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A neutron is a type of subatomic particle, without negative or positive charge. The release of these particles as radiation is known as neutron radiation. Klingon B'rel-class Birds-of-Prey emit this as exhaust when cloaked. (TOS movie: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

In 2267 the hull of the planet killer was composed of solid, bonded neutrons. Neutronium was nearly indestructible to conventional Starfleet science. However, focused Borg weaponry has been observed to cause slight damage to its structure. (TOS episode: "The Doomsday Machine"; TNG novel: Vendetta)

The simulated freighter, SS Kobayashi Maru, was a third class carrier that delivered neutronic fuel. (TOS movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

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DC Comics

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Real Name
Nathaniel Tryon
Current Alias




Base Of Operations


6' 2"

184 lbs (84 kg)





First appearance
Last appearance



After learning how to control his energy, and learning that the accident was allegedly caused and covered up by the U.S. Government, Tryon killed those responsible for the accident and took up a criminal career as Neutron.

Eventually, he battled Superman and was defeated and imprisoned at the research facility, S.T.A.R. Labs. He and another criminal imprisoned there, Jinx, were eventually freed when S.T.A.R. Labs was attacked by the Fearsome Five, who took the two criminals into their ranks, but Neutron subsequently left the group.

Neutron eventually joined Warp and Plasmus on a mission from Conduit to assassinate Jonathan and Martha Kent, the adoptive parents of Superman. Superman intervened and the clash ended with Plasmus and Neutron colliding in a blast that obliterated them both. However, both later turned up alive, and Neutron was next seen in Slabside Island prison (aka "The Slab"), from which he was freed during the Joker’s "Last Laugh" riots. Months later, Neutron and several other villains were manipulated by Manchester Black into threatening Clark Kent’s loved ones, but as had happened before, the ensuing confrontation with Superman ended with Neutron disappearing in an atomic blast.

In the lead-up to the Infinite Crisis, Neutron became a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

One Year Later

After World War III, Neutron is working as a villain for hire. He and another radiation-powered villain, Radion, were hired by Intergang to kill Clark Kent. After Kent was hit by a commuter train, Neutron and Radion left, thinking him dead, though the accident actually caused Kent to regain his powers as Superman.

Neutron is also a member of the Nuclear Legion alongside Professor Radium, Geiger, Mister Nitro and Reactron. The Nuclear Legion was hired by the Secret Society of Super Villains to invade Blüdhaven and assist the Nuclear Family in recovering the source of a radiation leak. While there, the group fought the new Atomic Knights. Now sporting a new containment suit, Neutron was also seen fighting Superman when the hero discovered that Intergang was planting mysterious energy spheres, about the size of softballs, in various locations in Metropolis. Although Superman has not yet determined the nature or purpose of the spheres, he discovered that they were connected to his adversary Bruno Mannheim, as well to other mysterious allies of Manheim who have yet to be revealed.

Neutron is one of the villains picked up by Operation: Salvation Run. He is used by Lex Luthor as a power source for a teleporter. He is seemingly killed when the device self-destructs.

Powers and Abilities


Nathaniel Tryon had been transformed into an living mass of atomic energy. With his containment suit, he can blast targets. He is also able to return from apparently fatal accidents.


Nathaniel Tryon had some skill as a criminal and was able to get a job as a security guard before gaining his powers

Strength level



Nathaniel Tryon had a particular aversion to hard blows, which, if they broke his containment suit, would render him inactive for weeks or months as a time



containment suit


containment suit


containment suit


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