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Battle Information
Battle No. 59
Condition(s) Defeat Clettiene
Number of teams 2
Team capacity Team 1: 2 + Ramza

Team 2: 2

Guest(s) None
Battle formation
Team 1:
. X X X X
X X X X .
Team 2:
X X X . .
. X X X X
. X X X X
Enemies 7 (Cletienne, 2 Ninja, 2 Time Mages, 2 Samurai)
Enemy level Average: 73
Recommended level 75 - 77
Items of interest None
Additional info None

The necrohol of Mullonde, also known as Murond Death City, is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is the location of the Airship Graveyard, where Saint Ajora Glabados was buried and as a result is the only location where the Lucavi demon Ultima can be resurrected.

Hashmal's Quest

Folmarv Tengille, a Knights Templar in the service of the Church of Glabados, had long been possessed by Ultima's second-in-command, Hashmal. After gathering all the things he needed to perform the resurrection, Alma Beoulve for use as a host body, the Virgo Stone which was associated with Ultima, and the Scriptures of Germonique, which told Folmarv how to pass through the portal leading between Orbonne Monastery and the necrohol, Folmarv travelled to Orbonne with fellow knights Loffrey Wodring and Cletienne Duroi. Loffrey opened the portal to allow Folmarv and Cletienne to pass through, but Alma's brother Ramza was in hot pursuit, attempting to thwart Folmarv's plans. Ramza defeated Loffrey at the portal, and Loffrey opened it, drawing them into the necrohol, where Loffrey sealed the portal from inside. Ramza pressed onward, defeating Cletienne just outside the building where he emerged from the portal.

Folmarv had made his way to the Airship Graveyard and was attempting to perform the ceremony to no avail, as not enough bloodshed had occurred since Ajora's death. Ramza fought and defeated Barich Fendsor, a machinist who had previously been killed by Ramza, but returned demon-possessed. He then caught up to Folmarv, who decided to attempt to sacrifice Ramza to Ultima. He transformed into Hashmal and unleashed his full fury on Ramza, but the hero succeeded in wounding him, causing his spell on Alma that was keeping her asleep to break. Furious, Hashmal took his own life as a sacrifice to Ultima, causing Alma to become possessed by Ajora. Alma's soul resisted, and she managed to break free, separating physically from Ajora, who in response transformed into Ultima and attacked. Ramza defeated Ultima, who after drawing power from her Ultima Demon servants to transform into a skeletal monstrosity, made a second attempt to gather more power. This only resulted in a massive explosion which destroyed Airship Graveyard.


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