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Dofus talk is a strange flavour of the English language, mixing Dofus jargon (item and monster names...), Internet slang, MMORPG slang and abbreviations.

  • Internet & RPG slang can be found on the Wikipedia (list).
  • For the Dofus interface commands, see the Command page.
  • For Dofus-specific abbreviations, see below.

Some of the more Dofus related terms are summarised below.



Aie !

A term that indicates that you are ready for a battle. You can do this by clicking on your character and selecting "Slap", but some people might type it instead. Typed variations might include "Aie" "aie" "i" "a" "pie" "! eiA" or anything similar.


Term used to indicate the levelling of a character. For example "/g I dinged!"


Refers mostly to the distribution of status points and spell points (based on the status points) on builds to exploit a more versatile build but with a less massive power compare to a pure build.


Nerf is slang for making a character or item less powerful, in order to promote game balance, or fairness. See also Wikipedia:Nerf (computer gaming)


Pass is used to tell someone to pass their turn because they are usually no help.


Here's a list of abbreviations commonly used in Dofus talk.

(Please do not include self-evident abbreviations like "char" for "character" or "dung" for "dungeon" - except for specific Dofus words)

Acronyms & Abbreviations
Aggro Aggressive. See the Aggro page
ATM at the moment
AoE Area of effect
B> Buying
cc close combat
DP Dragon Pig/Dragon Pig Dungeon
DT Dark Treechnid/Dragoturkey
DC Disconnected
F2P Free-To-Play
FoE Fate of Ecaflip
GM Game Master, Guild Master
MOD/O Moderator
HoT Heads or Tails
k kama
kk 1,000 kamas
LC Lord Crow/Legendary Crackler
LoS Line of sight
mk million kamas
nvm Never mind
omw On My Way
paddy paddock
P2P Pay-To-Play
PC Price check or Plain Crackler
Perc Perceptor
PoC Punch of the Crackler
R> Recruiting
S> Selling
Scara Scaraleaf
SO Soft Oak
Soft Oak Dungeon
SoI Sword of Iop (Iop Spell)
SoJ Shovel of Judgement (Enutrof Spell)
svp s'il vous plait, French for Please
tnl To Next Level
tot Minotot
W/C Wrong Channel
WC Gobball War Chief
Wrong Channel
WoS Word of Sacrifice (Eniripsa Spell)
Gobs Any Gobball
Chall Challenge

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

To nerf is gaming jargon that roughly means "to weaken" or "to make less effective." The term originated from the Nerf brand of foam toys.

The term is used by players of computer games (not just Guild Wars) to mean the reducing of certain content's effectiveness that the developers of the game have deemed unbalanced, over-used or an exploit (e.g. reducing the bonus of certain weapons, reducing the damage of certain spells, etc.).

The opposite of a nerf, i.e. making something stronger or more effective is usually called a "buff". However, the two terms often blend in with each other, if, for example, the monsters in a particular farming spot are "buffed", it can be said that the farming spot has been "nerfed". Similar comparisons can also be made in the PvP community.

Nerfing is usually done by releasing a game update. In Guild Wars, there is no way to avoid "nerfing" as updates are automatically downloaded.


Examples of nerfing done in Guild Wars:

  • The spell Chain Lightning was made weaker in the summer of 2005 by reducing its damage and increasing its activation time. This made it less potent and easier to disrupt. This was in response to the domination of PvP teams that were composed of Air Magic spikers.
  • The explorable areas Witman's Folly and the Underworld had new/modified monsters introduced to make them harder for players to farm "solo." The additions and modifications comprised of adding an enchantment removing creature because enchantments were the secret to being able to farm that area alone.
  • Around the release of Factions, the number of minions was capped based on the player's rank in Death Magic. This was to place a cap on the effectiveness of minion masters.

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Facts about NerfRDF feed

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This page contains strong language that some users may find offensive.
Click here for a clean version of this page.
Notice: The RuneScape Wiki is not in any way affiliated or endorsed by Jagex Ltd. As such, the column on reporting is not in any way official, and should not be construed as Jagex's interpretation of the Respect column.

This page lists slang terms commonly used in RuneScape. It is incomplete, and never will be complete because of RuneScape's constantly changing vocabulary, so please add to it.

Note: All abbreviations used in RuneScape are not reportable, except if used to bypass the filter.



Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?

