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Nechryaels are level 115 demons that require level 80 Slayer to kill. They are found on the top floor of the Slayer Tower in Morytania and in the Chaos Tunnels. They give 105 Slayer experience when killed and do not require any special equipment to kill them. They are also currently the only monster to drop Rune boots.



As Nechryaels are demons, the magical abilities of Silverlight, Darklight, and Holy water affect them.

When engaged in melee combat, a Nechryael may randomly summon up to two level 46 Death spawns to assist them. These will attack the player even if the player is standing in a single combat zone and is already under attack. Players being attacked by death spawn will not automatically attack them even if auto-retaliate is switched on.

Death spawn can be avoided by running a fair distance away, such as to the opposite end of the room. After a few seconds, the Death spawn loses interest and stops trying to attack the player. This is easiest to do in the Slayer Tower, with its large rooms but is also fairly easy to do in the Chaos Tunnels. This tactic works best after the summoning Nechryael is killed, or otherwise a Death spawn that disappears will soon be replaced by a newly summoned one.

Death spawn drop nothing but ashes when killed. Most players with a high defence choose to ignore them completely because they inflict so little damage that they are not worth the time to avoid.

Using a Guthan's set against Nechryael is extremely effective. Additionally, bursting/barraging/chinning Nechryaels are a great source of crimson charms for players(in the Chaos tunnels) because the rune drops can offset some of the cost of the runes or chins.

For those who wish to mage/range Nechryaels in the Slayer Tower, there is a table in the northwest corner of the room that can be effectively used as a safespot. Another good strategy is to stand behind a Death spawn so the Nechryael will get trapped behind it (as seen in the screenshot).

An example of a player using a Death spawn as a safespot. The Nechryael has recently taken damage (because of the visible HP bar) but the player has stepped behind the Death spawn, thus trapping the Nechryael.



100% drop: Ashes


  • 44, 132, 460, or 3000


Charm drop percentages
No Charm


10 - 12%

5 - 6%

33 - 36%

1 - 2%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 3,281 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)







  • The Nechryael's attack appears to be a bite, somewhat similar to how Vampires occasionally attack, though the Nechryael could simply be headbutting the player.
  • A death spawn will give up trying to attack at about the same time (if not precisely the same time) that a familiar will teleport to get close to you.
  • A death spawn apparently remembers which Nechryeal called it forth. Once its Nechryeal is killed, it will disappear after a few moments, even if it is still attacking you.
  • Although auto-retaliate does not work against Death spawns, their attack against you act like standard combat in almost all other ways. For example, if you are attempting to teleport with a 2-click teleport like a Ring of duelling, the Death spawn's attack will interrupt this process.

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