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Nejaa Halcyon
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81 BBY


19.5 BBY (15), Susevfi[1]

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Rise of the Empire era

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Valin Halcyon

Nejaa Halcyon was a Corellian Jedi Master, and the biological father of Valin Halcyon (later renamed Hal Horn to hide the child from Jedi hunters), and grandfather of Corran Horn. His friend Ylenic It'kla called him Spicewood.




Early history

Like all Jedi in the later days of the Galactic Republic, Nejaa Halcyon was identified at an early age and taken to Coruscant for training as a youngling under Master Yoda. In the ensuing years he would progress through the ranks of the order—from Padawan, to Jedi Knight (60 BBY), and finally to Jedi Master. Like some other Corellian Jedi, Nejaa Halcyon was married. He and his wife, Scerra Halcyon also produced a son.

As a Jedi scout, Halcyon found the Force-sensitive Boc Aseca on Ryloth, but since the Twi'lek was too old to enter training, Halcyon had the unfortunate duty to tell the boy that he would never achieve his dream of becoming a Jedi. He became partners with Rostek Horn in 32 BBY.

The Clone Wars

After Corellia closed its borders during the Separatist Crisis, Halcyon led a contingent of Corellian Jedi who returned to the Republic proper, stating that, "Our commitment is to the Jedi Council and the Republic that it serves, but we are Corellians by blood and will always have a connection to our home."

During the Clone Wars, Aayla Secura and Ylenic It'kla, in the search for the scientist Ratri Tane on Corellia, discovered that Ratri Tane was actually Nejaa Halcyon.[2]

Almost immediately after, he was dispatched by the Council as the leader of a mission to reel in the rogue Judicial corvette Scarlet Thranta, which under Captain Zozridor Slayke had undertaken a self-appointed mission against the Separatists. When he arrived on Bpfassh to arrest Slayke; Slayke stole Nejaa's ship, Plooriod Bodkin, leaving Halcyon's crew stranded on Bpfassh for months with only one prisoner, Grudo, disgracing him in the eyes of many. Later in the war, Halcyon was personally appointed by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to lead a clone force to Praesitlyn to relieve Freedom's Sons after they had brashly attacked a much larger droid invasion army. Halcyon, a Jedi General, requested that Anakin Skywalker join him in Skywalker's last mission before Jedi Knighthood, and also recruited his former prisoner Grudo to help him. In the ensuing Battle of Praesitlyn, Halcyon led the Republic to victory.[3]

At some point during the war, he served alongside Jan Dodonna.

In the final months of the war, Halcyon, It'kla and another Jedi known only as "Desertwind" were sent on a mission to uncover the Sith, in a desperate hope to ferret out the Republic's true enemy, and bring the war to an end. Halcyon left his secret wife and child in the care of his friend Rostek Horn, and followed the Sith trail to Susevfi.

There, they uncovered the Sith-inspired cult known as the Jensaarai. In the encounter, Halcyon was killed in combat with Nikkos Tyris, an Anzati Dark Jedi, but not before defeating Tyris. Halcyon's body disappeared, becoming one with the Force. His lightsaber was given to the Jedi collection of the Galactic Museum.

It'kla would return to Halcyon's family with the news of the Jedi Master's death, and, in the dark years of the Great Jedi Purge, Rostek Horn would adopt Halcyon's son, changing his name to "Hal Horn" to avoid Imperial attention.


Like other Jedi from the Halcyon family, Nejaa had virtually no telekinetic ability under normal circumstances. However, he had a talent for absorbing energy, such as from blaster bolts or lightsaber blades. With this energy, Nejaa could perform the same telekinetic feats that most Jedi could accomplish normally. Nejaa was also very skilled in the use of mental projection via the Force.



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