit the Jimi Hendrix wiki. The Jimi Hendrix wiki is really starting to take off and has a skin even Hendrix himself would be proud of, if you think you could help out head over there now!

New Wikis last week

  • 17th April 2008

Last week 5 new music wikis started up! They are Syntheticka, Blink 182, Vintage Keyboards, Doubledotdash!? and Fahrenheit. Check them out and see what you think. (A full list of all wikis created recently can be found here)

Wiki's made this Week

  • 9th April 2008

A new feature for all you music wikians! Every week we are going to tell you of the new music wikis that have been created. So to start this off, last week the Jimi Hendrix wiki was created. (A full list of all wikis created recently can be found here)

Got a band?

  • 3rd March 2008

The new Garage Bands wiki is just the place to tell everyone about you and your friends band, or simply to look at other up and coming musicians around the world. Go and have a look...

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  • 3rd March 2008

We have a new set of logos, both created by Sysrq868. Many thanks to him for taking the time to make them.

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  • 1st February 2008

Today, the new Main Page for Your Subculture Soundtrack was put into action. We hope that it will make it easier to access pages and contribute here. So, what do you think?

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Music Forum

  • 15th January 2008

We now have our own Forum here, at which you can discuss anything music related, and everything to do with this wiki! Special thanks to Sannse for setting this up.

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WikiSocial Collaboration

  • 4th January 2008

We have begun collaborating with WikiSocial. Hopefully this will allow WikiSocial users to use content from the music encyclopedia, such as for making a music section on WikiSocial profiles

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From The Vault

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This page lists news items posted at The Vault.
  • Anybody may post news items which are related to the Fallout series or the wiki itself.
  • To submit news in this category, simply create a blog page and add it to Category:News.
  • To see the most recent news and comments, you might need to refresh this page's cache.

Current news

  • January 31, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    In a vote conducted by recruitment firm TS2, Obsidian's Feargus Urquhart was voted "Most Successful & Respected Executive Producer" in the industry. TS2's website has an interview with Feargus about his career.

  • January 29, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    I have recently found out that Jorge "Oscuro" Salgado, the modder that some of you might know for his award-winning Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul mod that completely rebalances The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion gameplay (especially the level scaling system), joined Obsidian Entertainment by the end of last year. His in-depth knowledge of Bethesda's engine and editor will likely be a good asset for overhauling the Fallout 3 gameplay in Fallout: New Vegas as well.

  • January 28, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Namco Bandai has signed a deal with Bethesda concerning the distribution of Fallout: New Vegas in Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Here's the press release:

  • January 27, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    I have already posted information about the story of the canceled Fallout Extreme (a canceled squad-based first- and third-person tactical game for the Xbox, using the Unreal Engine and developed by Interplay's 14 Degrees East division). Now it's time for gameplay details.

    The game was not going to be just a shooter, but rather "a game of action,tactics and strategies where moving into position, planning and falling back" is just as essential as having the biggest guns around. The world map was divided into territories, each of which had different layouts, population of various enemies, different geographical strategic significance etc. Strategy would come into play based not only on the tactics employed for a given mission, as the dynamics of each mission would be different based on whether the player entered the territory from the west, south, north, etc. To get to a particular territory, one could e.g. choose either to charge through an enemy stronghold or to sneak around through adjacen(…)

  • January 27, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    You probably don't know what Fallout Extreme was. Don't worry - even most of the ex-Black Isle developers I asked about it didn't even know that this game existed (which can tell you a lot about the lack of cooperation between Interplay's divisions at that time).

    Fallout Extreme was a canceled squad-based first- and third-person tactical game for the Xbox, using the Unreal Engine and developed by Interplay's 14 Degrees East division (co-developers of Fallout Tactics). It was in development for a several months in 2000, but didn't really have a concrete development team and never made it out of concept. After it was canceled, Interplay's next attempt at making a console version of Fallout was Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, this time for both the Xbox and PS2.

    I have recently managed to acquire some of the information about this ill-fated project. For now, I have information about the game's story, but I should also post a detailed description of its gameplay system soon as well.

    It is unclear when(…)

  • January 25, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Several hours ago, the Official Xbox Magazine tweeted about an upcoming Fallout: New Vegas interview with Bethesda's Pete Hines to be featured in their podcast just after the new issue of the magazine, where New Vegas is the cover story, goes on sale.

    The podcast is apparently to be available on iTunes. I don't use iTunes myself, but hopefully someone will send us a summary any new info once it's out. Too bad it's Pete Hines, though, and not any of the Obsidian developers that are actually working on the game.

  • January 23, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    We have contacted Mark Morgan himself to check whether the rumors about him composing the soundtrack for Fallout: New Vegas are true. Unfortunately, they turned out to be false.

  • January 22, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Duck and Cover has managed to acquire the very fragments of the Bethesda vs. Interplay court transcripts that Bethesda requests to be redacted, as well as some additional banter regarding the Fallout Trilogy.

  • January 22, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    I was not aware that the agreement between Interplay and Masthead concering the development of Project V13 had not been finalized before. It has been now, despite the ongoing litigation from Bethesda:

  • January 22, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Despite the legal troubles, another developer of the original Fallout has joined Chris Taylor at Interplay on the Project V13 (Fallout MMO) team (Jason Anderson, who originally headed the project, left for InXile in 2009).

    Mark O'Green is a designer that wrote most talking head dialogues in Fallout and Fallout 2.

    O'Green has a Behavioral Science degree from United States Air Force Academy. He has been a fighter pilot, trained in the Army Recondo program, taught Small Element Tactics at the Air Force Academy, and worked as a superintendent of schools in England.

    He is a member of SIGMA, a group of science fiction writers founded to consult the government and non-governmental organizations on possible future attacks, and is on the advisory board of Lifeboat Foundation, an organization encouraging scientific advancements, while finding ways to prevent misuse of advanced technology and "helping humanity survive existential risks".

