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Average height

1.5 meters (females), 3 meters (males, mutant), 2 meters (males)[1]

Skin color


Hair color

Blue-green with black headcrest[1]

Eye color



Wolf-like appearance, black hair, long snouts, sharp teeth

Famous members

Orvos, Harvos, Tuzes-Adaz

The Nelvaanians, or Nelvaans, were a race of blue-furred lupine humanoids native to the planet Nelvaan. The Nelvaanians called their planet the 'Great Mother', which they worshiped.

Nelvaanian males became warriors and scouts while the females were builders, gatherers, and raised the children. The tribe was governed by one shaman who claimed spiritual rites within a clan, and one chief, elected through a series of religious tests and mutual admiration.



A Nelvaanian hunter stands over a destroyed B1 battle droid

During the Clone Wars, Nelvaan was the location of a CIS base run by members of the Techno Union. General Grievous lured warriors from the Rokrul village by having them believe he was a prophesied figure out of Nelvaan mythology. Techno Union scientists then captured them, and physically and mentally altered them into cyborgs for the war.

Anakin Skywalker, who was referred to by the race as Holt Kazed (Ghost Hand in their language), freed them and destroyed the Separatist base. Although initially frightened by the appearance of their warriors, the females and children soon grew to accept them. Future generations of males retained the traits of their mutant progenitors, and as a result were larger than the females, who did not inherit the aforementioned characteristic.

Behind the scenes

The name "Nelvaan" is a reference to the animation studio Nelvana, which produced the Droids and Ewoks animated series.

Their language is based on Hungarian and their culture is reminiscent of Native American traditions. Several Russian phrases are also clearly recognizable in the speech of mutated male Nelvaanians (see Nelvaanese article for full transcriptions).

Nelvaanian female and children of Rokrul village.

The name of their myth "Holt Kazed" means "Dead Hand" in Hungarian (properly: Holt Kéz).



Notes and references


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