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«You don't suppose that New Republic Intelligence has once again drop-kicked their brains and sent us out here for nothing?»
Lowbacca to Jaina Solo

The New Republic Intelligence Service[1] (NRIS or NRI) was a New Republic intelligence agency, responsible for obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, organizations and individuals, and reporting such information to the various branches of the New Republic Government. NRI appeared to have been a military or paramilitary organization, providing its officers with military ranks and operating units such as Black Force Squadron.



It was the successor to Alliance Intelligence and the Senate Planetary Intelligence Network. The agency was under the authority of the General Ministry and was based on Coruscant, in the area known as The Abyss. New Republic Intelligence Operations Command was possibly its head, and New Republic Intelligence Ongoing Investigation Division was a branch of it. New Republic Intelligence was one of the two major intelligence services of the New Republic, alongside the distinct but related New Republic Fleet Intelligence.[2]

NRI acted as a clearinghouse for intelligence reports from across the galaxy. Its threat analysis prompted and informed a innumerable military operations. While the Defense Force maintained its own military intelligence unit in the form of Fleet Intelligence, NRI interacted on a regular basis with military units. In certain instances, NRI officers were placed in command of Defense Fleet task forces, as with the Teljkon Vagabond task force. However, NRI personnel were clad in a dark green uniform unlike the dress of personnel of the Defense Fleet. During the Black Fleet Crisis, the Intelligence Service was responsible for withholding the news of General Han Solo's capture by the Yevetha from the general populace.[2]

Jokes about Bothans and gornts were popular at NRI; Iella Wessiri estimated that she'd heard a thousand jokes on that variation after serving there for a few years.

The New Republic Intelligence Service was eventually replaced by the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service.


Kapp Dendo


New Republic Intelligence Services
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Sections of the Intelligence Service Alpha Blue · Alpha Red · Analysis Bureau · Intelligence Operations Command · Ongoing Investigation Division · Special Threats Division · Tactical Analysis Bureau
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