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"Unlike regular Magicite, Nethicite absorbs Magickal energy."

Nethicite is the most powerful source of magical energy in the world of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. There are two types of Nethicite; Deifacted and Manufacted.



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Deifacted nethicite

"We seek Raithwall’s legacy... The ancient Relics of the Dynast-King: Deifacted Nethicite."
Judge Ghis

Deifacted nethicite was created by the Occuria in the form of the Sun Cryst. It has a large amount of magical energy stored within it. The Occuria chose to give Nethicite first to the Garif but they would not and could not use it to impact the world's events, so it was taken from them. King Raithwall was then selected. He was given the Sword of Kings that could cleave pieces from the Sun Cryst so that he could wield the power of Nethicite in his hands. He severed three pieces, the Dawn Shard, the Midlight Shard, and the Dusk Shard. Each of these pieces held so much power that it guaranteed his victory in battles and his legend.

The three pieces of Nethicite had great power (essentially the magical equivalent to a nuclear weapon), but could only be used once before needing to recharge slowly over hundreds of years. Judge Zecht accidentally used the Midlight shard destroying Nabudis in the process. Judge Ghis used the Dawn Shard and accidentally destroyed himself and the entire 8th fleet.

The Occuria chose Ashe to be the next Dynast King and provided her the Treaty Blade in order to carve more Nethicite shards to grant her the power to destroy her enemies and rule.

There are three pieces of Deifacted Nethicite in the game. Each piece is said to be able to reveal a true descendant of King Raithwall, the Dynast King:

The Dawn Shard was hidden in the Tomb of Raithwall. This piece was found and subsequently used, destroying the Dreadnought Leviathan, as well as the entire 8th fleet. Currently, Princess Ashe holds this shard, but it is drained of power.
The Midlight Shard was held by the House Nabradia. However, after the Archadian invasion of Nabradia, Archadia was able to get a hold of this shard of Nethicite. Wanting to test its power, they sent Judge Zecht to Nabudis. The results were catastrophic, destroying the capital and covering the area in a thick mist. It was last known to be in the possession of Dr. Cid.
The Dusk Shard was hidden in the Royal Palace of Rabanastre. It is proof of royal lineage of the Dalmascan line. Currently, Dr Cid holds this shard.

The word Deifacted means literally "God-made".

Manufacted Nethicite

"No. No, the power of Manufacted Nethicite is the power of Man! A weapon forged by his wisdom…who would challenge the gods themselves! A fitting blade for a true Dynast-King."
Judge Bergan

Manufacted Nethicite was created by Dr. Cid under direction from the rogue Occuria Venat. The Nethicite was created in the Draklor Labs from Magicite taken from the Lhusu Mines, where Lord Larsa was searching for more information about it. Manufacted Nethicite absorbs magickal energy, and can stop or disrupt magick attacks directed at the wielder.

The power of Manufacted Nethicite is much more easily harnessed than Deifacted Nethicite. It can be charged with mist, used, and charged again, can be used to gather and concentrate large quantities of mist, to create Jagd resistant skystones, summon espers, and can even be implanted in a person's body in order to drastically increase their physical strength and magickal abilities. Judge Bergan, Dr. Cid, and Vayne Solidor are all known to have done this. Deifacted Nethicite on the other hand, can only be used once, and the release of its power cannot be controlled, causing a catastrophic explosion of mist, and takes centuries to recharge. However, its raw power and potential for destruction is far greater than Manufacted Nethicite.

Manufacted Nethicite is found as an accessory on Dreadnought Leviathan, though only as a storyline item.

Nethicite related artifacts

There are 2 artifacts in the game that hold any power over Nethicite:

The Sword of Kings, which can either destroy Nethicite, or cut pieces off the Sun-Cryst. Given to King Raithwall by the Occuria, they gave him this sword so that he may take as much Nethicite as he wanted from the Sun-Cryst. Cutting off three shards, he used these shards to begin his rule of Ivalice. The sword was then sealed away in the Stilshrine of Miriam. It was probably stored here, so that no one would be able to destroy the Nethicite.
The Treaty Blade,which can either destroy Nethicite, or cut pieces off the Sun-Cryst. Given to Princess Ashe by the Occuria, they gave her this sword so that she may take her own pieces of Nethicite from the Sun-Cryst.


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