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New Mutants

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Marvel Graphic Novel #4
(December, 1982)


Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men, became increasingly worried after loosing several students. The first Thunderbird died on his second mission, and Phoenix had committed suicide. In an attack by the Brood, Xavier believed that all of his X-Men perished. He vowed not to put any more young mutants in danger, but his friend Moira MacTaggert convinced him to form a new team of adolescent mutants. This time, he would only train them in the use of their special powers, and not send them out into combat.


The Original New Mutants

Xavier was unaware that when the X-Men originally fought the Brood in deep space, the Brood had secretly infected with a Brood queen. Under the influence of the Brood queen, Professor X began admitting teenage mutants to his school of gifted students, thus forming the New Mutants.

Xavier recruited five youngsters while protecting them from attacks by Donald Pierce. Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh, Vietnamese girl able to mentally possess others), Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair, Scottish girl with the ability to shift into a lupine form), Mirage (Danielle Moonstar, Native American girl able to create illusions based on others greatest fears or wishes), Sunspot (Robert da Costa, Brazilian boy who gained strength due to solar energy), and Cannonball (Samuel Guthrie, American boy able to rocket through the air while near invincible).

The New Mutants were later joined by Magik (Illyana Rasputin, a Russian time-space teleporter trained to use magic by Belasco), Magma (Amara Aquila, from Nova Roma, able to control lava-like plasma), Warlock (a member of the alien techno-organic Technarcy), and Cypher (Doug Ramsey, an American boy able to translate any language).

Near the conclusion of second Secret War, the Beyonder erased the New Mutants from history. After they were restored, they had to relearn the use of their powers. The team later reorganized into the original X-Force under Cable. The name "New Mutants" was later used by the New Mutants Training Squad.


New Mutants Reunited

After years of each New Mutant doing his own thing, X-Men leader Cyclops gave Cannonball the premission to assamble his team again.

While on a mission to investigate a possible mutant case in Westcliffe, Colorado, Karma and Moonstar disappeared prompting the rest of the New Mutants team to investigate. After finding a lead pointing to a little girl the group found a catatonic Karma and a concrete box that held the mutant Legion. The personalities in Legion's body wanted to kill Dani because she could help Legion get them under control. Legion located Dani in a jail cell and was about to kill her when Sam stopped him. Dani told Sam to let her out but Sam refused, saying she'll be safer in the cell since she didn't have her powers anymore. Sam and Roberto went off to fight Legion leaving Dani behind. Unbeknownst to them, one of Legion's personalities had the ability to project himself and was stalling them while he prepared to kill Dani but was stopped by Magik and Magma. They freed Dani as Legion retreated, Sam apologized but got punched in the face by an angry Dani. When asked where she was going Dani replied "to make myself useful"; she returned brandishing numerous firearms and told the others that they're going after Legion.[1] However Sam told Dani to go, she wasn't a mutant anymore and to stop pretending she was because one of the most powerful mutants on earth wanted her dead. Dani, upset got into a van and drove away only to turn back minutes later after her teammates were badly beaten, running over Legion. After a brief battle with him, Magik managed to regain control of his body. Sam tried to apologize but Dani limped away, ignoring him.[2]


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: X-Men Blackbird, interdimensional teleportation using Magik's powers, flight using Warlock's aircraft form.
Weapons: None known.


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