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Final Fantasy V Enemy
Neo Exdeath
Level HP MP
F: 81
T: 83
M: 67
B: 86
F: 50,000
T: 55,000
M: 55,000
B: 60,000
Total: 220,000
Strength Magic
99 F: 10
T: 10
M: 21
B: 15
Defense M. Defense Evasion
30 F: 25
T: 20
M: 10
B: 20
0 0
Japanese ネオエクスデス
Romaji Neoekusudesu
RPGe Name Neo X-Deth
PS Name Neo X-Deth
GBA Name Neo Exdeath
Location Interdimensional Rift
Type F: Nothing
T: Dragon
M: Creature, Heavy
B: Humanoid
Steal F: Murakumo
T: Dragon Lance
M: Fuma Shuriken
B: Ragnarok
Item Dropped Nothing
Abilities Aeroga, Almagest, Meteor, Blizzaga, Comet, Delta Attack, Dispel, Firaga, Flare, Grand Cross, Holy, Maelstrom, Thundaga, Vacuum Wave.
Blue Magic B: Aeroga
Control N/A
Catch N/A
Weak Against Nothing
Immune to Nothing
Absorbs Nothing
Status Immunity Poison, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Death, Berserk, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep
F, T, and B: Old
T and M: Slow

Neo Exdeath is the Final Boss of Final Fantasy V. When Exdeath is consumed by the Void, he is turned into a raging beast that only wants to consume and turn all to nothingness, so that it, too, can disappear.

The background is the only known fully animated battle background in Final Fantasy V, similar to the final battle of Final Fantasy IV.

Neo Exdeath's theme is simply called "Neo Exdeath".


Neo Exdeath is split between four body parts, here referred to as the:

  • Front (F) - the horned humanoid figure,
  • Top (T) - the region between the red and wolf-like creatures,
  • Middle (M) - near to the grinning horned skull,
  • Back (B) - the two skeletal figures.

The stats in the infobox applies to all parts unless stated.

Neo Exdeath attacks quickly and relentlessly, using a variety of status problems, physical attacks, magic attacks, defensive spells, the almighty Almagest spell, and his dangerous Grand Cross attack. The best strategy is to attack each section one part at a time. The Front section has the least HP, but should be focused on thirdly due to its lack of powerful attacks. By now, the party should be well equipped, so just have the best attackers focus on it.

For healing, the best strategy is to have a White Mage with Doublecast constantly heal. Since this is the last battle, items (and gil if you have Zeninage) can be used with reckless abandon, unless the player is using the Advance version. If you are playing the Advance version though, the Gladiator's Finisher attack can be used to easily damage Neo Exdeath.

By this point in the game, if the player cannot easily beat Neo Exdeath, the only thing to do is go back and start training. However, the cheapest method is to make the party all Mimes, with one of them equipped with the Summon and Doublecast commands. Have that characters summon Bahamut twice then keep miming each other.

Also for an easy win, master Ninja, Hunter, and Samurai. Go to Normal class and equip Rapid Fire, and Zeninage. Having mastered Ninja all party members will already have Dualwield. First form Rapid Fire five to six times should finish him off, second form just keep tossing gil. This should kill him before he has a chance to use his first Grand Cross. All in all, however, as efficient as these methods may be, Neo Exdeath is almost always battled with a Freelancer party with many of the Job classes already mastered.

Remember to keep all party members alive when defeating him to get the game's best ending.

Note: Although it is overall not a good idea to use one-hit KO moves on bosses, it is notable that the Summon Odin's Zantetsuken attack CAN, in fact, one-shot the back portion of Exdeath.

Other Appearances

Neo Exdeath makes a small cameo in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a Player Icon for the player to choose.


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