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A Negh'Var class leading a Klingon fleet

The Negh'Var class battleships were large Klingon warships used in the 24th century.



The Negh'Var class was a powerful new form of warship developed by the Klingon Empire in secret, with very few even among the Klingon High Council knowing of the project's existence. It was a significant departure from "traditional" Klingon designs which favored swift, agile vessels, instead offering heavy firepower and pure brute strength.

Negh'Var class ships were larger than Starfleet's Galaxy-class ships, and were capable of carrying a security detail of 2,700 personnel. They were armed with disruptors, heavy disruptors and photon torpedoes. (video games: Armada, Armada II)

Kurak, daughter of Haleka was the main designer of the prototype IKS Negh'Var. (TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)

It is unknown if all ships of this class had cloaking devices, as none other than Martok's flagship were capable of engaging cloaking. However, in a future timeline where the Klingon Empire conquers the Romulan Star Empire, a ship resembling the Negh'Var was capable of cloaking to escape battle. (video games: Armada, Armada II)
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The prototype Negh'Var was launched in 2372 and became the flagship for the Chancellor during the Invasion of Cardassia. (DS9 episode: "The Way of the Warrior")

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The Negh'Var-class was a type of warship fielded by the Klingon Empire in the latter half of the 24th century.

When it came into service it was one of the largest ships fielded by the Alpha Quadrant powers. The ship most notable features are two large weapon pods that are slung under the wings of the vessel. These pods contain two heavy disruptor cannons that are among the most powerful conventional weapons equipped on Klingon warships at the time.

The Negh'Var-class first saw service as the flagship of the Klingon Defense Force in 2372 where it led the invasion of Cardassia. The ship would also be involved in the following First Battle of Deep Space 9 where its heavy firepower, in particular its dual heavy disruptors, managed to bring down Deep Space 9's shields. (DS9: "Way of the Warrior")

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