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New Reno

map marker: New Reno
sections: Virgin Street
Second Street
West Side
East Side
Commercial Row
leaders: John Bishop
Louis Salvatore
Big Jesus Mordino
Orville Wright
merchants: Renesco
Jagged Jimmy J
factions: Mordinos, Bishops, Wrights, Salvatores

A large city in Fallout 2, New Reno is known for its casinos, such as the Shark Club and the Desperado. It is home to, among many other things, the Golden Globes studio, the Jungle Gym and the Cat's Paw brothel. There is also a substantial weapons outfit called New Reno Arms. The town is currently run by four different families, the Mordinos, the Bishops, the Wrights, and the Salvatores, all of which are willing to make the Chosen One a Made Man in exchange for a little help.

Reno was spared the atomic fire of the Great War, but with the destruction of the rest of the United States, law and order broke down as mobster families ascended to power. To this day, New Reno has no official government or police force. However, aside from their internecine conflicts, the families generally keep order and make the city safe for tourists from the wastes, sending any troublemakers who disrupt the tourist trade to Golgotha, a burial site near New Reno. The tourists are glad to partake of the gambling, prostitution, and drugs (particularly Jet, which was developed near New Reno in the Stables by boy-genius Myron) offered by the city's mobsters. Jet is distributed from family supported dealers and independent ones alike such as Jagged Jimmy J. New Reno, lead by the Mordino family, is scheming to take over Redding, primarily by addicting Redding's miners to Jet en masse. New Reno also acts as a major trading partner in the Big Circle trading Brahmin, as well as trading routes between The Den for slaves and chemicals from Vault City caravans. Both these trades are overseen by the head of the Slavers Guild, Metzger.

Unfinished stuff

Unfinished stuff present at Fallout 2 files, but not present in the game: Fallout 2 Restoration Project changes

  • New characters:
  • The ability to tell jokes as a male or dance as a female at the Shark Club
  • An extended way of getting into the Stables as a woman - before if player went to the Stables as a hooker she would just be dropped off at the main gate and nothing really new happened,
  • Unlocked voice dialogue for Myron regarding the location of the EPA.
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