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Title: The New Adventures of Batman
Seasons: 1
Network: CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System)
Characters Created by: Bill Finger and Bob Kane
Status: Cancelled



The New Adventures of Batman was a half an hour animated television series produced by Filmation and broadcast on the CBS network from February 5th, 1977 until September 5th, 1978, spanning a total of sixteen episodes. The series featured the voice talents of Adam West and Burt Ward, both of whom portrayed the characters of Batman and Robin (respectively) in the live-action television series from 1966. West and Ward were the only two actors to reprise their roles for the animated series. The program also featured the voice talents of Lennie Weinrib who played the roles of Commissioner Gordon, the Joker and Mister Freeze. Lou Scheimer provided the voice for Bat-Mite, an impish character who made sporadic appearances in Batman and Detective Comics during the 1960s, but was a recurring character on the New Adventures of Batman. Scheimer also lent his voice to the role of Clayface. Actress Melendy Britt played the role of Batgirl and Catwoman. Although the program aired at the same time as the more popular Super Friends, it is a matter of interpretation whether or not the two shows were intended to reflect the same continuity. One important distinction between the two, is that Ward and West did not provide the voice for Batman and Robin on the Super Friends at this time (West however, would eventually return to the Super Friends franchise in 1986 when the series changed its title to Galactic Guardians: The Super Powers Team.


  • The Pest
  • The Moonman
  • Trouble Identity
  • A Sweet Joke on Gotham City
  • The Bermuda Rectangle
  • Curses! Oiled Again
  • Bite-Sized
  • Reading, Writing and Wronging
  • The Chameleon
  • He Who Laughs Last
  • The Deep Freeze
  • The Dead Ringers
  • Birds of a Feather Fool Around Together
  • Have an Evil Day (Part I)
  • Have an Evil Day (Part II)
  • This Looks Like a Job for Bat-Mite


  • In July of 2007, The New Adventures of Batman was released on a two-disk DVD collection containing all sixteen episodes.


  • The villains known as Sweetooth and Electro were created exclusively for The New Adventures of Batman animated series. To date, no comic book counterpart to either of these characters has been seen in print.
  • The Joker was often accompanied by a laughing hyena, which he affectionately named Giggles. Giggles is a character unique to the animated series and has no mainstream comic book counterpart.

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