  • January 22, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    According to one of their employees, Plastic Wax Animation, an Australian animation company that created cinematics for such games as BioShock, Borderlands and many others, has also been contracted by Bethesda to make ones for Fallout: New Vegas. Hopefully, it won't be just trailers (although I'd love to see something on the level of Fallout 3s Prepare for the Future), but things like intro cinematics as well.

  • January 22, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    According to an anonymous, but fairly reliable source of mine, developers at Obsidian like Chris Avellone are not the only people who worked on the original Fallout games and are coming back for Fallout: New Vegas. Mark Morgan, who composed the Fallout soundtrack and Fallout 2 soundtrack (as well as the music for Planescape: Torment) is reportedly working on a project for Obsidian - and I highly doubt it's Alpha Protocol.

    I, for one, hope that the rumor is true. And it's pretty plausible - after all, in this interview from a couple years back he said he was hoping for a job on Fallout 3. Stay tuned for first official New Vegas information in 3 weeks from now.

  • January 20, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    According to our source, Bethesda has filed a request to redact some of the testimony from the 218-page Bethesda vs. Interplay court transcripts two fragments of which we have already quoted, in order to hide information about the MMO which their sister company, ZeniMax Online Studios, is working on, from its competitors.

    The information that Bethesda wants to be removed before the court transcripts are available through PACER is the fact that they have invested "tens of tens of millions of dollars" and have "close to a hundred people" working on their "secret" World of Warcraft-type MMO, on which they have been working heartily since 2007. As they claimed that a MMO takes 4 years to make, we might expect it to be released next year.

    ZeniMax also doesn't want their competitors to know whether the game is a Fallout MMO or not. In court, they have testified that it's not, so it's very much doubtful that any Fallout MMO by ZeniMax will be released before 2014, even if they win the case against Interp(…)

  • January 18, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    In the Interplay forum, Chris Taylor replies to a question about the interface of Project V13 (Fallout Online).

    Duck and Cover has a mock-up of what V13 interface might look like based on the interface of Earthrise, an upcoming game by Masthead Studios, which is working with Interplay on the Fallout MMO.

  • January 18, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    As you can see, this digest is no longer called our "weekly digest", for an obvious reason - it's not really weekly anymore. Some very creative names were suggested in the previous digest, but we decided to go with the simplest choice.

    Help us by suggesting potential featured articles for each day of the month (or even the year) in our game-specific portal. With your help, we might have a different featured article for each game on each day of the year!

    Fellow bureaucrat Porter21 has blogged about the state of the wiki - areas of the wiki that have improved the most over the last year, as well as ones that still need the most improvements. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussion. What do you, as our readers, think needs the most improvement?

    Read the whole thing here.

    The rich text editor has been updated again. Here are some of the improvements:

    • Its faster! We upgraded the core engine to CKEditor v3.1 which brings many feature improvements and a faster and more reliable edit(…)
  • January 17, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    A user called gir on the Xbox Scene forum has figured out how to put Fallout 3 PC mods on the Xbox 360, which until now was impossible.

    Thanks, Larry!

  • January 15, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    GameBanshee has interviewed Obsidian's Chris Avellone and Matt MacLean. While the interview is mostly about Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas is also mentioned a couple of times.

  • January 14, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Destructoid talks about voice acting in an editorial titled "The Future: Demanding more from the voices of videogames".

    Gamesradar has a list of the Top 7... stupid plans for world conquest. The Enclave is #3.

    Bethesda Blog interviews Fallout 3 modder Dennis Weich.

    G4TV asks whether The Book of Eli movie was inspired by Fallout 3:

    According to Microsoft's Major Nelson, Fallout 3 is the 3rd most popular Games for Windows Live game and 13th most popular Xbox Live game of 2009.

    While not directly related to Fallout, Interplay has announced the development of a Wii version of another one of its classic cRPGs - Stonekeep, developed originally by some of the creators of Fallout.

  • January 14, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Thanks to Interplay shareholder orionquest, we have acquired the second part of the partial transcript of the preliminary injunction hearing in the Bethesda v. Interplay case. Hopefully, he'll eventually share the full thing with us. The first part can be read here.

    Mr. Gersh is Interplay's lawyer, Mr. Marbury is Bethesda's, and the Court is judge Deborah K. Chasanow. TLA refers to the Trademark Licensing Agreement, while APA refers to the Asset Purchase Agreement.

    You can notice that the text includes some typos, but we kep the text as it is presented in the court documents.

  • January 13, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Chris Avellone (Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas) answers questions about Video Game Writing vs. Writing on his blog at Obsidian Forum. Here's a fragment:

  • January 12, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Thanks to Interplay shareholder orionquest, we have acquired a partial transcript of the preliminary injunction hearing in the Bethesda v. Interplay case. For now, full transcripts are not publicly available, but we'll let you know when they are.

    Mr. Gersh is Interplay's lawyer, Mr. Marbury is Bethesda's, and the Court is judge Deborah K. Chasanow.

    Furthermore, at Duck and Cover, orionquest has posted this additional info about the state of Project V13 development:

  • January 8, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib) looks back at Fallout 3 DLC.

    OXM is looking forward to Fallout: New Vegas. Don't forget that they'll have first info about it in their next issue.

    They're also looking for new jobs for Vault Boy.

    Gamersyde is also waiting for New Vegas:

    Curious that they mentioned Obsidian in the context of Alpha Protocol, but only Bethesda in the context of New Vegas.

    IGN has a comparison editorial on Fallout 3 vs. Metro 2033.

    Also, apparently Fallout 3 has a curious cameo in the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Maybe it's not the best choice in a movie for kids.

    GameStop and Play-Asia stores claim that Fallout: New Vegas will be released in June 2010. However, keep in mind that such dates are in most cases simply conjectural.

  • January 8, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    The court did not grant Bethesda's request for a preliminary injunction against Interplay, which would stop the company from selling Fallout Trilogy and other such packs, as well as from working on Project V13. However, Bethesda does not give up and is trying to appeal the ruling.

    Bethesda is now represented by Steptoe and Johnson, LLC and DLA Piper (one of the biggest law firms in the world), which previously represented Bethesda, has officially withdrawn from the case. Apparently Bethesda was not happy with their performance in the preliminary injunction hearing.