><>, <><

Fishing or Fish No



Elite, usually a type of spelling used to annoy other players




2moro, 2mrw Tomorrow No
2h Two-handed sword No
360 Ket-Zek or Xbox-360 No
702, Jad TzTok-Jad No
(c) Usually appears in the middle of a word which would otherwise be censored. If used in a manner which is offensive or majorly avoiding the censor.
2P4P Too poor for pants. Used when male players wear a skirt because they have no money for pants. No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
Abby Abyssal, Aberrant Spectres No
Abo, abbo Slang term for Aboriginal Australian If used in a racist manner, then yes.
Acc Account, Accuracy No
Acp Armadyl chestplate No
Addy Adamant No
AFAIK As far as I know No
AFK Away from keyboard No
AFKing Having one's character train while the actual player is not using their computer, or other form of internet access. Only the act of doing it.
Aggy, Agil, Agi Agility No
Ags Armadyl godsword No
Ah Ahrim No
Aim AOL instant messager As RuneScape does not allow advertisement, it is a maybe.
Air(s) Air Rune No
AKA Also known as, As known as No
Alch(ing) Alchemy, also the act of using an alchemy spell to convert items into gold. It could also be used with a prefix (High or Low) with the meaning of high level alchemy and low level alchemy respectively. No
AMG Expressive form of OMG No
Ammy Amulet No
Ancients Ancient Magicks No
Anti Anti-poison potion, Anti-dragon shieldAntifire No
Antishield Anti-dragon shield No
AoG Armies of Gielinor, an online multiplayer game designed by FunOrb. It is based on the world of RuneScape. No


Arcane Spirit Shield



As soon as possible


A55, Azz, A$$



@$$4013, azzh0le, assh0ole, assh0le



Atk, Att Attack, Attacker (In Barbarian Assault) No
ATM "At the moment", or "At this moment", or "At the most" No
Aus, Aust,Aussie Australia No
Azn, Azen An Asian person, or could be used as an alternative to Asyn Shade. Yes, if used in an racist manner.
Ancient Pray(er), Ancients Ancient Curses No
Ave, Avies, Avains Avianses No
Axe Used to mean hatchet, as they were named axes before the 1 April2009 update, as mentioned in 1st April Patch Notes.



Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
B2P Bones to Peaches No
Barb Barbarian, Barb-tail harpoon No
Baxe Battleaxe No
Barrowing Barrows Playing the minigame, also often said by players trying to borrow items. No
BA Barbarian Assault No
BBL Be back later No
BB Bye Bye No
B bones Big bones No
BBS Be back soon No



Barbarian Village No
BCNU Be seein’ you No
Bcp Bandos Chestplate No
Bf Boyfriend, Best Friend, Blast Furnace Yes if asking for a boyfriend.
Bff Best Friend Forever No
Bgs Bandos godsword No
Bh Bounty Hunter No
Bil, Bill Billion No
Bitd Back in the Day No
Blk Black, block No, unless used in a racist manner
Bot A computer program that plays RuneScape for a person No, but the act of using one is.
Brac, Brace Bracelet No
Brassy Verac's brassard (Armour) No
BRB Be right back, bathroom break No
Broads Broad-tipped bolts (Ranged ammunition) No
BRT Be right there No
Br/brz bronze No
BS Bow strings, bullshit, backstab, bank sale, banana slug No to all but bullshit.
BSer Bow stringer, Backstabber, bullshitter No to the first 2, yes to the 3rd.
Bsk/Bskr Berserker as in the shield. No
Bstd Bastard Yes
B sale Bank sale No
BTS Be there soon, Behind the Scenes No
Bulls Hit Literally "Bulls Hit", Bullshit Yes for the second meaning.
BTW By the way No


"boo-yaw", a term of excitement or immense joy No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
C'bow/cbow/xbow Crossbow, crystal bow No
Cabbage Used in place of curse words because in RuneScape Classic all censored words were replaced by "cabbage" No
Cammy Camelot No
Camo Camouflage items from Drill Demonrandom event No
Cathy Catherby No
Cav Cavalier No
CB Combat (level), cannonballs, Corporeal Beast No
CBA Can't be asked No
CBB Can't be bothered No
CBF Can't be fucked. A term used frequently out of laziness. No
CC Clan chat; before Clan Chat was implemented, for Player killing in the old Wilderness it meant "change channel" or world, teams changing worlds commonly used this. e.g. cc 17 No
Chain Chainmail No
Chinny/Chins/Chinning Chinchompas, or The act of hunting/using chinchompas No
Choob, Ch00b Childish noob, higher levelled player who acts like a noob, Chinese noob If used to say "Chinese noob" in a racist manner, then yes. Otherwise, no.
Claws Dragon claws, or (less commonly) other metal claws No
Clue, CS Clue scroll No
Clueing Attempting to get a Clue Scroll, for a period of time No
Clwars Clan Wars No
Con/Cons Construction No
Corp Corporeal Beast No
CP Club Penguin / Computer / Child Porn Only if used with the third meaning.
CS Customer support/Clue scroll/CoinShare/Counter Strike No
Ct Can't talk No
Ctrl Control key No
Cause, Cus, Cos, Coz, Cuz Because No
CW Castle Wars, Clan Wars No
Cu, Cya See you No
Cul8r, Cyal8r See you later No
Cry Crystal No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
D Dragon No
D2H Dragon two-handed sword No
Da Duel Arena No
Dagg Dagannoth, Dagger No
Dam Damn No
D axe/D hatchet Dragon hatchet No
DBA Dragon battleaxe No
D bones Dragon bones No
D Chain/Dcb Dragon chainbody No
D Claws /drag claws Dragon claws No
Dck, Dik, Dk, Deek, Diic, T)ick D1CK Dick (slang for penis). Yes
Dced Disconnected No
DD Dragon dagger, death dot No
DD+/DDP+ Dragon dagger extra poisoned; sometimes mistakenly used to instead of DDP++ No
DDP Dragon dagger poisoned No
DDS/DDP++ Dragon dagger super poisoned No
DDSing/DDSer Duelling by using 4 Dragon dagger (p++)specials then switching to another weapon, usually an Abyssal whip. A person who uses this tactic is often called a DDSer No
Death dot/DD A player killing tactic where a number of players stand on the same square, making them appear as one player on the minimap. No
Def Defence, Defender No
Def/Defence Noob Insulting term directed toward a player with high defence. Usually PvP. No
Def/Defence Tank Player with a defence level of upwards of 90 or higher. Usually a player who is not pure and has Defence as one of their highest combat skills No
Dfh/ D full Dragon Full Helm No
Dfs Dragonfire Shield No
Dh Dharoks No
D hide, D'hide Dragon hide No
Dharok'ing Getting one's Hitpoints as low as possible while in full Dharok's to maximise damage inflicted in battle. Often accompanied with Protection prayers. No
DIY Do it yourself, gathering supplies yourself No

