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Nerva Beacon/Space Station Nerva
Type: warning beacon/space station "life boat"
Created by: Humans

The Nerva Beacon (later just called Nerva and nicknamed The Ark) was a space station located in the Sol System.


Earlier history

The Doctor thought that the station (or parts of it) were built in the late 29th or early 30th century.

The original purpose of the space station was, for thirty years, to function as a beacon (hence the name) to warn spacecraft about the planetoid Voga which in turn orbited the planet Jupiter. Nerva was at that time, operated by the Interplanetary Space Command which had its headquarters on Earth.

In a time period after the Cyber-Wars, Nerva had a transmat link to the breathable interior of Voga. Nerva was apparently struck by a plague that wiped out nearly all of the 50-strong ISC crew. Only three of the crew (Commander Stevenson, Lester and Warner) and one observer survived. It was soon discovered that the plague was in reality an infection spread by an invading Cybermen who planned to destroy Voga. (DW: Revenge of the Cybermen)

Later history

The Beacon was moved to Earth orbit, where it now acted as a cryogenic storage facility, Nicknamed "The Ark". Scientists had foreseen that for 5000 years the Earth would become uninhabitable due to Solar flares, and under the leadership of the Earth High Minister had chosen Nerva as a "lifeboat". (The rest of humanity was evacuated in Thermic shelters, but they were apparently not expected to survive long enough to repopulate.)

It is unknown exactly how much time had passed, though the Earth High Minister mentioned in a recorded revival speech that "you have slept longer than the recorded history of mankind" (supposedly referring to the planned 5000 years rather then the period really slept)

DNA samples of Earth's flora and fauna were stored on board, and the bodies of specially selected Human volunteers were placed into suspended animation. People stored were genetically screened so that the genetic pool of the survivors would be crossmatched, balanced and compact-evaluated. For this reason Regressive humans, typified by 20th century Humans, were not allowed.

The power for the station was by this time provided by solar stacks, and the transmat link now connected the station with Earth, rather than Voga.

Due to a Wirrn infestation, a massive system failure occurred and the Humans overslept, by the time they did wake up 10,000 years had passed. The awakening Humans had to fight off the Wirnn, but eventually managed to retake the station and start recolonising the Earth. (DW: The Ark in Space)

During those thousands of years, the Nerva Beacon had become a legend, the lost refuge of mankind, sleeping while the rest of humanity was expanding their empire into the rest of the galaxy and even into the Andromeda. (DW: The Sontaran Experiment)

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City of Heroes

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Nerva Archipelago

Villain City Zone (25-40)

Trainers: Arbiter Frederick
TF Contacts: Sparcetriel,
Events: Caleb
Exploration Badges: Locked and Loaded, Nerva Wreck, Primal Instinct, Tree Hugger, Watcher on the Knoll
Plaques: Swashbuckler IV
Enemies: Arachnos, Circle of Thorns, Coralax, Council, Crey, Devouring Earth, Family, Hellions, Legacy Chain, Longbow, Lost, Snakes, Spectral Pirates, Slag Golems, Turrets, Wyvern
Connecting Zones: Grandville, St. Martial
Transits: Rogue Isles Ferry
Nerva Archipelago at



Nerva Archipelago is one of the city zones in City of Villains.



  • Arbiter Frederick (Crimson Cove)


Regular Contacts

Unlockable Contacts

Respec Trial Contacts


Zone events

Major events

  • Caleb may spawn under certain conditions in this zone.

Lesser events

  • None


  • Crimson Cove
  • Agincourt
  • Primeva
  • Thorn Isle

Exploration Badges

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png Locked and Loaded

This is the spot where many Longbow Agents have trained to take you down.

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png Nerva Wreck

You have visited the famous Nerva Wreck. What strange creature might have caused this disaster?

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png Primal Instinct

This is the spot of many battles between the Circle of Thorns and their age-old enemy, the Mu.

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png Tree Hugger

What mysterious purpose does this twisted old tree serve?

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png Watcher on the Knoll

A failed assassination on Ms. Liberty was made from the top of this pillar.

Historical plaques


  • Quartermasters can be found at coordinates (3522.6, 7.5, 8337.1), (-80.6, 50.0, 5200.9) in Crimson Cove, and (1835.4, 24.5, 1418.0) in Primeva Isle. They sell level 25 and 30 Dual-Origin and Training Enhancements.
  • A Magic Quartermaster can be found at coordinates (2330.4, 11.0, 8409.8) in Crimson Cove and sells level 25 and 30 Single-Origin and Dual-Origin Magic Enhancements.
  • A Mutant Quartermaster can be found at coordinates (2238.7, 11.0, 8320.0) in Crimson Cove and sells level 25 and 30 Single-Origin and Dual-Origin Mutant Enhancements.
  • A Natural Quartermaster can be found at coordinates (2527.3, 27.9, 6969.6) in Crimson Cove and sells level 25 and 30 Single-Origin and Dual-Origin Natural Enhancements.
  • A Science Quartermaster can be found at coordinates (-318.1, -573.5, 6676.4) in Crimson Cove (in the Crey building) and sells level 25 and 30 Single-Origin and Dual-Origin Science Enhancements.
  • A Tech Quartermaster can be found at coordinates (-367.2, 248.0, 6805.8) in Crimson Cove (in the upper plant of the Crey building, you'll have to take the elevator to reach him) and sells level 25 and 30 Single-Origin and Dual-Origin Tech Enhancements.