    Aside from that, orionquest, one of Interplay's shareholders, has posted several excerpts from actual court transcripts at No Mutants Allowed. The post itself is of course biased in favor of Interplay, but as far as I know the transcripts are accurate.

  • January 7, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Bethesda's Todd Howard can be heard in lots of places these days. He was recently interviewed by Kotaku Talk Radio as well as NPR.

    On Kotaku, he said that even though ZeniMax acquired id Software and its id Tech 5 engine, they are going to stick with their version of the GameBryo engine for their next big game they're making since they finished Fallout 3, updated and retooled to some extent. The thing they intend to improve the most in the engine is their animation system and graphics in general.

    Asked about Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas, Howard did not give any details (we'll have to wait for next month's OXM for that), but he said:

    Howard also said that while Bethesda Softworks as such might publish some third-party projects for the Wii, there are no plans for any of the Bethesda Game Studios franchises (Elder Scrolls, Fallout) to appear on Nintendo's platform. However, they have been talking about bringing their games to the Mac, especially now that they have id, who have always been(…)

  • January 6, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    The #56 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine goes on sale tomorrow, and it is of no interest to Fallout fans, aside from one thing - the information that in the next issue, #57, which goes on sale on February 11, we will find the first, world exclusive information about Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas (not in Game Informer, as earlier rumors said). Will the rumored information turn out to be correct anyway? Stay tuned!

    Update: Duck and Cover asked John Hicks, OXM editor, why the magazine calls New Vegas a Bethesda game, rather than an Obsidian one. Here's the response:

    Which confirms that image itself is not an actual Fallout: New Vegas screenshot, but rather a quick photoshop of a Fallout 3 screenshot and the Vegas sign.

  • January 6, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Bethesda Softworks's Todd Howard will be the guest of tomorrow's Kotaku Radio podcast.

    Who knows, maybe he'll mention something about Fallout: New Vegas? I'm sure it will be something a lot of the callers might be interested in.

  • January 4, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    According to the supposed leak, Fallout: New Vegas was going to be the cover story of the next issue of the Game Informer magazine. However, GI executive editor Andrew Reiner has tweeted that "Fallout: New Vegas is NOT Game Informer's next cover." Asked whether the details are true or false, Reiner replied: " I have no idea, but seeing that they couldn't identify the magazine correctly, I'd say fake."

    This certainly makse the rumors look much less credible. Or perhaps it is in the magazine, just not as the cover story? We should probably find out soon. Bethesda's Jason Bergman has posted this on his twitter:

  • January 4, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    A GameSpot user posted what he claims to be a summary of a Fallout: New Vegas preview in the upcoming issue of the GameInformer magazine:

    It's still not confirmed and could turn out to be fake, but if it is, I have to congratulate the guy, since I wouldn't fake it better myself. It blends elements from Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3 and Van Buren (like Hoover Dam and Caesar's Legion). Even if fake, it does sound pretty plausible, and information from magazines like GameInformer does tend to leak out occassionally.

  • January 2, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Two of the G4 staffers mention Fallout: New Vegas on their list of most anticipated games of 2010:

    Joe Paulding -- Promotions Manager:

    Stephen Johnson -- Lead Editor:

    Too bad neither of them mentioned that it's actually being developed by some of the creators of Fallout and Fallout 2, which makes some of us much more excited about it than about Bethesda's Fallout 3.

    TheSixthAxis also nentions New Vegas as one of the 100 PS3 Games of 2010. It holds the #41 spot:

    Big Download, on the other hand, gives it the #10 spot on its list of Top 10 Most Anticipated PC Games Of 2010:

    While most sites are compiling their 2010 wishlists, Joystiq also mentions Fallout 3 add-ons in an article titled Best of the Rest: Alexander's Picks of 2009:

    UGO lists the life-sized T-45d Power Armor statue as the #1 thing every gamer should own:

    No Mutants Allowed also has news about a new Fallout 2 total conversion mod - Ardent's Mod. It already has not only plenty of screenshots, but also a playable demo.

    You can find more info in Vault-Tec L(…)

  • January 2, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Here's another set of interesting Twitter posts by the Fallout: New Vegas developers.

    First of all, two tweets by Chris Avellone have been spotted by Duck and Cover.

    Second, there are two more by J.E. Sawyer:

    We hope so too! I've heard from reliable sources that we'll see first actual New Vegas info this month.

  • January 2, 2010Ausir (talk|contrib)

    After winning in the preliminary injunction hearing, Interplay wants Bethesda to pay its legal fees. Here's a quote from their most recent filing:

    Interplay estimates that its legal fees will exceed $100,000, and its recoverable costs and expenses are $9,539.38. Here's a detailed breakdown:

    • Travel Expenses for Herve Caen and the 2 lawyers: $3,901.32
    • Deposition of James Leder, COO of Bethesda: $3,525.00
    • Online Legal Research: $1,686.40
    • Overnight mail to Court and Opposition Counsel: $225.76
    • Postage: $2.40
    • Photocopy Charges: $197.50

    Interplay will file more expense details in the coming days.

    Meanwhile, looks like Bethesda is unhappy with DLA Piper, one of the world's biggest law firms, which represented them until now, and has hired a different, and much smaller firm - Steptoe & Johnson LLP. Bethesda's new counsel is Howard H. Stahl.

  • December 24, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Welcome to another list of links to various articles and minor newsbits all over the web concerning Fallout games. If you want to propose a link to be included in the next tidbit post, simply post it in a comment under this one.

    The Game of the Year edition of Fallout 3 is now available on Steam.

    Good Old Games has a holiday sale - you can buy Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics, as well as many other games, for only $3.89 each.

    Joystiq includes Fallout 3 on the list of best 2008 games to buy cheaply for Christmas in 2009.

    German PC Games magazine includes Fallout 3 on their list of most important games of the decade.

    Kotaku put Fallout: New Vegas on their list of most anticipated PC games, Xbox 360 games and PS3 games of 2010.