Dagannoth Kings, Dorgesh-Kaan, Dick, Denmark, Donkey Kong

No, unless used to mean "dick"
D legs Dragon platelegs No
D long Dragon longsword No
Dl Darklight No
DM Deathmatch, meaning for two people to fight each other to the death No
D med Dragon medium helm No
Dp Drop Potential No
D pick Dragon pickaxe No
D pl8 Dragon platebody No
Drag Dragon, armour or monster No
Drop rate Chance of a monster dropping a specific item No
DS Dragon spear, Double shot (mainly used in reference to the Dark bow and Magic shortbow) No
D Scimmy, D Scim Dragon scimitar No
DT Desert Treasure No
Dusties Dust devils No
DW Don't worry No
Dyk Dyke (lesbian) If used offensively, then yes.
Doosh Douche / Douche Bag Yes


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
Ea Each,eletronic arts No
Etc/ecty Ectofuntus No
Edge/Edgy Edgeville No
Ello/Erro Hello No
Ely/ E S S Elysian spirit shield No
Emmy Emerald No
Emote Emotion No
En, Enrg Energy No
Ess Rune/Pure essence No
Etc Etceteria No
Ew Elemental workshop No
Exp/Xp Experience points No
Ex/Eg Example, In example No

E- something (argue, fight) Internet " " No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
F2P/F2Pers, Ftp Non-members (Free to Play) No
Fag Faggot Yes
Fagex A portmanteau of the words "fag" and "Jagex". Often used to insult Jagex, especially after the Trade and Drop Changes update of 10 December 2007 Yes
Fally Falador No
FAQ Frequently asked questions, fag (as in offensive slur), Fuck (pronounce Fa Q (long q) also used as the phrase (faa-que) fuck you. Possibly. If used to mean "faggot" or "fuck", yes. Otherwise, no.
Farcaster Someone who casts a "hold" spell and doesn't go face-to-face with another player (often used with Ancient Magicks). No
FB FaceBook No
FFS For freak's sake, fuck fuck shit, for fuck's sake, for fucking sure, fight for Saradomin, Final fantasy sucks, Only if used as the middle three, not the outside two.
FGJ For great justice No
FI/Fall Fall in. (Pking), used to get people to follow a leader into a war or battle/pk trip. No
Fist Fist of Guthix, or fighting Unarmed No
FM Firemaking, Farming, Forum moderator No
FML Fuck my life, For my loss, Fear my leet Yes for the first, not for the other 2.
FMod Forum moderator No
Fo FunOrb, Fuck off, for No, unless used with the second meaning.
Fog Fist of guthix No
Fogging Playing Fist of Guthix repetitively No
Frag(s) Soul Fragments used in the Soul Wars Minigame, or Clay Fragments in the Stealing Creation game. No
Fraws Free raw fish No
Fremmy Fremennik No
Froob, Fr00b Variation of "Noob", Free-Player Noob No
FSSR For some strange reason... No
FTL For the loss/lose/lulz/losers No
FTML For the mother land No
FTW For the win, Fight to win, Fuck the world No for the 1st 2, yes for the last.

Faq, Fuc, Fuq, Wonderfuckland, Feck, Fock,



Full Complete set that usually consists of a helm, shield, body piece and leg piece; or inventory full (e.g. picking flax) No
Funning Duelling for fun (possible rules and no stake) No
FWIW For what it's worth No
FYI For your information No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?


Good (as in "we G" = "We're good") No
G axe Dharok's greataxe No
GD Green Dragon good


GE, g.E Grand Exchange No
Gert, GJ Gertjaars (currently number one on hiscores.) No
GF Good fight, girlfriend, go figure, good friend, get fucked/go fuck No, unless, in the second case, it's used to advertise a girlfriend, or in last case, to insult a person.