Transfer Points

Enemy Groups

  • Arachnos
    Arachnos usualy fights against Longbow or Council forces in Crimson Cove. Wolf Spiders, Fortunatas and Crab Spiders can be seen on patrol. In Primeva Isle they fight against the Circle of Thorns quite often. Fortunatas, Crab Spiders and Tarantulas can be found there, including some of the evasive Toxic Tarantulas. Fortunata Mistresses are especially common in the south coast for some reason. Beware of their ability to pierce through Invisibility.
  • Circle of Thorns
    The Circle of Thorns has taken residence in Thorn Island and Primeva. Thorn island has large numbers of them, especially around the Thorn Tree. Nerva Spectral Daemons are very common in that zone.
  • Coralax
    As usual, Coralax will prowl at night in some beachs. At least one in the East part of Crimson Cove is visited often by them. Bosses may appear.
  • Council
    The Council can be found in the easter part of Crimson Cove, often fighting Arachnos or Longbow. or annoying civilians. Lieutenants and bosses may spawn. Vampyri can spawn as well, though this seems to be relatively rare.
  • Crey
    Large numbers of Crey can be found in the East part of Crimson Cove, where they have offices and investigation facilities. Beware of the Public Relations, whose attacks may vary. Crey has large numbers of armored soldiers in Primeva, supported by guards and scientists.
  • Devouring Earth
    The Devouring Earth beings can be seen figthing the Circle of Thorns in Primeva. Beware of the ones in Thorn Isle, which are often well hidden. Rocks are easy to see, but trees are not.
  • Hellions
    For no apparent reason, sometimes lonely Hellions may appear in Crimson Cove, near the Rogue Isles Ferry. Blood Brothers, Fallen and even Damned. All of them will spawn at level 14.
  • Legacy Chain
    Only seen in Crimson Cove so far, sometimes talking to Longbow agents. They seem to spawn as small patrols and often as lone individuals, though they can be minions, lieutenants or bosses. Only Legacy Chain of Earth seems to spawn in Nerva.
  • Longbow
    Longbow keeps a strong presence in Nerva. They have a huge base in Agincourt guarded by patrols and turrets. Crimson Cove also has a good number of them, where they will clash with Arachnos, The Lost or the Council. They can be often seen talking to Wyvern and Legacy Chain members, or to civilians. Eagles, Spec Ops, Nullifiers, Chasers, Officers and Wardens can be seen in this zone.
  • Snakes
    For no apparent reason, sometimes lonely Snakes may appear in Crimson Cove, near the docks. Vipers or Mambas, but I haven't seen any Cobras so far. Same as Hellions, they spawn at very low level.
  • Spectral Pirates
    Completely out of place, for some reason some spectral pirates will spawn in an small island close to Primeva, at night. Minions, lieutenants and bosses. All of them level 15.
  • The Family
    The Family is present in the dock of Crimson Cove, near the ferry. In small and big groups, Underbosses and Consiglieres are relatively easy to find here. Marcones are rare to find. Even Marcone Capos may spawn, but they do at a very low level: they are always level 9 - 10.
  • The Lost
    Mutates, Anathemas and Pariahs can be found in Crimson Cove. Sometimes kidnapping civilians, sometimes they will be fighting Longbow, and sometimes they will be just standing still. Be warned that the ones near the Crey instalations may spawn as Rikti instead once they reach level 30.
  • Turrets
    Agincourt, the Longbow fortress, has a good number of turrets, minions, lieutenants and bosses. Beware of the pop-up turrets present at the bridge of Agincourt and in the walls of the Crey instalations of Crimson Cove, which will attack you even when invisible.
  • Wyvern
    The archers of Wyvern are present in certain zones of Crimson Cove (the so-called "Hero Heights" especially, the zone with the big hero statues), and they can include Lieutenants and Bosses. Beware, as most of them -if not all- are able to fly.
  • Other Groups
    Several groups can be seen attacking Agincourt: The Rikti and the Freakshow seem to be the most common attackers. Other sightings include Sky Skiffs of the Sky Raiders, Devouring Earth creatures (especially Bedrocks and Deathspores), Ancerstor Spirits of the Tsoo (these seem to be very rare), zombies and masks of the Banished Pantheon, Headmen and Anathemas of the Lost,even lonely Arachnoids, however during the Issue 10 Invasion Agincourt may be carpet bombed by a UXB's and then having many rikti spawn from portals clearing Agincourt of Longbow for a small amount of time until the Longbow spawn back again.


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This article uses material from the "Nerva Archipelago" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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