    Hellforge has an article about Post Apocalyptic Settings in A Few Select Video Games, including Fallout 3:

    Hidden Triforce, a Legend of Zelda fansite, once again (we already linked to their previous piece) writes about why Zelda should be more like Fallout 3, this time focusing on skills:

    A fan h(…)

  • December 23, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Trzynasty Schron, a Polish Fallout fansite, has interviewed Obsidian Entertainment's Chris Avellone and J.E. Sawyer about all things Fallout. Here's an excerpt:

    Fallout: New Vegas is mentioned in the interview a few times, but obviously Chris and Josh weren't able to give any details at this point. However, it has been confirmed that now that Alpha Protocol is finished design-wise, Chris Avellone has joined the New Vegas team as a senior designer. You can read the whole interview here.

  • December 21, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    J.E. Sawyer has posted two more tweets concerned with Fallout: New Vegas development:

    This probably refers to deleting obsolete stuff from Fallout 3 that is not used in New Vegas.

    .esm is the file format used for the G.E.C.K master files. Fortunately, the GECK used by developers, unlike the one that was released to the public, comes with version control tools.

    There's also this one:

    Maybe Blue Moon will be the New Vegas intro and/or trailer song?

    Update: turns out Josh actually didn't corrupt the .esm after all:

  • December 20, 2009Porter21 (talk|contrib)

    Interplay has released another piece of Project V13 concept art at its forum. The image may be familiar to those who've been following the concept art posts; it's one of those which Duck and Cover and The Vault already obtained from court filings more than a month ago.

    Concept artist Serg.S posted the following along with the picture:

  • December 16, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Welcome to another list of links to various articles and minor newsbits all over the web concerning Fallout games. If you want to propose a link to be included in the next tidbit post, simply post it in a comment under this one.

    Fallout: New Vegas lead designer J.E. Sawyer has posted on his twitter that he has "just watched a pretty sweet teaser trailer. owns." Could it mean that New Vegas trailer is coming soon?

    Fallout 3 add-ons got the Inside Gaming Award for "Best DLC". Broken Steel also got the IGN Award for "Best PC Expansion".

    Microsoft has launched its Games for Windows Live Games on Demand digital distribution store, where Fallout 3 can now be purchased for $49.99 / £34.99.

    While not directly related to Fallout, it has been announced that Bethesda Softworks will publish id Software's post-apocalyptic shooter Rage, which was previously going to be released by Electronic Arts.

  • December 16, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Gamasutra has asked Bethesda's Pete Hines for a comment on the court's recent denial to issue a preliminary injunction against Interplay. Following the confusion of some gaming press that declared Interplay to be victorious in the case as a whole, Hines stated:

    Bethesda declined to comment on any further details of the case.

    Meanwhile, Interplay has filed an 8-K form with SEC regarding the court's ruling.

    Eric Caen, the brother of Herve Caen, posted on his twitter:

  • December 14, 2009Porter21 (talk|contrib)

    Our admin team has grown yet again: Veryblackraven has applied for adminship and the community has granted the request. Congratulations!

    After MyHome was disabled entirely a month ago based on a community decision, it has now been partially re-enabled. While direct links to Special:MyHome are still redirected back to the main page (to counter the forced redirect from to MyHome), it is now possible to access MyHome by adding ?redirect=no to the end of the URL, i.e. by using links like The links to MyHome in the site skin have been changed to reflect this change.

    This means the feature is no longer disabled for those who actually want to use it, while still addressing the community concern regarding the forced redirect.

    In the next few issues of the weekly digest we are going to feature some of our major contributors in recognition for their efforts to make The Vault the best Fallout resource available.

    MikaelGrizzly is one o(…)

  • December 12, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Yet another piece of Project V13 (Fallout MMO) concept art has been released by lead concept artist Serg Souleiman in the Interplay forum.

  • December 11, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    While the full results of the hearing regarding Bethesda's motion for preliminary injunction against Interplay in the Bethesda v. Interplay case were sealed from all but the lawyers, we managed to acquire the following bit:

    What does it mean? Preliminary injunction is "an injunction entered by a court prior to a determination of the merits of a legal case, in order to restrain a party from going forward with a course of conduct until the case has been decided". Bethesda wanted the court to order Interplay to stop its work on Project V13 and its sales of the Fallout Trilogy pack until the case is decided; however, judge Chanasow decided not to. Until the case it fully settled, Interplay is free to proceed.

    Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that Interplay will win the whole case, but who knows, it might make Bethesda consider a settlement, in order to avoid prolonged litigation.

    Update: We have also received a longer statement, although it also does not go into details:

  • December 10, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    We already posted about Interplay's latest job ads. Now yet another one has been added - the company is looking for a producer familiar with the post-apocalyptic genre for its Project V13 MMO.

    As with the technical director, applicants must be available to travel to Europe, as Interplay's subcontractor, Masthead Studios, is based in Bulgaria.

    The previous three jobs are still open, which is not surprising given the company's current situation.

  • December 10, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    On November 25, Bethesda filed an affidavit of ZeniMax Executive Vice President James L. Leder as evidence in the Bethesda v. Interplay case, which includes claims that the names Fallout Trilogy, Saga Fallout and Fallout Collection were never used prior to 2009 (this claim is entirely untrue), claims that Project V13 is a or claims that everyone associates Fallout with Bethesda now, like this one:

    In a court document filed on December 9, Interplay motioned for the Leder Affidavit to be stricken (and if not possible for portions of it to be stricken), since it is based on "information and belief" rather than personal knowledge, is speculative and contains unfound conclusions.

    Now, Bethesda filed an opposition to this motion.

    Bethesda also claims that, even if the affidavit were to be proven inadmissible at trial, the governing law is that the court "can and should consider even inadmissible evidence in deciding a motion for preliminary injunction".

  • December 10, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Yesterday Interplay filed a motion to dismiss Bethesda's case against it because this particular court lacks jurisdiction over the subject matter, as, according to Interplay, it is essentially a contract dispute that happens to involve the use of trademarks, not a trademark infringement action.

    The document cites other similar cases where courts have dismissed the plaintiffs' trademark infringement actions because "the central determination to be made is whether the contract was breached."