Inappropriate language or behaviour, "No, that is solicitation and is not allowed at all. This is to ensure the safety of all our players."

G4u, Gfus, Gfy Good for you, go fuck yourself No, unless used for the second phrase.
GG Good game No
GJ Good job No
GL Good luck, get lost No
Glwt Good luck with that No
Glory Amulet of glory


Gmaul Granite maul No
GMT Greenwich Mean Time No
GP Gold pieces, coin, good point No
Gr8 Great No
Gr8 axe Dharok's greataxe No
Gratz, Grats, Gz Congratulations No
GS Godsword,ghost squad No
G Spear Guthans warspear No
GT Gran Turismo,get told No
GTFO Get the fuck off, get the fuck out (of my house/of chat/of here), got to fuck off, go to Fun Orb   No, as stated by Jagex.
GTG/G2G Got to go No
Guth, Gth Guthix, or Guthan's No


Gay Yes.


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?



HAM Humans Against Monsters No
Hax Hack/To cheat (most often used as a joke, but also a term for account thievery or abusing bugs) No
Haxor A player who "hacks" or is an expert internet user (most often used as a joke, as above) No
Helm Helmet No
Hemmy, Hemi Hemenster No
Herb/Herby Herblore No
Herro Funny way of saying 'hello'. No
Hilt Godsword hilt No
Hit Ler, Hit/ler, Hetler Hitler

If used in a racist manner, then yes.

Reportable in German worlds.

Hits/HP Hitpoints, healthpoints, heart-points No
Hiya, Hi Hello No

Ho, Hoe



To log out then change worlds



HPK Honour PKing (See also: NH)


HRU How Are You? No
Hr Hour No
LHT, HT (Lumbridge) Home teleport No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
IC I see No
IDC I don't care No
IDK I don't know No
IDTS I don't think so No
Iggy, iggi Ignore list No
Ihu/ihy I hate you No
Ik I know No
Ikr I know right? No
ilu, ily, i<3u I love you No
IMA I'm going to No
IMO In my opinion No
IMHO In my honest/humble opinion No
IRL In real life No
Irn Iron No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
Jad TzTok-Jad No
Janitor A player who collects monster/player drops that were left behind No
Jacking/Jerking Off/ Jerk Masturbate Yes
JK/Jkn/Jkin Joke/Just kidding/Joking No
JP/JPn/JPin Just Playing No
JMod Jagex moderator No
Jw Just wondering,jumping worlds No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
K, kk Okay/kilo meaning 1,000 (e.g.: 10K=10,000)/kilogram No
K0/KO Knock-out, instant kill No
KB Knowledge Base, former name for Game Guide No
KBD King Black Dragon No
KC Kill count No
Kelda, Keldy Keldagrim No
Kewl or Kool or Kul or kwl Cool No
Kite Kite shield No
KJ Kill Jacked No
Kl/Kwl Cool No
KMA Kiss my ass No
Kom Come, or .com Yes, second, if used in the form of advertisement
KQ Kalphite Queen No
KKK Ku Klux Klan. Yes, if used with racism.


Literally "Kill steal(er/ing)", meaning to attack a monster another player already attacked, and 'stealing' the experience and any drops the original player may have gotten. No
Kum Cum - Semen, sperm, Jiz Yes


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
L Shorthand of lol, Short form of loser No

L2PK, L2__

Learn to PK - Players often use this if a player doesn't succeed at PJ'ing (A form of Player Killing). Sometimes players will drop the "PK" and add their own suffix, for example "L2merch" meaning learn to merchant. Usually used as in insult after someone has failed at something. No


l35, less, lez, les bien, lezbien, lezbo,lesbean,lessbean

Getting laid, having sex, only seen a few times.




