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Final Fantasy V Enemy
Level HP MP
66 44,044 10,000
Strength Magic
99 50
Defense M. Defense Evasion
50 50 10
0 0
Japanese ネクロフォビア
Romaji Nekurofobia
RPGe Name Necrofobia
PS Name NecroPhobe
GBA Name Necrophobe
Location Interdimensional Rift
Type Nothing
Steal Thief's Gloves
Item Dropped Luminous Robe
Abilities Blizzaga, Death, Firaga, Flare, Flash, Hurricane, Thundaga, Vacuum Wave
Blue Magic Flash
Control N/A
Catch N/A
Weak Against Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Holy, Earth, Wind, Water
Immune to Nothing
Absorbs Nothing
Status Immunity Poison, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Death, Berserk, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep, Old, Stop

Necrophobe is a boss and one of the Demons of the Rift in Final Fantasy V. He is hiding in the final area in the rift, and if the party can defeat him, they are rewarded with the final save point.


Necrophobe is invincible when the battle begins, as he is surrounded by four barriers. As long as he has a barrier, he can't be the target of spells or attacks. His barriers will constantly attack your party with strong magic and attacks, but Necrophobe himself does very little.

Once the barriers are gone, Necrophobe should pose no real problem. He is weak to everything, meaning he'll die quickly. Don't kill him too quickly, though, or you'll miss the scene with Gilgamesh.

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