    Of course, even if this particular court has juristiction over this case, it doesn't mean that Bethesda cannot file it in a more appropriate one, but, if this motion is granted, it might give Interplay some more time.

  • December 10, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    GameSpot has an editorial called "Black or White: Making Moral Choices in Video Games" about morality in video games. Among others (sadly only developers of some recent titles, not any of the older ones with great morality systems), they talked to Fallout 3 lead designer Emil Pagliarulo. Here's a fragment:

    And another one:

  • December 9, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Asked whether the G.E.C.K. editor that Bethesda and Obsidian is substantially different than the one released to the public, Fallout: New Vegas lead designer J.E. Sawyer replied in the Bethesda forum:

    In a previous thread, he also discussed problems with Neverwinter Nights 2 development and how Obsidian has learned from this:

    At Obsidian forum, Sawyer also discusses character creation systems, including the one in Fallout 3:

    On his twitter (a month or so ago, but we missed it back then), Sawyer posted something that might indicate the Damage Threshold stat making a comeback in New Vegas:

    He also revealed some previously unknown, mind-blowing details about Fallout: New Vegas:

    Let's hope that we'll hear some actual Fallout: New Vegas news soon!

  • December 9, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    This newsbit is somewhat late, given that the information was actually added to the wiki quite a while ago. But given that most people probably don't pay much attention to edits done to the Fallout movie page, I decided to post it anyway.

    Apparently, in the DVD commentary for the Mutant Chronicles movie, Ron Perlman stated that he was the narrator in a action heavy videogame that he thought was being made into a movie, and where the tagline was "War never changes". Is it an actual confirmation of the Fallout movie rumors, or maybe he's just mistaken?

    We cannot be certain for now, but keep in mind that earlier this year Bethesda Softworks applied for the Fallout trademark for "Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program" and for "motion picture films about a post-nuclear apocalyptic world". So there might be some truth to the rumors, especially given that if a Fallout movie was being made, Ron Perlman would definitely be one of the first actors approached by the studio.


  • December 8, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Several days ago, Interplay has filed another opposition document in the ongoing Bethesda v. Interplay case.

    Among other things, they claim that, while their agreement with Glutton Creeper Games regarding the Fallout d20 license might have been in violation of the 2004 Exclusive Licensing Agreement, it is still valid because, when the 2007 Asset Purchase Agreement superseded the ELA, Bethesda did not object to it.

    While Bethesda claims that the APA does not allow Interplay to license the rights to digital distribution of pre-existing Fallout games to companies such as or GameTap, Interplay states that the APA does not limit its distribution channels or permit Bethesda to approve Interplay's distribution agreements.

    Like Bethesda in its own filings, Interplay also cites many precedents. While Bethesda cites Maryland law in its filings and claims that it should be applied for tort claims, Interplay says that Delaware law should be applied instead in all cases. According to Interplay, under Del(…)

  • December 7, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Welcome to another list of links to various articles all over the web concerning Fallout games. If you want to propose a link to be included in the next tidbit post, simply post it in a comment under this one.

    Crispy Gamer and Game Trust are having yet another "Game of the Decade" competition. Fallout 3 is on the list (in the Alucard Division), while the AV Club already included Fallout 3 on their list of 15 best videogames of the ’00s.

    Fallout on GameTap has been updated with 64-bit compatibility, as well as updated to version 1.1. - the previous version was apparently unpatched.

    Villain Gaming includes the Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 3 on their list of "Must have" Xbox 360 games this Christmas.

    Planet Xbox 360 includes Broken Steels Tesla Cannon on their list of Top 10 Weapons of War in Next-Gen Gaming

    G4TV has an article titled Going And Going And Going And Going -- When A Game Outstays Its Welcome

    Bethesda's newest community manager, Nick Breckon, interviews himself in another Inside the Vault fe(…)

  • December 1, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Although Interplay might seem doomed to lose the Bethesda vs. Interplay lawsuit, they continue work on Project V13, which might be turned into a new title if the company loses the rights to a Fallout MMO. They are currently hiring for three positions:

    • Technical Director
    • IT/Web Manager
    • Content Designer

    On the Technical Director page, it is additionally stated:

    The sub-contractor is Earthrise developer Masthead Studios, which is currently also hiring for the team developing both the game and the engine, which is being used in Project V13 as well. The company is looking for programmers and game designers.

    I don't know about Masthead, but I wouldn't be too keen on working for Interplay - the company under Herve Caen has a history of not paying its employees.

  • November 29, 2009Ausir (talk|contrib)

    Welcome to another list of links to various articles all over the web concerning Fallout games. If you want to propose a link to be included in the next tidbit post, simply post it in a comment under this one.

    Game Informer has compiled a list of top 200 games of all time. Fallout 3 is #65 and the original Fallout is #117. You can find the full list here. Game Informer itself has a bunch of blog posts about the list and selection process.

    IGN concluded that Fallout 3 is the third best Xbox 360 game of all time (the list is probably a bit premature, though):

    Destructoid has an editorial about being evil in games: The wrong thing: How low can you go?. Fallout 3 is used as one of the examples.

    Bitmob has a list of best and worst glitches in Fallout 3:

    Fallout 3 also won the Game of the Year title in the German MTV Game Awards.

This article uses material from the "The Vault:News" article on the Fallout wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

These are the permanent links to the news on this page.


The following is a list of the most recent news posts to the front page of the site. Monthly archives of these news posts can be found to the right.

Contributors are reminded to transcribe the news posts verbatim.


News - Friday, January 22, 2010

Wintersday Redux!

Wintersday comes twice this year! Due to Grentchy technical issues with the Festival Hat distribution during the Wintersday finale earlier this month, we're hosting a special encore festival, complete with all the Wintersday activities you love!

Wintersday Redux begins at noon Pacific time (-8 GMT) on Friday, January 29th and runs until 11:59 PM Pacific time on Sunday, February 7th. During the big finale, everyone will get another chance to pick up a Wintersday Festival Hat. If you can't make it to the finale, look for special holiday collectors who will exchange Festival Hats for Candy Cane Shards!