L8r/L8er Later/See you later No
Lag, Lagg Latency, slow or unreliable internet connection No
Large Full helm No
Later Often used as "See you later" No
Law Law rune No
Lawl Laugh, LOL (LOL and Lawl are both pronounced "lawl" in most cases) No
LBS Leaf-bladed Sword, Leaf-bladed Spear, or just the abbreviation of pounds No
Leet/L33t/1337 Elite, a language of symbols replacing characters (see leet), or an adjective to describe expertise at the game or other computer/internet related skills No
Legs Platelegs No
Lesser Lesser demon No
Leb, Lebbo, Lebo Lebanese person If used in a racist manner, then yes.
Leg, Legal A person legal to drink, purchase pornography and/or purchase cigarettes Of used in any of these ways, yes.
LFG Looking For Group No
Life Ring of Life No
Limit Refer to Trade limit. Often used by item lenders to lending an item out without having to junk trade No
Lirl Laughing in real life No
Lmao Laughing my ass off No
Lmfao Laughing my fucking/freaking ass off No
Lob/Lobby/Lobs Lobster No
Lol, lolz, lul, lulz Laugh out loud/(rarely) Lots of Laughs, Lots of Love (rarely) No
Lollage Many lols/Much lolling No
Long Longsword/Longbow No
Looter One that gathers on the spot of a kill in hopes they can get something valuable. No
Lpot/LP Lobster Pot No
lo.ol A combination of lol and o.o No
LS Loot Share No
LSP Loot Share points No
LTNS Long time, no see No
Lumby/Lummy Lumbridge No
Lvl/lv Level No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
M/Mil Million (e.g:. 6M=6,000,000) No
M8 Mate, sex, sexual mate if used for last2, yes
MA Mobilising Armies No
Mage Referring to the Magic skill, a player who uses Magic more than Range or Melee, or a NPC Wizard, or spells of the Magic skill, OR a player with 99 Magic. No
Mage Tank Player with both a Mage level and a Defensive level of upwards of 90 or higher. No
Magi Magicians No
Main A player's main character No
MB Mage Bank No
Maul Granite maul or Obsidian maul No
Mauler Player who uses a Granite maul or a Obsidian maul as their weapon No
Maxed When a stat has reached level 99 (e.g.: maxed strength), also when someone has hit their max hit on a person/Having a combat level of 126 (free to play) or 138 (members), and when a player has reached the maximum experience through the assist system at the time No
Max hit/Max Largest amount of damage a player can inflict in one hit No
M camp Mountain Camp No
Med/ Med helm Medium helmet No
Meh The verbal equivalent of a shrug of the shoulders or not caring No
Mem/Memb Member No
Mep1 Mourning's end part 1 No
Mep2 Mourning's end part 2 No
Misc Miscellaneous, Miscellania or the Kingdom mini-game there No
Mith Mithril No
Mm Monkey Madness , or the sound made in agreement. No
MMOG Massively multiplayer online game No
MMORPG Massively multiplayer online role-playing game No
Mod Moderator No
MF/motherfu—ker/mofo motherfucker, More food

If it's used to say mother fucker,then yes

Mon Monitor, or the mistitling of a moderator, Monster(s) No
MOM Mysterious Old Man (Random Event), Mother No
Mossies Moss giants No
Ms MechScape, MapleStory, MySpace, Microsoft, Miss If used to advertise, then yes. Otherwise, no.
MSB Magic Short Bow No
Msg Message No
MYOB Mind your own business No
MYOFB Mind your own fucking business No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
Naab/Narb A friendly and sarcastic variation of "noob" and "newb" No
Nat Nature rune , no No
NB Not bad No
Nerf To weaken something, also used to reference a "softening" of an item's bonuses, special attacks, or experience values. Some examples are the Pest Control update and a hidden update that "slowed down" the Bone crossbow. No
Newb A new player (newbie) No
Nex/Nxt Short for next No
NFS Not for sale, Need For Speed (video game series) No
NFSU Need For Speed Underground (spin off series of Need For Speed). As the last game in the series was released over 5 years ago, this is rarely used anymore. No
NH No honour; a player who prays or safes in a 1v1 in a PvP fight No
NJ No Joke No
NM, nvm Never mind, Not much, No message (comment) No
Noob, Nub]]

General insult, synonym for "newb" The 'nub' version is used by people who find typing four letters difficult.

No lifing Spending a very excessive amount of time on RuneScape, usually to train a skill No
NOYB None of your Business, None of your beeswax No
NP No problem, Not personal (Often used as no disrespect to another player) (often used for "you're welcome" in response to "thank you") No
NPC Non-player character/Non-playable character No
Nrgy Energy No
NTY No thank you No
Ntrly, Norly Not really No
Nvm, Naah Never mind, not very much No
NYC, NY New York City Possibly. If used to say a player's address (down to street number), then yes. Otherwise, no.


