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For the crown, see Helm of neitiznot.
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Neitiznot (pronounced "Nay-tizz-not"[1]) is a village on one of the Fremennik Isles, accessible only during and after The Fremennik Isles quest. The isle's name is derived from the words 'No-it-is-not'. Its neighbouring island, called Jatizso means the opposite: Yes-it-is-so. These names appear to symbolise the cold war between the isles. Locals will address players by their Fremennik name gained during The Fremennik Trials. It can be accessed by talking to Maria Gunnars on Relleka's northern-most dock.

The Neitiznot town centre.

Neitiznot is a great location for training the Crafting skill, since it has bank chests, spinning wheel, furnace, crafting shop, and yaks, which drop yak hides to tan & make yak-hide armour and hair spin into rope using the spinning wheel. A full list of what Neitiznot has is below.

The first few steps of The Fremennik Isles are required to get to Neitiznot. The village offers the following advantages:

A large geyser.
  • It is possible to kill Ice Troll Runts accompanied by three Honour Guards. Players only need to hit the enemies once to get their drops. Most of the time, the trolls will attack the guards instead of the player, saving hitpoints. Many players find Neitiznot more efficient for fighting Ice Trolls than Jatizso because of this reason, and the fact that there are fewers trolls which makes the place less dangerous.
  • Yaks are close to a bank. Yaks are great for combat training and the 100% drops (hide and hairs) represent a potential of 57 Crafting experience. With a short bank trip, it makes sense to bank all drops for later Crafting. They have the same hitpoints as Rock crabs, which are famous for their combat experience, and are less crowded as well.
Neitiznot, on the left, and its sister island Jatizso.

Also see the sister town of Jatizso, that has some matching features. Interestingly, the word Jatizso is pronounced similarly to Ya, 'tis so. This is notable because the kings of Jatizso and Neitiznot are engaged in a continuing quarrel. Some players say, that the two islands are outlined in the shape of two dragon heads facing off. The word Neitiznot is pronounced similarly to Nay, 'tis not, showing the contradiction between the two islands.[1]



Players Killing Yaks

To the north of the city...





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