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Planet of origin
Average length


Average wingspan


Skin color

Orange (Rugosan variety)
Gray (Giant Kaliidan variety)

Hair color


Eye color



Live in vacuum of space, long wings, limbless[1]

Ahsoka: "That one looks hungry!"
Anakin: "Nah, he's just smiling at you."
Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, dodging Nebrays in the Kaliida Nebula

Neebray were flying, limbless creatures which differed greatly in size and lifestyle, perhaps depending on age. They could be found on many worlds, such as Rugosa, a Rishi moon, Tatooine (where they sometimes circled over Jabba's Palace), and even in space, notably in the Kaliida Nebula along the Balmorra Run.[1]



Giant neebray mantas in the Kaliida Nebula

On the moon Rugosa, tiny baby neebray flew among the coral forests of the moon's long dried-up ocean beds. [2] A moderately large variety had transluscent wings, and could be found on a Rishi moon. The gigantic nebray manta lived in the vacuum of space, feeding on stellar gases. They used the Kaliida Nebula as nesting grounds.


During the Clone Wars, Shadow Squadron encountered a flock of neebray manta while navigating the Balmorra Run on their way through the Kaliida Nebula. A brush with one caused one of Matchstick's engine stabilizers to give out. This crippling would cause Matchstick and Tag's death during the Battle of the Kaliida Nebula. A brush with another neebray caused an astromech droid's dome to be knocked off, destroying it.

Behind the scenes

A neebray on Rishi moon.

At least three separate neebray breeds were based on the nebray manta model, not necessarily that they all then have to be nebray manta.[3].

Similar creatures were thranta and oswaft.

Plo Koon pronounced the name as neh-bray man-ta, giving further evidence that neebray should be spelled with one 'e'.

It is unclear if neebray lived in wild breeding populations on Tatooine and a Rishi moon, or if they were rare individuals who ended up there on their own, or by transporting.



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