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
O Oh No
Obby Obsidian, as in TzHaar items or the Soul Obelisk in Soul Wars, also a type of pure with low attack and high strength No
OFC Of course No
Ohai Oh hi, referring to the PedoBear Meme No
OHKO One-Hit KO, used to say that something is killed in one hit. No
OIC Oh, I see No
OMG Oh my God/gosh/goodness, Oh my guthix No
OMFG Oh my fucking God No
OMW On my way, Oh my word No
OMGWTFBBQ (sauce) Oh my God/gosh/goodness, What the fuck, Bitch be quiet (sauce) or Oh my God, What The Fuck, Barbaque (sauce) No
Orly(nao) Short for "Oh, really (now)?" Sometimes used sarcastically. No
Own To kill/beat/overcome something/someone with ease. No
Onyd Oh no you didn't No
Oyg Oh your god, usually a person may say this when he is atheist. No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
P155 Piss Yes
P2P(er) Member (Pay-to-Play) No
Packy Paki (Pakistani person) Yes
Pass Password, Shantay pass, Underground Pass, Skip If asking for passwords, yes
PAW Parents are watching No
Pawn Similar to "pwn", porn If used to say porn, then yes.
Pc Pest Control, price check No
Pess Pure Essence, piss Only reportable for the second meaning
Pen Is, Pennys, Peniz, 'Penis Penis Yes
Piling Multiple people attacking the same opponent. No
Pick(x), pick, pik, pikax Pickaxe No
PJ(er) Pile Jump(er) or Player Jumping. After a kill in Bounty Hunter or Pvp worlds a person comes and attacks you before/after you get the pile while you're low on food and takes your death pile and your kill pile No
PK(er) Player kill(er) No
Plate/Pl8 Platebody No
Plox, Pl0x, Plawks Please, Please and Thank You No
Pls, Plz Please No
Pm Private message, pussy massage No ,reportable for second meaning
PMod Player moderator No
POC Player Owned City, often referring to a Role Playing clan that acts as a city No
POH Player-owned houses No
Pos Parents over shoulder, piece of shit No
Pot Potion, Lobster pot No
Potter Someone who uses potions to fight, Pottery No
Poond Variation of pwnd No
Pray Prayer No
Prayer PKer/PRPK Someone who hangs around PvPhot zones, normally Lumbridge without any armour on collecting bones to bury No
Price Check Term used to open a Trade screen to find the Price of the item if sold in the Grand Exchange for the middle Price, used before Price Checker was released No
Prayer noob Insulting term used to refer to a player that uses Protection prayers in combat. No
Ps1, ps, psx PlayStation (original) No
Ps2 PlayStation 2 No
Ps3 PlayStation 3 No
PSP PlayStation Portable No
PSN PlayStation Network (online service) No
Pure Someone who trains only one skill, or someone who only trains combat , 100% No

Pure set


Chaps and vambraces only, no body, or a super attack potion and super strength potion

Pussy (Vagina)



Pwn, pwnage Pronounced "Pown". To defeat over and over again with great ease, and with almost no resistance. No
Pwnd, pwnt Owned (To be beaten) No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
QC/Q chat Quick Chat , QC can also sometimes mean Quest Cape, for example if a player asks another player 'Do you have a qc?' No
QP/QPS Quest points No
Q Question, queue No
Quiff The hairstyle, Vaginal flatulence Yes if used for second meaning


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
R2H Rune two-handed sword No
Range Tank Player with both Ranged based combat and a Defensive level of 90 or higher. No
RC Runecraft No
RC Pker Runecrafter Player Killer. Someone who killed a Runecrafter on its way to the Abyss runecrafting area, which is now impossible. No
RD Rune Defender No
Recoil Ring of Recoil No
Red bar Term sometimes used to describe a monster/person with so little HP that its health bar is almost completely red. No
Req(s) Request assistance, Requirement(s) No
Rev Revenant Sometimes used as a danger warning if a revenant comes. No
Rexxy Dagganoth Rex No
Rimmy Rimmington No
RFD Recipe for Disaster No
RL Real life No
Rly Really No
Rm Rematch No
R/Re Are No
Robin Robin Hood hat No
ROFL, ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing No
ROFLCOPTERS A variation of ROFL. Reports of players being muted for saying this have recently been seen on the forums. 10/25/09 No
ROFLMAO Rolling on floor laughing my ass off No
ROL Ring of life No
RoW Ring of Wealth No
RS RuneScape No
RS2 RuneScape 2 No
RS3 A mistitled way to refer to RuneScape HD, or RuneScape 3, a rumoured future game. No
RSC RuneScape Classic No
RSHD Runescape HD No
RSOF RuneScape Official Forums No
Rtrd, Rtard Retard



Real World Trading



Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
SC, s clay Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons, Stealing Creation, Skill capes No
Safer Someone who heals at a hitpoints value that is greater than the maximum hit of his/her opponent.  A player killing term used in one vs. one combat (some use it in multi-way combat incorrectly). No
Santa Santa Claus, Santa hat No
Saph Sapphire No
Sara Saradomin No
Scimmy/Skimmy/Scim Scimitar No
Scorpy Scorpion No
Secks, 53X Sex Yes
Seers Seers' Village No
Sgs Saradomin godsword No
Shilo Shilo Village No
Short Shortsword/Shortbow No
Skirt Plateskirt No
Skiller Someone who trains Non-Combat skills (can be any combat level)/More commonly someone who trains non-combat skills primarily or exclusively No
Sok Abbreviation of "It's OK", or suck, sock No
SOS Stronghold of security No
Solo/soloing To attempt to kill a boss monster alone who could otherwise be fought in teams. No
SMB Suck my balls / Super Mario Bros No
SMD Suck my dick/donkey No
SMFD Suck my fucking dick No
Soz/sowrie Sorry (soz can also be a way of saying "so", especially as in hesitation, ie "Soz.....what should I do now?") No
Spec Special attack, Spectral spirit shield No
Sq Square No
srs / srsly serious/seriously No
Sry/srry Sorry No
STFU Shut the fuck up No
STHU Shut the Hell up No
Str Strength No
Str noob Insulting term used against players with high strength but low defence or attack No
SS Saradomin sword, SwiftSwitch, screenshot, Santa suit No
Super sets Super attack potion, Super defence potion, Super strength potion No
Sup What's up No
Sul see you later No
SW Soul Wars No
swh Statius's warhammer No
Sw00t See "W00t", super w00t, sweet w00t, or abbreviation of "so what" No
Sword(y) Swordfish, Sword, or Longsword No
Syd Sydney (city) If used to say address right down to house/apartment number, then yes. Otherwise, no.


