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Nei Rin
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Zonama Sekot

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Yuuzhan Vong



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Legacy era


Nei Rin was a Yuuzhan Vong Master Shaper allied with the New Jedi Order.


She was entrusted by Kol Skywalker to lead the Ossus Project, and kept a coral craft beneath the Jedi Praxeum. When the project went wrong, however, she investigated and discovered that the effort had been sabotaged by the One Sith.

By the time she arrived back on Ossus with her findings, it was too lateā€”the Massacre had taken place and half the New Jedi Order was dead, with the rest scattered and in hiding. She and her guards, Liaan Lah and Choka Skell, gathered up what Jedi artifacts hadn't been looted by pirates and safeguarded them in a repository under the temple. Among the dead were Kol Skywalker, whose body she cremated in a Jedi funeral. Afterward, Rin remained on Ossus.

Because she was partners with Kol Skywalker on the Ossus Project, Nei Rin felt indebted to his son, Cade Skywalker. Upon Cade's second departure from Ossus, she gave him his father's lightsaber, which contained a lambent crystal of her shaping.

Shortly afterward, Darth Stryfe ordered the destruction of the Academy, under which Rin, a few Jedi, and her two fellow Yuuzhan Vong were hiding to escape detection from an Imperial patrol. She and her companions all survived, but the Jedi then left for the Hidden Temple.


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