Check out our Wintersday page for more info.

News - Friday, January 15, 2010

Wintersday Art Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2009 Wintersday Art Contest and a warm thank you to everyone who entered! Find out who won right here!

News - Friday, January 08, 2010

Digital Arts Workshop with ArenaNet Artists

Witness the creation of a gallery's worth of art—in real time! FuturePoly's Digital Arts Workshop is a fascinating 5-hour live art demonstration featuring some of the gaming industry's top talent. In this interactive workshop, ArenaNet artists Daniel Dociu, Kekai Kotaki, Matthew Barrett, and more will discuss their technique and create beautiful pieces of digital art, from sketch to completion. A portion of every ticket sale goes to the amazing charity Child's Play.

The Digital Arts Workshop takes place on Saturday, January 23rd at Bellevue College's Paccar Auditorium in Bellevue, WA. To register or learn more, visit the FuturePoly website.

News - Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Holiday Papercraft: Avatar of Dwayna!

We saved the best for last—this impressive papercraft model of the Avatar of Dwayna is ready to grace your tree or desk with her serene presence. It's the biggest model we've ever done! Click here to get started.

News - Monday, December 21, 2009

Community: Player-Run Wintersday Events!

Our fantastic player community has a bunch of great events in store for the Wintersday season! Read the latest Community News for details!

News - Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Costumes and Wintersday Cheer!

The preparations for our annual Wintersday celebration begin today! Starting tomorrow and running until January 4th, Wintersday festivities will sweep across Tyria like a chill wind from the Shiverpeaks. Here's what revelers can expect this year:

  • Brand-new for 2009—a unique set of Wintersday costumes are now available in the In-Game Store and the NCsoft Store! Head over to our new costumes page to read all of the details.
  • You've spoken, and we've listened! Costume slots have been added to the character portrait. Now, you can wear costumes over your armor, meaning you can look fabulous in your Dwayna costume or festival hat without sacrificing protection! Learn the details here.
  • Starting tomorrow, our annual Wintersday festival will bring loads of seasonal treats, festive decorations, holiday quests, snowball tournaments, and more! Check out our Wintersday 2009 page for more information.

Wintersday Gifts for Friends and Followers

Do you follow us on Facebook or Twitter? If not, you should! Over the next few days, we'll be spreading extra Wintersday cheer with early presents for some of our lucky friends and followers. Simply friend us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter (if you don't already, of course), and then watch our updates on these sites for further details. Good luck and happy Wintersday from all of us!

News - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Go Behind the Scenes with the Voices of Tyria

We've posted a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the voice acting behind Guild Wars 2, featuring top-tier talents like Felicia Day and Steve Blum! Check it out on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

News - Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wintersday Approaches!

Wintersday is almost here! Soon, cities and towns all across Tyria will be decked out in splendid holiday decor, enchanted snowman henchmen will serve your adventuring needs, and vendors will be selling all manner of Wintersday consumables.

The festivities begin on December 18th and run until January 4th, so be sure to clear your calendars! Head over to our Wintersday 2009 event page for all of the details.

New Holiday Papercraft: Rollerbeetles!

Check out this week's holiday papercraft: rollerbeetles! These speedy little bugs are waiting to be printed out and assembled. Make a whole pack of them! Click right here and we'll show you how.

News - Friday, December 11, 2009

New Guild Wars 2 interview at

Following the release of the new Guild Wars 2 video, we sat down with to discuss the races of Tyria, GW2's massive game world, and more! Read the whole thing right here

News - Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New Holiday Papercraft: Moa Bird!

This week's holiday papercraft model is the ubiquitous, flightless moa bird! Normally these birds are the size of ponies and fond of pecking, but these paper moas are small and harmless! Make yours today—we'll show you how right here!

Facts about newsRDF feed

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From Grand Theft Wiki

Current News

  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is now released for the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • On November 10, 2009, the fifth patch ( was released for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. This update includes general fixes to controls and security and ready for a possible DLC on the PC. It also includes versions in other languages, which explains the change in the order of the version number.
  • The Ballad of Gay Tony is released in the XBOX LIVE Marketplace for 1600 Microsoft Points. Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City is available in stores.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the PlayStation Portable is released on October 20 in North America, October 23 in Europe, and October 28 in Australia.
  • Four years on, Rockstar have finally settled the Hot Coffee lawsuit to the tune of twenty million US dollars.
  • Rockstar have announced that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be coming to Apple's iPhone.