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
Tally Talisman No
Tank Player with high defence, a player assigned to take the hits in a group battle. No
Ttas/Tas The Temple at Senntisten No
Tav Taverley No
Tavvy Taverley No
TBH To be honest No
TB Teleport Block, Trouble Brewing, or Temple Building No
T Bow Training bow No
Tds Tormented demons No
Teh, T3H, Tha The No
Tele Teleport No
Thnx Thanks No
Thx Thanks No
Tnl To Next Level No
Tog Tears of Guthix No
Total/ ttl Total level No
TT Treasure Trail No
TTFN Ta ta for now No
TTYL Talk to you later No
Twit Twitter No
TWHS/TWSS That's what he/she said No
TY Thank you No
TYSM Thank you so much No
TYVM Thank you very much No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
U You No
Uber super No
Unid Unidentified herb (since the "grimy herb" update, this saying isn't used very often) No
Ur Your, you are No
Utube YouTube No, yes if used to advertise


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
V Brassy Verac's brassard (Armour) No
Vambs/Vmbs Vambraces No
Varry/Varr/Varok Varrock No
Ver, V Verac's (Armour) No
Veng Vengeance or Vengeance Other. Often used in PvP Worlds. No
Vent Ventrilo, a voice chat service No
Vid Video No
Vls Vesta longsword No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?


World (Often used in the phrase "W (the world) Plz") No
W2G Way to go No
Wat What (Short form of what) No
WBU? What About you? No
W8 Wait No
W/e Whatever or weekend depending on context No
W/o Without No
Was up What's up No
Wat What No
Wayd What are you doing No
WB Welcome back No
WBM Wanna-be moderator, someone who acts like a moderator or hopes to be one No
WC(ing),WC Woodcutting, Wrong Chat No
Wealth Ring of wealth No
WFT Well Fuck That No
Wgs While Guthix sleeps No
WH World Hop, expression meaning to change server No
Whammy Warhammer No
Whip Abyssal whip No


Wnka, W4nk3r, Wnkr





w()g, worg Wog (Indian, Greek or Italian person) Yes 
WOM Wise Old Man No
Woot/W00t/W00t0x/Wewt Woohoo, exclamation of happiness; (from "Wow, loot!" or "We Owned the Other Team"[1]) No
WP Wrong person/player (used after sending private message's to an incorrect person) No
Wrld World No
Wru Where Are You or Who Are You? No



What the fuck, well that failed, who the fuck or where the fuck, Welcome to falador, who that fag

Way to go, What the Guthix


Wth What the Hell/Heck No
Wubu2 What you been up to? No
Wuu2 What you up to? No


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
X-bow Crossbow No
Xfer Transferring money/items from one account to another. (Usually surpassing the Trade Limit) The act of, yes.


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
Y? Why? No
Y Yes, why No
Ya Yeah No
Yarly Yes really, often a response to the question Orly, which may be used sarcastically No
Ye, Yeh, Yh Yes/yeah No
Yer Yes No
Yesh Yeah No
Yews Yew logs, commonly sold to members by free players No
Yew Long Yew longbow, often bought by those wanting to cast High level alchemy on them. No
YL/YLB Yew longbow No
YW You're welcome, Yew No
YH Yeah No
YMML You make me laugh No
YT Youtube No , yes if used to advertise


Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
Zam, Zammy Zamorak No
Zarry Zaros, God banished by Zamorak at the end of the Second Age, using the Staff of Armadyl. No
Zerker Berzerker/Berzerker Pure (45 Def) No
Zgs Zamorak godsword No
Z0mg Oh my God/gosh/goodness. People frequently pressed Z instead of Shift when typing with the QWERTY keyboard, and it eventually became an acceptable variation of "omg". Could also be interpreted as "Zamorak, oh my God" or "Zezima, our mighty God" in the context of RuneScape. No
Zoot Often another way of expressing happyness, instead of saying woot. Other forms include: z00t, zewt, z3wt. No
Z spear, zs Zamorakian Spear No


  1. ^ From Urban Dictionary.

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Leia Organa: "Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder!"
Han Solo: "Who's scruffy-looking?"
Leia Organa to Han Solo


Planet of origin


Height of average adult

1.3 meters

Hair color



Four horns, shaggy fur

Nerfs were a species of antlered, herbivorous mammal found all across the galaxy.



Nerfs were quadrupeds characterized by their four, curved horns and shaggy coats of fur. The common nerf stood about 1.3 meters at the shoulder. Their mass of hair tangled easily, creating a perfect web for insects and foreign objects to cling to. Thus, they carried around a pungent odor. Nerfs often chewed on their cuds, creating excessive spittle that further added to their disgusting image. The spit was sticky, black in color, and near-impossible to remove from clothing. Their saliva also had acidic qualities, and could cause burns if it landed on exposed skin.

