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New Domino City

New Domino City (ネオ童実野シティ) is an intended utopia.

It is built near the old Domino City, which has now become the rundown Satellite plant. Residents of New Domino live in luxury and feed off the labor of people living in Satellite.

New Domino is connected to Satellite by a single pipeline. According to Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas are the only people to ever travel through the garbage pipe to New Domino City.

However according to Rex Goodwin the City connection with Satellite being that the pipeline rest on account to the events concerning the Dark Signers. Thus Goodwin reveals that to Yusei, meaning prior to the pilot of the series, he isolated their hometown from the beginning in order to avoid the threat of the Dark Signers from ever touching and causing catastrophe to the citizens. However, it partially fails when Misty and Carly become Dark Signers in New Domino, although they leave to Satellite after their duels conclude.

However before the final battle between them and the Signers can finally commence. Yusei requests to him that once their defeated that he will then finally connect the 2 with the help of Satellite's legendary Daedalus Bridge. As to that Goodwin accepts.

Even though he dies after being by defeated by Yusei in a final duel as one of the Dark Signers, still a new and enormous bridge is constructed which finally connects the City with Satellite. Because of this bridge, it is said that the City has changed significantly, as a highway has been able to be constructed which connects the city with other parts, and also because of this same highway is that Turbo Duels can now occur freely. This because of the lanes built for this kind of duels.

According to Lazar, such changes are the ones being celebrated on the upcoming and World prestigious tourmament, known as the "World Riding Duel Grand Prix".

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