Old News

  • The official website of The Ballad of Gay Tony is updated to include new screenshots, videos, and details about multiplayer and the nightlife.
  • On 19 June 2009, the fourth patch ( was released for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. This update ensures all copies of the game are properly aligned for the next gold master build pressing.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be released on Sony's PSP on October 20th 2009. There is no detail yet on pricing or transition from Nintendo's DS.
  • Mr Wong's Laundromat now open in the Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars section in Rockstar Games Social Club.
  • On 24 April 2009, Rockstar provided a link to an update for Games for Windows Live.
  • The Lost and Damned, the first downloadable episode for GTA IV has been released for download through Xbox Live on 17 February 2009. It costs $19.99 or 1600 Microsoft Points, and is exclusive to the Xbox 360.
  • It has been announced that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will this fall be coming to Sony's PSP gaming platform.
  • Rockstar announces the Social Club Jams Contest. Craft your own music video with the Video Editor and upload them at Rockstar Social Club.
  • On 19 March 2009, the third patch ( was released for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. It fixes many performance and graphical issues as well as correcting issues created by the first and second patches.
  • Rockstar Games have decided on iTunes as their musical partner for The Lost and Damned, rather than, used for the main Grand Theft Auto IV game.
  • Rockstar have announced via their Twitter that details of the second piece of DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV will be released "soon".
  • Rockstar Games have released the official trailer for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.
  • On 1 May 2009, an unlockable bulletproof Hellenbach will be available to download for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars through Rockstar Games Social Club.
  • On 24 January 2009, another patch ( was released for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. It fixes many performance and graphical issues as well as correcting issues created by the first patch.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS will be released on March 17th and 20th in the USA and Europe respectively.
  • Next week Rockstar Games will release the first ever trailer for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars with gameplay.
  • The Lost and Damned, the first downloadable episode for GTA IV will be available for download on February 17th 2009, and will cost $19.99 or 1600 Microsoft Points, exclusively for the Xbox 360 version.
  • Rockstar Games have released a patch for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, fixing many of the technical issues present for a large number of gamers.
    • Rockstar have quashed rumours of a new GTA game in 2009, and will be focussing on the two pieces of DLC expected for Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS has been delayed, and is expected to be released before April 2009
  • Thailand's largest video game distributor, New Era Interactive Media has told the country's retailers to stop selling Grand Theft Auto IV after an eighteen year old man confessed to robbing and killing a fifty-four year old taxi driver because he "wanted money to play the game." He admitted that "he wanted to find out if it was as easy to rob a taxi in real life as it was in the game." Read an article on the BBC website for more information.
  • Episodic content, available exclusively for the Xbox 360 through Xbox Live, is due to be released in Q1 of Take-Two's 2009 fiscal year (between November 1st, 2008 and January 31st, 2009)
  • Grand Theft Auto IV sold 6 million copies in its first week, worth $500m - a new record for the entire entertainment industry. It is also the #1 played game on Xbox Live, with 2.3m players last week. Check out the statistics on Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Grand Theft Auto III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas are now available via Valve's Steam game-download service. Also available from Rockstar is Max Payne 1 and 2, Manhunt and Midnight Club 2. Individual games are priced between $13.95 and $22.95, but two bundles are also available: the Grand Theft Auto Collection ($43.45 - GTA1, GTA2, GTA III, GTAVC, GTASA) and the Rockstar Collection ($69.95 - all of the above).
  • The official box art for Grand Theft Auto IV has been unveiled, and the date for the third trailer, "Move up, ladies", has been announced as 6th December.
  • Grand Theft Wiki will soon be merging with the English GTA Wikia, to form one huge GTA wiki. More details at Talk:Community Portal.
  • More details have been released about GTA IV, including that it will be set in October 2007 (the initial planned release date), multiple missions can be conducted at one time (managed from Niko's phone), pedestrians can cough/sneeze/smoke/mutter, and the Xbox 360 version of the game is 80% complete at this time.
  • A press release from Rockstar Games issued on 2nd August 2007 stated that Grand Theft Auto IV will be delayed. The game is now scheduled for release in the second quarter of fiscal year 2008, which indicates somewhere between February and April.
  • More details have been revealed about Grand Theft Auto IV, despite Rockstar Games' position that they don't want to sell the game as a feature list, rather an overall experience. There appear to be multiple ways of completing missions, as outlined by multiple possible endings. There are no HUD indicators to specify who is the target - that must be figured out by the player. Multiplayer is accessed through Niko's phone. Cover can be used much like Gears of War. Protagonist Niko was in the Balkan Police Force, according to his CV (Resumé), and he is adept at shooting, boxing and swimming (which is also a confirmed feature). Also, there will be no references to 9/11 in the game.
  • Rockstar Games have launched an online competition where members of the public can ring WKTT Radio on 212-360-2368 to leave a message about what they think is "wrong with Liberty City, America, Liberals or your health" and it could be featured in the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto IV. See more details at WKTT
  • The second trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV, entitled "Looking for that Special Someone" has gone live on Rockstar's site, Yahoo Games and YouTube. The trailer shows more gameplay and animation; including speech, driving and weapons fire. Some of the new effects include Niko holding onto the back of a truck, and hanging from the skids of a helicopter.
  • The July issue of Official Xbox Magazine in the USA has revealed that when Niko approaches a car from behind in Grand Theft Auto IV, a prompt appears saying "Press LB to open boot" (which means trunk in American). Perhaps this feature could be used for carrying items or even stowing away passengers.
  • UK publication Playstation 3 Unlimited has a new preview of Grand Theft Auto IV, revealing a little bit more information. There are about four different camera angles in the game, including a first-person view in vehicles, where the player can look around. Weather effects aren't merely for show, they will affect gameplay (such as vehicle handling).
  • Rockstar Games announced that a "special edition" of Grand Theft Auto IV will be made available for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. The special edition includes a little more than "special editions" usually offer, including exclusive production artwork, exclusive soundtrack CD, presented in a metal GTA safety deposit box with a keychain (for the keys) and a limited edition Rockstar duffel bag. This will cost $90 in the USA.
  • The official PlayStation Magazine UK has revealed a few more things about Grand Theft Auto IV, including details of the technical enhancements, gameplay improvements and mission structure. Visit GTA IV to read more about this.
  • The May 2007 Game Informer magazine has been released to subscribers with an exclusive preview of Grand Theft Auto IV. It has been revealed that the playable protagonist character's name will be: Niko Bellic, the game is set in Liberty City which will be smaller than San Andreas but have less "wasted" open space, and since there is only one city there will be no planes in the game, as there is nowhere to go. The detail will be immense compared to previous games, with effects such as a rising sun casting shadows and reflecting off glass, potholes in the road and pedestrians with interchanging clothes, hair and actions. Read more at GTA IV

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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki


Your #1 news source for all Halo news on the
Extraplanetary Wide Web!

Hello, and welcome to the Halopedia News Service, dedicated to hosting news articles and buzz from around the Halo nation! You'll find everything from the latest game announcements, to Halo 3: ODST updates, from the release of new Red vs. Blue videos, to the latest shenanigans from Bungie. If you have a news tip or submit your article, please send e-mail it to CommanderTony or Spirit-of-HALO at their addresses located here and here, respectively, with the title "Halopedia News tip". Make sure you follow us on Twitter for up-to-date news coverage! News articles will normally not be posted on Saturday or Sunday.

As this new service goes along, more help will be needed to organize, write, and submit news articles. To submit an edit if you aren't currently a News Editor, please get permission from the Chief Editor for anything more than just a spelling or grammar mistake; refusal to do this will result in a one week suspension.

