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New Reno Arms

map marker: New Reno
sections: Shop
merchants: Eldridge
quests: Deliver a laser pistol to Eldridge

New Reno Arms is the large gun emporium run by Eldridge on New Reno's Commercial Row. It supplies a formidable variety of guns, ammo, and armor. Eldridge pays Jules on Virgin street to send newcomers his way and also pays for an advertising slot during boxing matches at the Jungle Gym. It can be inferred that Eldridge is a supporter of the NCR by the numerous NCR posters and the promotional NCR History Holodisk found in his shop.

All retrofitting of weapons provided by Eldridge is performed by the munitions savant Algernon. Algernon lives in the basement of New Reno Arms tinkering amid the squalor and scattered parts surrounding him. The basement includes a fair array of tools, ammo, and even a howitzer. If you can break through the store's back door and get past Eldridge's three dogs (Packard, Buck, and Missy) down to Algernon, he can upgrade any weapon for free.

Eldridge also reserves a special stock of heavy weapons offered at discount prices exclusively to a Made Man of any family. If you want to avoid confrontation with Eldridge, make sure you sneak in during day time and only come upstairs during day time.


A note about upgrading weapons: when you give a weapon to an NPC for an upgrade, regardless of how many ammo you had left in the gun, you will always get the upgraded version fully loaded. In the case of guns (such as the Desert Eagle .44 and the Assault Rifle) which can take 2 types of ammunition, a full magazine of JHP ammo is given. In the case of the Flamer, normal flamethrower fuel is given. ALWAYS unload your weapons before giving them to any NPC for upgrades.

Upgrading, for most guns, does not increase the value of the gun when it is unloaded. The exceptions to this are the FN FAL, the Hunting Rifle, the value of both guns increases by $500 after upgrading and the Plasma Rifle which goes from $4000 to $10000.

A trick can be done with flamethrower fuel to double your ammunition (very useful for pyromaniac players), but requires a Flamer to perform. First reload the Flamer so that you have 5 or less flamethrower fuel as the first in the stack. Ask Algernon to upgrade your fuel once and you will be given 10 Improved Flamer Fuel. Now unload your Flamer, and ask Algernon to upgrade your fuel again, and you will have 20 Improved fuel instead of 10. Repeat for the rest of the fuel canisters.

There is an actual Easter Egg in the basement of the New Reno Arms, although it is very hard to find, and does nothing once found. It is in an almost-entirely hidden pot. The Easter E location can be seen here my.php?image=eggnw7.jpg.

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