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The Coastal Highway, on the northern side of the island.

The New Mombasa Coastal Highway, also called Waterfront Highway is a highway that runs along the coastline of the Mombasa Island on the seawall surrounding the metropolis of New Mombasa.[1]


During the second day of the Battle of Mombasa on October 21, 2552, three ODSTs (The Rookie, Edward Buck and Veronica Dare) fought their way along the highway to safely escape the city with a critical asset, a Huragok holding important data from Vergil, a subroutine of the city's Superintendent Artificial Intelligence. After pushing through heavy Covenant resistance on the highway and fending off waves of Covenant at the main entrance to the Uplift Nature Reserve, they were eventually extracted by a Covenant Phantom dropship stolen by the squad. The highway, along with the entire city, was destroyed when the Covenant glassed the area in order to uncover the Forerunner structure beneath it.[1]


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