Halopedia News was officially disbanded by CommanderTony on February 7th, 2010 due to a lack of interest by the community and by a majority of the staff.


Your News for Friday, January 1st, 2010

Halopedian of the Month Interview - An interview with this month's HotM, Halo-343.

Past News Articles

To see stories, articles, interviews, etc. from the past, check out Halopedia News' Archive page.

December 5th, 2009

The Package released on Waypoint - go check out the newest addition to the Halo Legends series.

November 2nd, 2009

  • Waypoint schedule for the week of November 1st, 2009 - Check out what you'll be able to see on Halo Waypoint this week!

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

  • Waypoint Part of Halo Story - First details that Waypoint is part not just a community portal but part of the Halo story.

Monday, October 19th, 2009

  • Waypoint media blowout! - Back after a two-month hiatus, Halopedia News returns with a preview of this new Xbox LIVE service!

Upcoming Stories

Check back later for exclusive interviews, reviews of the newest products, or random news stories.

  • Interview with 343 Industries - Tentative release date of October.

Favorite Stories

Halopedia's favorite and well known stories, as chosen by the News Editors and the Halopedian populace!

  • ODST ViDoc "Terra Incognita - New Halo 3: ODST ViDoc
  • SDCC '09: Halo Legends announced! - A brand new journey...
  • Remembering the Usergroups - The usergroups have been disbanded, and now, we take a look back at their history.
  • Helljumper #1 out on Wednesday - Check out an exclusive cameo of a legendary character.
  • Wikia-ODST Promotion Feedback Needed - Great news, We are working with Microsoft to get a hold of exclusive assets for ODST!
  • Complete ODST and Reach Linkage Database - All updates from E3 2009 this week, including the June 5th Bungie Weekly Update.
  • Number Six joins the ODST Cast - Battlestar Galactica's "Number Six" joins the cast of Halo 3: ODST!
  • Fred Van Lente and Spartan Black - Check out the first celebrity interview with CommanderTony and Fred Van Lente, writer of the upcoming Spartan Black comic series.
  • Manual of Style - The Major Proposal by Subtank to increase perfection!
  • The Forerunners Explained...coming soon? - The rumored trilogy by legendary sci-fi author Greg Bear.
  • Interview with Bungie on ODST - A look at Halo 3: ODST with an interview between our own CommanderTony and Bungie's Joe Staten.



Become a Halopedia News contributor, by submitting your application here. The Chief and Senior Editors may delete editor status from anyone who hasn't reported in over a month, unless the editor in question has notified them of their whereabouts.

  • CommanderTony - Chief Editor
  • Spirit-of-HALO - Senior Editor
  • DinoBenn - Editor
  • JEA13 - Editor
  • Mcloganator - Editor
  • ShadowBroker44 - Editor

1 Is currently on a leave of absence


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From Lostpedia

LOST, currently in its fourth season, is frequently featured in the news - cast gossip, fan rumours, scholarly debate, or related stories. This is the place to find news articles related to LOST.

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City of Heroes

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

From City of Heroes Wiki

This page lists all currently relevant news headlines. The list will be displayed on the Main Page. Only major news relevant for the whole community should be displayed here. News are listed in reverse chronological order (latest news at the top).

News headlines

Architect Edition on Shelves

Architect Edition is now available. Included is an install disc containing all game updates up to and including Issue 14, and a serial code that can be redeemed for either the Cyborg or Magic Super Booster. Also released is the second installment of the series of upcoming Super Boosters. It's time to fill the streets of Paragon City with arcane excitement!

The booster includes:

Official News

Make your mark on Paragon City with the newest City of Heroes product! CoH Architect edition breaks new ground by introducing user created content in the form of player generated stories and missions! Using an intuitive interface similar to the game's detailed Character Creator, those who play can now help shape the future of Paragon City.

Are you a Mac or a PC? It no longer matters in Paragon City. With the Mission Architect Edition you have the power to play however you want!

City of Heroes® Architect Edition includes both award-winning titles in one box, plus the innovative Mission Architect, and your choice between two exclusive in-game item packs, the Cyborg Pack or the Magic Pack!

For more exciting details on the CoH Architect Edition, visit

Announcing Paragon Studios

Finally, the team that has brought us the amazing world of Paragon City for the past 5 years would like to announce their new name, Paragon Studios! With their new name comes the hope that this crack team will stay dedicated to bringing us more of the same bountiful content that we've seen so far. You can check out their new official website here.

Official News

par-a-gon - [par-uh-gon]


A model or pattern of excellence

The team that brought you the award winning City of Heroes and City of Villains proudly reveals our new name:

The studio known for delivering a steady stream of new content for five years has taken its name from the City of Heroes herself. With this announcement we're trumpeting our intent to carry the grand tradition of Paragon City into the future, continuing to be a shining beacon of quality, innovation, and rollicking fun.

For more details check out .

Issue 14: Architect Releases!

Issue 14: Architect has been released to the Live Servers. Go forth, create your own stories, or conquer your fellow players' custom critters! Gotta collect 'em all!

Here are some important changes you need to be aware of:

  • NCsoft will be granting a @Global Chat Handle rename token with the Issue 14 launch. To change your global chat handle, type /change_handle "Player Name" in the chat line or click on "Chat Handle (X)" from the drop down "Menu" option.
  • NCsoft will be granting a (1) free respec to each active character, to enable your freespec please type /respec on the build you wish to change.
  • The /help command will now bring up the in-game Help Menu System. This essentially replicates choosing "Help" from the drop down Menu option. We found that many players did not know that we had an in-game Help system.
  • Players wishing to chat on the server wide "Help Channel" will now have to type in /hc.
  • Super Leader is now active. Please follow the instructions here to change leadership.
  • Active accounts will no longer have items placed on consignment deleted after 60 days of inactivity.
  • Taskforce Random Recipe Roll has been combined with Trial Random Recipe Roll to form the Random Rare Recipe Roll at Merit Vendors.
  • Additionally, recipes in this combined drop pool have a very small chance of dropping off of boss critters.

Archived News

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