Male nerfs were generally larger and more aggressive than their female counterparts, with more pronounced horns. They were known to trample the young and batter the females. Because of this, males were kept separated from the rest of the herd. [1]

In the wild, nerfs were common prey for predators such as manka cats and taoparis. They were often hunted by sentient beings such as the Gungans. Nerfs had unusually keen night-vision, helping them to spot nocturnal predators at ease.


Nerfs originated on Alderaan and were raised on farms and in animal nurseries on planets such as Alderaan and Kashyyyk. Because of the nerfs' importance in the galaxy, they were exported from Alderaan and bred to exist on other worlds, specifically in the Core and Inner Rim, thus the Nerfs did not go extinct when Alderaan was destroyed in 0 BBY. Nerfs were not commonly found beyond the Mid Rim, since most ranchers chose to breed and raise the less-troublesome Bantha. Some planets developed efficient nerf production and monitoring programs, such as the Fennesa Nerf Herding Council.

Herders of the beasts—nerf herders—were well known for being as scruffy-looking and surly as their livestock. They would take the females and young out in the field to graze for weeks at a time, while the males ate harvested grasses back on the ranch. Although nerf herders were looked upon as lesser beings, their role in society was vital. Nerf-hide and fur was treated with chemicals and carded into sheets of wool for use in clothing, foot-wear, and furniture.
A nerf and herder.

Nerf meat was among the most profitable in the galaxy, and nerf steak restaurants were commonly found in the Core Worlds. The nerf meat industry was a very important sector of the economy of planets such as Olanet. Some companies were dedicated to processing nerf meat, such as Haugg Nerf Industries, Grand Horn Ranch Corporation and Davengatt's Double-Zed Nerf Ranch. [2] [3] Nerf meat was prepared and served in a variety of ways such as:


Because of the nerf's ability to easily adapt to harsh environments, several defined sub-species existed. Alderaan itself was home to two sub-species of nerf; the common plains nerf, and the leaner forest nerf. A number of nerf breeds were also found on the Tunroth Triumvirate worlds.

A Grizmallt nerf.
  • The Grizmallt nerf was exceedingly rare and could only be found on the planet Grizmallt. They bore a strong resemblance to eopies with antlers. In fact, their lean appearance had led some xenobiologists to question whether or not the creature was in fact a true nerf.
  • The Mountain nerf evolved on Fennesa after being brought there by a group of colonists. The colonists allowed the nerfs to wander freely through the mountains, and they soon began hunkering down in caves. This made it difficult to capture them for shearing. Their spit was more acidic than the common nerf, and could cause burns on the skin if not promptly washed off.
  • The Wildernerf was, like its name suggests, a wild species of nerf native to a number of planets, including Noqiuvzor.[9]

Nerfs in culture

  • Nerf-throwing was an illegal and unorthodox sport in which contestants would throw nerfs for distance and accuracy.
  • Nerf-pox was a mild infection common among Alderaanian children.


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Non-canon appearances


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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

"Nerf" is a term used to describe the altering of a card's effect or ruling, or of it's Forbidden/Limited status, to make that card or a certain deck that revolves around that card, far less powerful or more situational than it was previously. For instance, "Card of Sanctity" in the anime was given the effect of allowing both players to draw until they had 6 cards in their hand. When it was printed as a real-world card in "The Lost Millennium", that effect was changed to the card's controller removing all cards in their hand and on their side of the field from play to draw two cards. Since the card was so drastically changed in effect to make it far less powerful and - therefore - less desirable, a player may see fit to call it "nerfed".

Another example is the card "Major Riot"; originally, its effect would activate whenever a monster was returned to its controller's hand, regardless of how it was returned. Recent rulings, however, changed it so that the monster must be returned by the opponent's effect before "Major Riot" can activate. Since the change in ruling severely reduced the amount of combos that could be used with it, it can be considered "nerfed".

A third example is the card "Berserk Dragon"; originally the card said "..can only be Special Summoned by the effect of "A Deal with Dark Ruler".", making it a Semi-Nomi monster when first released. It was later changed to "...except by...", changing the card to a Nomi monster. "Chaos Sorcerer" also says "...can only be Special Summoned by...", however, this was never changed to "Nomi". Both of the cards had the same text for Special Summoning, except one was changed to Nomi.

A final example would be a change to the Forbidden/Limited List to limit "Thousand-Eyes Restrict", "Metamorphosis", and "Scapegoat" at the same time, to curb the use of Goat Control Decks. Many players did not see the reason for limiting all three cards, and this was further compounded when, in a later List, "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" was switched from Limited to Forbidden, without altering the status of the two other two cards. Therefore, the very Deck that these limits were supposed to curb was considered "nerfed", as the one major strategy of the Deck was greatly weakened, and later nullified completely, undermining the entire point to the Deck. Even in Traditional Format, this Deck is still greatly weakened.

Facts about NerfRDF feed

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