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New Canaan design document
author: J.E. Sawyer
publisher: Interplay (leaked internal document)
release date: November 25, 2005
medium: .doc file
# of pages: 37
download: 10_New_Canaan.doc
part of: Van Buren design documents
previous: Maxson Bunker design document
next: Jericho design document
The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The New Canaan design document for Van Buren (Black Isle's canceled Fallout 3) was leaked from a top secret source on November 25, 2005 at No Mutants Allowed. It was written by J.E. Sawyer and is a complete description of all places, characters and quests in the location "New Canaan".

New Canaan was cut from the game because of time constraints during development and partially merged with the original Jericho. The resulting revised Jericho design document was leaked as well.

Given that the New Canaan design document was what was intended to be part of the game and was cut only because of time constraints and that it is more consistent with other design documents, the version described in the New Canaan document is generally considered in this wiki as more of a canon depiction than the Jericho document and takes priority when Van Buren lore is described.


The original document has been split into 3 parts for reading at the wiki.


1 Main page of document
2 Part 1
3 Part 2
4 Part 3

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